Catface Cupcakes… An Unexpected Baked Idea

Yesterday we were working on a big project, which included making heart-shaped cupcakes using this method. When we looked at the baked cupcakes we thought they looked so much like cat faces with ears that we had to try it out!  With lots of candy sitting around the studio, it was hard to resist… so we played around on a couple of cupcakes and loved the results!  (The yellow one also reminds us of Pacman).











Here’s the baked cupcake.  Doesn’t this look so much like a kitty already?











Frost the cupcakes with readymade or homemade buttercream frosting.
Next, decorate the cat’s face with anything you like. Here’s what we used…
Licorice and rainbow striped Airhead Sour Belts for whiskers, dragees and chocolate cheerios for eyes, chocolate jimmies or sprinkles for the mouth, pink candy-coated sunflower seeds for the nose, and round pink sprinkles for ears.









We used small scissors to cut the triangle shapes for the ears and to make the white cat’s whiskers.
For the whiskers, we cut out a triangle of Airhead Sour Belt. Then, we snipped along one side of the triangle to make flaps and cut away every other flap. Make one for the left whisker and one for the right.













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  1. Janine (

    So cute! Great tip for changing the shape of a cupcake!

  2. Doris

    Hi, I’d like to buy 2 sets of yoga pose cookie cutters from you, but I live in Hong Kong. Could you ship to HK? Thanks in advance.


  3. Edible Artists Network

    This is really cute!

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