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Picture a bakery where imagination is the main ingredient–where the bakers are artists who custom-design and hand-decorate any shaped cookies their customers can dream up, in a kitchen they call Baked Ideas. At Baked Ideas we mix our own colorful icings and form our own cutters to create cookies made of the finest freshest natural ingredients.

Our special creations have been featured in dozens of magazines and on TV and have earned us a national reputation. At holiday time or for other special occasions, please check us out for the most unique and deliciously edible works of art around.

Our cookies make great gifts, corporate promos, and party favors. They have been described as witty, clever, and too beautiful to eat, but when you do eat them, they taste as good as they look. This website functions mainly as a portfolio of custom cookies we’ve done in the past. We will constantly offer new “ready to buy” cookies at our online store, but please call us any time to discuss custom orders.

Minimum price for custom orders is $300.00. Custom cookies that are “fully painted” range from $7.00 each to $15.00 each, although there are occasionally less expensive and more expensive cookies. Our “lined cookies” are simpler and less expensive shaped cookies decorated with colorful lines and are really fun for just quick eating, but also add to the theme of any event.

Please call us at (212) 925-9097 for further information.
We would be happy to turn any of your cookie fantasies into fabulous BAKED IDEAS.

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