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Summer FAQ

When does the produce start?

We start produce around mid July.  Because we grow so much of our own product, this is the earliest date we can have a great selection for you.

When can we buy Sweet Corn?

We have home grown sweet corn around mid to late July each year. Our corn is picked fresh daily so you are getting the freshest possible corn available. Before mid- July, we bring in sweet corn from farms in southern Ill or In.

What do you have available for U-Pick?

We have eggplant, tomatoes, tomatillos, corn leaves, hot peppers and sweet peppers.

When do the U-Pick fields open?

The U-Pick fields typically open in mid August.

Can I get bushels of produce from you?

Yes.  It’s best to call ahead to order or to make sure we have what you’re looking for.

When are canning tomatoes available?

Our home grown ½ bushels of tomatoes are ready around Labor Day

Where is your produce from?

We grow most of our produce at our Hampshire farm which is 18 mile west of our South Barrington farm. Things that don’t grow in Northern Il, we bring in from as close a source as possible.

When do Michigan peaches start?

It’s hard to give a date as to when crops will be ready. Generally they come the end of July or First of August. Southern Illinois peaches come first and are equally as good in our opinion.

What do you grow on the farm?

We grow our own:

Beets                    Muskmelon
Cucumbers           Watermelon
Eggplant               Basil
Green Beans        Cilantro
Leaf Lettuce          Dill
Bib Lettuce           Squash
Leek                     Sweet Corn
Onions                 Tomatoes
Peppers               Zucchini