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Nutrisystem Vs Medifast – Results, Cost, Menu and Other Factors Compared

Nutrisystem Vs Medifast

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If you are aiming to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner, both Nutrisystem and Medifast would help you achieve it using their own weight loss strategies. Nutrisystem mainly focuses on portion controlled meals which allow dieters to intake less calories on a daily basis. The foods are home delivered and have to be supplemented with low calorie fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Medifast also supplies foods to the dieters’ home that are essentially high in protein and low in calories. To choose the plan that works for you effectively, you will have to do a comparison study.


A comparison study – Nutrisystem vs. Medifast

Diet meals Nutrisystem meals are essentially low in calories and portions. This ensures that you do not overeat. This also eliminates the need of counting calories. Medifast delivers meals that are high in protein and low in calories. Some of the meals are portion controlled.
Weight loss result Nutrisystem assures a slow but stable weight loss of up to 2lbs per week if the principles are followed properly. The recent launch Lean 13 can accelerate the weight loss process and assures 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. Medifast helps in faster weight loss. Following Medifast plans you will eat 6 meals a day falling between 1000 to 1300 calories which is less compared to Nutrisystem. So the weight loss is faster here. But you might feel hungrier at the beginning.
Meals to consume Nutrisystem meals are convenient to have as cooking is not necessary. Precooked meals are delivered in microwavable pouches which the dieters have to reheat in oven and consume. Nutrisystem recommends supplementing the meals with fresh fruits and vegetables. Medifast recommends 5 or  meals per day and at least one lean and green meal has to be prepared by dieters at home.
Diet plans Nutrisystem offers diverse diet plans for all sorts of people like men, women, seniors, vegetarians and diabetics. Doctor consultation is not necessary for following this program. Medifast has only few plans for men, women and diabetics. Doctors consultation is necessary to follow Medifast plans.
Meal components Nutrisystem meals are fortified with smart carbs, fiber, protein and essential nutrients. The meals contain no trans fat or saturated fat and are devoid of artificial additives. The foods are also low in sodium and sugar which ensure that there is no spike in blood pressure or sugar levels. The Medifast foods usually include puddings, soups, bars, shakes and a few of microwavable foods. The carbs are low here which enables faster weight loss. It cannot be sustained for a long time. Nutrisystem has a wide menu consisting foods of restaurant quality.
Cost Nutrisystem offers three standard plans called Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours of different costs. Even upon choosing the top rated plan, your daily cost of meals only comes to $11.96 a day which is affordable. This is inclusive snacks and desserts for the day. Medifast meals are costlier and come to approximately $13 a day. Snacks are not part of the meal cost and they have to be bought separately.
Meals of the day Nutrisystem diet plans supply the main meals of the day like breakfast, lunch and dinner along with low calorie snacks desserts. Meidfast provides only replacement meals like puddings. They are not solid meals.
Menu options Nutrisystem offers a vast menu consisting of 150 meal options. Plans like Uniquely Yours offer full menu customization where the dieters can mix and match shelf stable and froze varieties. Medifast has a limited menu consisting of 70 meal options.
Snacks Nutrisystem offers low calorie snack options which include your favorites like cheese puffs, buttered popcorn and chocolate chip cookies. Medifast provides snacks as an optional menu. The choices are also comparatively limited including items like soy crisps, sugar free mints, crackers, etc.
Menu customization Nutrisystem offers full freedom to dieters to customize menu according to their taste and preferences. They can combine the shelf stable and frozen choices. Fruits and vegetables can also be added. Menu customization is not possible here and even addition of fresh fruits and vegetables is not allowed.
Support Nutrisystem offers free support tools. The diet counselors are approachable any time for tips and motivation. Members also can use the online community to get advice. The other support tools like phone calls, blogs, tutorials and FAQ sections are quite helpful. Medifast has only FAQ section where some queries are addressed.
Physical activity Nutrisystem provides workout guides and DVDs for daily physical workouts.


Medifast provides an exercise guide to help dieters lose weight quicker. However, the guide does not recommend exercises for all types of dieters.
Special component Nutrisystem diet plans involve foods that are low in Glycemic Index or GI. This helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels. Medifast meals are certified by the GFCO or Gluten Free Certification Organization for not having gluten.
Motivation Nutrisystem ensures that you do not move away from the track by providing weight loss tracking tools online. Medifast does not offer such tools online to keep you stay motivated.
Doctor consultiation Nutrisystem is for all. No doctor consultation is required and you can cease any time you want as the transition is easy and hassle-free. When signing up for Medifast, it is essential to consult a doctor because the meals are of low carbs which is tough for everyone to follow.
Conveniences Nutrisystem plans are very convenient to follow and the dieters need not spend their precious time on buying grocery or cooking. Medifast may not be suitable for all because of low carb meals. Though it offers quicker result the products are not dieters friendly like Nutrisystem.
Guarantees Nutrisystem offers a 14 day money back guarantee to take a trial. The order can be canceled against dissatisfaction. Medifast plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee to try out their replacement meals.


To conclude, both diet planners offer healthy meal options and help you lose weight in a safe way. They are ideal for dieters who do not find time to prepare their own meals and lose weight on their own. Comparatively, Nutrisystem scores high for its various conveniences. The plan is also successful as it educates its followers with healthy eating habits and weight maintaining strategies.

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