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Nutrisystem Alternatives – Which is Cheaper and Better?

Nutrisystem Alternative

Nutrisystem is a popular diet program that delivers portion controlled diet meals at the dieters’ doorstep. The company has been providing weight loss solutions for over 45 years to the people of America. The program was originally founded in the year 1970 by Harold Katz and was offering liquid protein diet in the initial days. In the 1990s, it started providing ready-to-go microwavable diet foods and currently offers a huge menu consisting over 160 meals options that include both shelf stable and frozen varieties. If you order Nutrisystem foods through the official website, you will be getting access to its entire menu. Nutrisystem starter kits that include limited versions of Nutrisystem meals are available for sale in supermarkets like Walmart. However, if you want to enjoy the huge variety of Nutrisystem meals, you will have to subscribe for its diet plans and order online through the official website.

How Nutrisystem works?

Nutrisystem offers diet plans for men and women separately catering to their individual metabolic needs. The program also offers diet plans for diabetics and vegetarians separately. The dieters following Nutrisystem plans will eat in every 2 to 3 hours, which is six times a day. The program delivers a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts which include many customers’ favorites.

Nutrisystem claims that the foods are prepared by skilled chefs under the expert guidance of a team of Nutritionists. Nutrisystem assures that the meals are not added with any artificial preservatives or sweeteners and they are low glycemic carbs that stabilize blood sugar levels. They are essentially low calories, low fat, low carbs, low sugar, low sodium and have zero trans fat. The meals have the right balance of nutrients to energize your body and also include plenty of healthy lean protein. The meals are also high in fiber which keeps the dieters feeling full for long.

The dieters subscribing to Nutrisystem diet plans will be following the FreshStart plan in the first month which helps the dieters to maximize the weight loss results. The FreshStart plan delivers a kit containing special meals, shakes and snacks that are specifically designed to accelerate the weight loss process in dieters. Nutrisystem assures up to 18 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss for men and 13 lbs and 7 inches for women in the first month by following the FreshStart diet plan. After the FreshStart diet plan, the dieters are asked to shift to any of the standard diet plans of their choice and continue to lose weight further. Nutrisystem claims that the dieters can lose up to 2 lbs per week in a steady manner after completing the FreshStart diet plan.

Is there an alternative to Nutrisystem?

Though there are diet programs that offer quicker as well as equivalent weight loss results like Nutrisystem, there is no best alternative available to Nutrisystem. This is mainly because of the convenience it offers to its clients in terms of huge variety of meals and diet plans. Except the basic plan, all other diet plans of Nutrisystem offer free diet counseling, free access to online tools and trackers. The dieters also get free access to the Nutrisystem online community where they can interact with the fellow dieters to share and receive tips. They additionally get access to download NuMi app for free which helps the dieters to track their progress, take pictures, watch motivational videos, etc.

Another big advantage of following Nutrisystem diet plans is the huge variety that it offers. The program offers over 160 meal options which include variety of shelf stable and frozen entrees. The top rated diet plans of Nutrisystem gives access to the entire menu of Nutrisystem and also let the dieters to customize their own menu. The diet plans are priced based on their features and the menu options. Nutrisystem charges only for the meals that it delivers and never collects a membership or monthly fee like other diet programs in the market. The program provides a 14-day money back guarantee which lets the dieters to return the unconsumed foods against full refund less shipping if they are not satisfied with the meals. The program provides discount coupons which cut down the cost of the meals while ordering through the online official website.

Nutrisystem Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with Nutrisystem meals for some reasons, you can choose to follow some of its alternatives such as South beach diet plan, Medifast and Jenny Craig.

South Beach Diet Plan: This is basically a low carb diet plan designed by a cardiologist named Dr. Arthur Agatston. He primarily designed this diet plan for his patients to help them control their blood cholesterol levels and lose weight. The plan is offered in three phases where the first phase restricts carbs, the second phase allows introduction of some good carbs and the third phase allows dieters to choose their own foods as they become familiar with right food choices to make. Dr. Arthur Agatston suggests that if the dieters do not experience any weight loss in second or third phase, they can get back to phase one to lose some weight. The program does not suggest any specific workouts; however Dr. Arthur Agatston’s latest book seems to have some workout suggestions.

Medifast: This is a clinically proven weight loss program known for its quick weight loss results. The program basically delivers low calorie meals in the form of meal replacements and it is recommended by over 20000 doctors across the country. Like Nutrisystem, Medifast offers diet offers a steady weight loss of up to 2 lbs per week through its diet plans. Currently, it offers Medifast Go, Medifast Achieve and Thrive by Medifast diet plans delivering 14-day and 30-day kits to dieters. Unlike Nutirsystem, Medifast followers have to cook one or two lean and green meal on their own daily.

Jenny Craig: This is another successful weight loss program which appoints dedicated consultant to address your weight loss issues. Though it delivers meals home, the vegetarian meals have to be picked up from the nearest Jenny Craig centers. Likewise, the dieters have to visit the nearest Jenny Craig center to have a face-to-face consultation with their consultants. The program charges a monthly membership fee apart from the cost of the meals and it is comparatively costlier than the above programs. The program offers about 100 meal choices.

Final words

Nutrisystem has an edge over all the above alternatives in terms of menu choices, convenience, diet plans, cost, support and maintenance. If dieters are not satisfied with Nutrisystem meals for some reasons can choose the alternatives, otherwise Nutrisystem meets all the dietary needs of men, women, diabetics and vegetarians who sign up for the respective diet plans.

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