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Arby’s 2-5 Happy Hour: Snack Smarter & Save Big!

Arby’s offers a Happy Hour special from 2-5 PM with discounted menu items. Enjoy select deals on sliders, sides, and drinks during this time.

Arby’s, renowned for its delectable meats and sandwiches, entices diners with an exclusive Happy Hour. Patrons can savor a variety of their favorite items at reduced prices. As workdays wind down and the appetite kicks in, Arby’s Happy Hour emerges as a perfect reprieve.

This daily event is tailor-made for both snack enthusiasts and budget-conscious customers, offering a bite of Arby’s signature flavors without the full price tag. It’s the ideal opportunity for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or a preliminary taste before dinner, promising both value and quality. This makes Arby’s Happy Hour a sought-after window for anyone craving savory treats in the latter part of the day. Remember, the offer is typically available at participating locations, so checking with your local Arby’s for their specific Happy Hour specials is always a good idea.

Arby’s Happy Hour: A Delicious Bargain

Arby’s Happy Hour packs a punch with the 2-5 Snack Deal. Between 2pm and 5pm, guests can enjoy a variety of menu items. Prices are so low, it’s hard to resist. Delight in classic curly fries, mozzarella sticks, and sliders. This deal is perfect for a mid-afternoon snack. Arby’s fans rave about the quality and value offered. So, mark your calendar. Aim to visit during Happy Hour. Treat yourself to tasty treats without breaking the bank.

Arby's 2-5 Happy Hour: Snack Smarter & Save Big!

Satisfy Cravings, Keep Wallets Full

Arby’s 2-5 Happy Hour keeps both tummies and wallets happy. Savory treats become available at prices that won’t break the bank. A delicious way to enjoy snacks awaits you.

Regular menu prices can make snacking an expensive habit. Thus, the cost-effective Happy Hour at Arby’s stands out. Take a look at the dazzling price differences:

Menu Item Happy Hour Price Regular Price
Small Fries $1.00 $2.19
Slider $1.00 $1.49 – $1.69
Drink $1.00 $1.59 – $2.29
Shake $1.00 $2.39 – $3.59

Arby’s Happy Hour shines as a beacon of budget-friendly, delicious options. Not only do you save money, but you also get to indulge in tasty snacks. Whether you enjoy crisp fries or a refreshing shake, the savings are real and delightful!

Menu Highlights: Top Picks For Happy Hour

Arby’s Happy Hour packs delicious deals. Slider fans, don’t miss the Buffalo Chicken Slider. It’s a spicy, tangy delight.

Curly Fries at a discount will leave you smiling. Crisp, seasoned to perfection; they’re a must.

Thirsty? The Happy Hour features drinks like the Classic Shake. Chocolate or Vanilla, it’s pure happiness in a cup.

For a real treat, try the Mozzarella Sticks. They’re cheesy goodness. Pair them with Arby’s zesty marinara sauce.

Don’t overlook the Jalapeño Bites. They are little bits of spicy joy. Perfect for those who crave a kick.

Item Description Price
Buffalo Chicken Slider Spicy chicken with creamy sauce $1
Curly Fries Seasoned, twisted fries $1
Classic Shake Thick and creamy dessert $1.50
Mozzarella Sticks Cheese sticks with marinara $2
Jalapeño Bites Spicy, cheesy bites $1
Arby's 2-5 Happy Hour: Snack Smarter & Save Big!

Timing Is Everything: Maximizing Happy Hour Benefits

To make the most of Arby’s 2-5 Happy Hour, timing is key. Align your visit with slower periods to avoid crowds. Many guests flock to Arby’s right at the start or just before the end.

A strategic approach is arriving mid-range, around 3:30 PM. This can lead to a more relaxed experience and better service. Also, consider days that may be less busy like midweek.

Not all locations may follow the same rush patterns. Check with your local Arby’s for the best times. Having your favorites during Happy Hour can be a treat. Enjoy delicious deals with proper planning.

Beyond Savings: The Extra Perks Of Snacking At Arby’s

Arby’s 2-5 Happy Hour isn’t just about great savings. Extra perks await those who snag these deals. Patrons can discover seasonal specials and limited-time offers unique to the Happy Hour. Curious foodies get to taste new creations without breaking the bank.

Signing up for Arby’s Loyalty Rewards can boost your experience. Happy Hour gets even happier with points you can earn with every purchase. These points turn into delicious rewards, like free snacks or discounted sandwiches. It’s pure joy for both your belly and your wallet!

Arby’s Happy Hour Across The Nation

Arby’s Happy Hour delights with great deals. Time slots may vary by location. Cities offer unique treats during Happy Hour. Spot the difference, from classic sliders to shakes, prices differ.

To find Arby’s Happy Hour specials nearby, an easy option exists. Use Arby’s store locator online. Enter your zip code. Discover local Happy Hour timings. Enjoy savings on your favorite snacks!

Arby's 2-5 Happy Hour: Snack Smarter & Save Big!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Arby’s 2-5 Happy Hour

What Is Arby’s Happy Hour?

Arby’s Happy Hour typically features discounted prices on select menu items. It’s usually available in the afternoon, perfect for a mid-day treat.

When Does Arby’s Happy Hour Start?

Arby’s Happy Hour starts at 2 PM and ends at 5 PM. It’s available only on certain days of the week, so check your local Arby’s schedule.

Are There Specials During Arby’s Happy Hour?

Yes, during Arby’s Happy Hour, you can enjoy special pricing on sliders, small fries, drinks, and more. The offers may vary by location.

Does Every Arby’s Location Offer Happy Hour?

Not all Arby’s locations participate in Happy Hour. It’s recommended to contact your nearest Arby’s to confirm their participation and offers.


Wrapping up, Arby’s 2-5 Happy Hour offers unbeatable deals sure to delight. Whether on a tight budget or craving a midday treat, these specials cater to all. Don’t miss out; set a reminder for Arby’s wallet-friendly indulgence. Catch the joy, savor the savings.


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