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Arby’s Dollar Sliders: Savor the Savings on a Budget!

Arby’s offers a selection of sliders for just one dollar each during their Happy Hour. These snack-sized treats provide great value for budget-conscious diners.

Arby’s, renowned for its roast beef sandwiches, enriches the fast food scene with its dollar menu featuring an array of delectable sliders. These mini sandwiches come packed with the same quality ingredients and flavors Arby’s fans adore, all at a fraction of the price.

Ideal for a quick bite or complementing a larger meal, Arby’s dollar sliders make indulging in your favorite meats like chicken, roast beef, or ham both affordable and satisfying. Economically priced, these sliders are particularly enticing during Arby’s Happy Hour, drawing in both loyal customers and curious newcomers seeking a hearty snack without breaking the bank. Embrace the savory experience Arby’s provides with their pocket-friendly slider options, available at participating locations.

Arby's Dollar Sliders: Savor the Savings on a Budget!

Arby’s Dollar Sliders: A Wallet-friendly Treat

Arby’s Dollar Sliders offer an amazing blend of taste and affordability. These little sandwiches deliver big flavor without pinching your wallet. Imagine biting into a juicy beef slider or savoring the taste of a chicken slider with melty cheese.

Your taste buds will rejoice with each wallet-friendly bite. Arby’s keeps things exciting by offering a variety of sliders to choose from. These include the classic roast beef, the zesty Buffalo chicken, and the ultimate ham and cheese. This ensures that every visit can be a new flavor adventure.

Arby's Dollar Sliders: Savor the Savings on a Budget!

Menu Breakdown: Finding Your Favorite

Arby’s promises big flavors on a small budget with their Dollar Sliders. Each bite of the Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic brings together mouthwatering roast beef and gooey cheddar cheese. It’s a perfect snack for those craving savory and cheesy goodness at a fraction of the price.

Spice lovers will adore the Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider. This mini sandwich packs a punch with fiery jalapenos coupled with the same delicious roast beef Arby’s fans know and love. It’s a spicy twist on the classic slider that’ll leave taste buds tingling for more.

Nutritional Value Of Budget Bites

Arby’s Dollar Sliders offer a quick bite on a budget. Each slider varies in caloric content. For instance, the Buffalo Chicken Slider packs about 290 calories. If you pick the Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar, it’s slightly higher at approximately 360 calories. People watching their intake should note these numbers.

Seeking lighter options? Choose the Ham ‘n Cheese Slider or Turkey Slider, dropping to about 210 and 230 calories respectively. Pairing sliders with water or unsweetened iced tea instead of soda helps reduce extra calories.

Slider Type Calories
Buffalo Chicken Slider 290
Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar 360
Ham ‘n Cheese Slider 210
Turkey Slider 230
Arby's Dollar Sliders: Savor the Savings on a Budget!

Maximizing Your Arby’s Experience

Arby’s offers tasty Dollar Sliders that are perfect for a snack or a meal. These little sandwiches can really fill you up without breaking the bank. To get even more value, look for special combo deals. These often include a drink and side, making your meal complete.

Don’t miss out on seasonal promotions which frequently pop up at Arby’s. They might feature new sliders or discounts. Check their menu online or sign up for alerts so you never miss a deal.

Sliders Price Combo Options
Roast Beef $1 Drink + Fries
Buffalo Chicken $1 Drink + Curly Fries

Consumer Tales: Real Savings Stories

Many families are now enjoying Arby’s Dollar Sliders for a budget-friendly meal. The sliders offer variety and satisfaction without breaking the bank. Parents love the cost-effectiveness, and kids love the taste. Evenings become easier with these affordable dinner options.

Office workers find Arby’s Sliders perfect for quick lunches. They’re easy on the wallet and great for a midday meal. Every lunch break transforms into a delightful escape with these delicious sliders. They are the heroes of the lunch hour for many budget-conscious consumers.

Future Of Fast Food Deals

Arby’s is spicing up menu options with tasty and affordable dollar sliders. These sliders are not just delicious but also wallet-friendly, making them a huge hit among fast food lovers. Foodies can enjoy multiple flavors, including classic roast beef, zesty jalapeño, and savory chicken.

The focus is on providing value for money with these mini sandwiches. Customers can mix and match their favorite sliders. This means enjoying a variety of tastes without breaking the bank. It’s a smart move for those who want to save money and still satisfy their hunger.

Slider Type Ingredients Price
Roast Beef Beef, Bun, Sauce $1
Jalapeño Beef, Jalapeños, Bun $1
Chicken Chicken, Bun, Seasoning $1

Frequently Asked Questions Of Arby’s Dollar Sliders

When Did Arbys Start Selling Sliders?

Arby’s introduced their slider sandwiches in August 2015.

What Comes On Buffalo Sliders From Arby’s?

Buffalo Sliders from Arby’s feature spicy buffalo chicken tender, parmesan peppercorn ranch sauce, and a warm slider bun.

What Is The Most Unhealthy Food At Arby’s?

The Half Pound French Dip & Swiss is Arby’s most unhealthy food due to its high calorie, fat, and sodium content.

What Are The Healthiest Sandwiches To Eat At Arby’s?

Opt for Arby’s Turkey Gyro or Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad for healthier sandwich options, as they are lower in calories and saturated fat.


Rounding off our savory journey, Arby’s dollar sliders emerge as a wallet-friendly feast. Ideal for snacks or a quick meal, their variety satisfies diverse cravings. Their value is undeniable – quality and flavor at a steal. Next time hunger strikes, remember Arby’s for a budget-friendly bite that punches above its weight.

Keep flavor and savings in your pocket with these delectable delights.


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