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Arby’s Happy Hour Discontinued: What’s Next for Fans?

Arby’s Happy Hour has been discontinued, with no current promotions to replace it. This change affects all Arby’s locations nationwide.

Arby’s, known for its roast beef sandwiches and curly fries, once offered Happy Hour specials providing customers with discounted menu items. Now, the fast-food chain focuses on regular deals and limited-time offers accessible through their mobile app and other promotional channels.

While the Happy Hour might be missed by some, Arby’s continues to attract customers with its value-filled combinations and signature items. Patrons looking for savings should pay attention to Arby’s ads, sign up for their email list, or download the app for the latest discounts and exclusive coupons that aim to keep the tradition of value alive.

Arby’s Happy Hour Discontinuation

The discontinuation of Arby’s Happy Hour has caused a stir. This decision shook the fast-food world. Arby’s lovers used to enjoy discounted prices on their favorite items. Now, they feel a pinch in their wallets. The end of Happy Hour means no more late-afternoon deals. Fans of the brand are scrambling for alternatives.

Regular customers are most affected by the change. They had incorporated Happy Hour into their routines. These patrons now seek value elsewhere. The ripple effect is real. Other fast-food chains might capitalize on this gap. They could offer similar deals to attract these customers. Meanwhile, Arby’s will have to find new ways to entice its regulars without the Happy Hour allure.

Factors Leading To The Decision

Arby’s Happy Hour drew to a close after a thorough cost vs. benefit analysis. High expenses to sustain the offer no longer matched the gains. As the numbers were crunched, the costs overshadowed the benefits.

A shift in consumer habits also played a crucial part. People started preferring quick, on-the-go meals over timed discounts. This change meant fewer customers during Happy Hour. The decision to discontinue was, thus, inevitable.

Immediate Reactions And Feedback

The news of Arby’s Happy Hour ending has sparked significant backlash on various social media platforms. Loyal customers are expressing their disappointment vocally, with some citing the Happy Hour as their main reason for frequent visits. User comments reflect a mix of surprise and dissatisfaction, with many questioning the company’s decision.

Concerns are rising about the potential impact on brand loyalty and customer retention. Arby’s patrons feel the loss of a favored promotion may diminish the appeal of the fast-food chain. The removal of Happy Hour specials could lead to customers seeking alternative dining options that offer similar value.

Arby's Happy Hour Discontinued: What's Next for Fans?

Alternatives To Happy Hour Deals

Arby’s Happy Hour may be gone, but that doesn’t mean the deals have ended. New promotions and discounts are here to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy value menus and special limited-time offers that promise big savings. Keep an eye on the Arby’s app or sign up for email alerts. There, you’ll find the latest deals to keep your wallet happy.

Arby’s also rewards its loyal customers. Join the Loyal Customer Rewards Program to get points with every purchase. These points turn into delicious rewards. The more you eat, the more you earn!

Rewards Program Benefits
Points with every purchase Exchange points for food
Sign-up bonus Get free items
Member-only deals Access exclusive discounts

Long-term Strategy For Arby’s

Arby’s strategy no longer includes Happy Hour but focuses on enhancing customer experience and menu quality. They aim to captivate guests with new flavors and exclusive offerings. They hope to appeal to a broader audience by upgrading the regular menu.

Exciting menu upgrades feature premium ingredients and unique culinary twists. These changes are set to keep Arby’s ahead in a competitive market. The emphasis is on taste, freshness, and innovation.

Looking At The Broader Picture

The fast food industry is constantly evolving with new trends. Customer preferences are shifting. Many brands adapt to these changes to stay competitive. Menu offerings are often updated. This includes changes to happy hour deals and promotions. These updates reflect efforts to appeal to a broader audience and improve sales. Observing the landscape shows a move towards healthier options and digital ordering. This is how leading competitors shape their strategy. Some companies have expanded their menus. Others have refined loyalty programs. These actions are crucial for maintaining relevance in a competitive market.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Arby’s Happy Hour Discontinued

Why Did Arby’s Cancel Happy Hour?

Arby’s decided to discontinue their Happy Hour due to strategic menu changes and cost considerations. The company is focusing on other promotional offers and menu items that can attract customers throughout the day.

What Replaced Arby’s Happy Hour?

Arby’s has not announced a direct replacement for Happy Hour. Instead, they offer various limited-time deals and specials to provide value to their customers. Keep an eye on Arby’s promotions for new deals.

Are There Any Discounts At Arby’s Now?

Yes, Arby’s still offers discounts and specials, including their 2 for $6 deals and rotating seasonal offers. Signing up for Arby’s emails or downloading their app can give access to exclusive coupons and deals.

Can I Still Get Arby’s Sliders At A Discount?

While Happy Hour discounts on sliders are discontinued, Arby’s may offer them at a reduced price during other promotions. Check Arby’s official website or sign up for deals to stay updated on current discounts.


Arby’s happy hour, once a highlight for bargain-seeking diners, has sadly come to an end. While this may disappoint fans, it’s an opportunity to explore other menu specials that Arby’s may offer. Stay tuned to their announcements for the next cost-friendly promotion that’s sure to excite and satisfy.

Keep visiting your local Arby’s for tasty surprises ahead!


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