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Banana Sheera Recipe: A Heavenly Sweet Delight!

To make Banana Sheera, sauté bananas in ghee, mix with semolina, sugar, and cardamom, and cook till soft. Serve this warm, fragrant dessert garnished with nuts.

Banana Sheera, also known as Banana Kesari or Banana Halwa, is a sweet, comforting dish often savored during festivals or as a hearty dessert. This traditional Indian recipe combines ripe bananas with roasted semolina, imbuing the dish with a delightful texture and flavor.

The allure of Banana Sheera lies in its simplicity and the heavenly aroma that fills the kitchen during its preparation. It is customarily enriched with a generous amount of ghee, which not only enhances taste and richness but also gives it a luxurious sheen. The addition of cardamom infuses a subtle, aromatic warmth, while a sprinkling of cashews or almonds contributes a satisfying crunch. Whether served as part of a celebratory feast or as a warm treat on a rainy day, Banana Sheera remains a timeless classic in Indian cuisine, and its easy-to-follow recipe ensures that it can be enjoyed by all cooking enthusiasts.

Banana Sheera Recipe: A Heavenly Sweet Delight!

Introduction To Banana Sheera

Banana Sheera, a sweet dessert, has roots in Indian cuisine. This delightful treat blends soft semolina with ripe banana sweetness. Families enjoy its comforting flavors across India.

Many regions and cultures have embraced the dessert. They often serve it during festivals and special occasions. The dessert is known by different names. For instance, it’s ‘Banana Halwa’ in the South and ‘Kesari Bath’ in some parts of the North.

Every culture adds its unique touch. They use local ingredients and customs. This variation has brought Banana Sheera a beloved spot on many global menus. Chefs worldwide craft their versions of this timeless classic.

Essential Ingredients For The Perfect Banana Sheera

The perfect Banana Sheera requires ripe bananas. Pick bananas that are yellow with tiny brown spots. These are sweet and soft, ideal for Sheera.

Semolina, also known as sooji, is key. Use fine-grained semolina for a smooth texture. Ensure the semolina is fresh and not stale to avoid bitterness.

Ghee lends a rich aroma and authentic taste to Banana Sheera. Some prefer butter for a milder flavor. Yet, ghee’s nuttiness is unmatched in traditional recipes. Choose based on your taste preference.

Step-by-step Cooking Process

The bananas Sheera recipe is all about smooth textures and sweet fragrances. Start by roasting the semolina until it’s golden. Patient roasting prevents it from burning. It should smell nutty and look evenly browned.

Next, you stir in the mashed bananas. Adding aromatic spices like cardamom enhances the flavor. For a more intense taste, fry the nuts and raisins in ghee. Mix these with the banana blend for a unique twist.

To achieve the fluffy texture that makes Sheera special, the water-to-semolina ratio is key. Use warm water to quicken absorption. Stirring gently keeps the Sheera light. Cover the pot for a few minutes. Serve this delightful dish warm for the best experience.

Tips And Tricks For A Divine Sheera

To create the perfect Banana Sheera, sweetness balance is key. Use ripe bananas for natural sugar. Adjust sugar to taste, being mindful not to overpower. Ghee adds a rich flavor that compliments the sweetness.

Nuts and dried fruits elevate Sheera’s texture and taste. Almonds or cashews provide a crunch, while raisins or chopped dates offer chewy sweetness. Toast nuts lightly to release their aromatic oils before mixing into the Sheera.

Serving Size Vessel Garnish
Individual Cups Small Bowls Sliced Banana
Family Style Large Platter Mint Leaves

Sheera tastes best warm, making clay pots ideal for serving. Top with a dash of cardamom or saffron strands to delight your guests.

Nutritional Information And Health Benefits

Banana Sheera, also known as banana halwa, is a sweet treat. It combines nourishing ingredients that benefit the body. A single serving contains about 250 to 300 calories. These come from sugars, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

The dish is a good source of energy. It also offers essential vitamins and minerals. This makes it a smart choice for breakfast or a snack. People who watch their caloric intake might eat smaller portions. Always balance Banana Sheera with protein-rich foods and fiber.

Ingredient Benefit
Bananas High in Potassium and Vitamin C
Ghee Contains Healthy Fats
Sugar Provides Quick Energy
Cardamom Helps in Digestion

Eating Banana Sheera makes you happy. It is because bananas have tryptophan, which our bodies use to make serotonin.

Banana Sheera Recipe: A Heavenly Sweet Delight!

Customizing Banana Sheera

Customizing Banana Sheera to fit vegan and gluten-free diets is easy. Swap ghee for coconut oil and wheat semolina for a gluten-free alternative. Almond milk works great instead of cow’s milk. Enrich flavors with innovative toppings and mix-ins. Try sprinkling chopped nuts, shredded coconut, or tender raisins. Dash in some cinnamon or cardamom for extra warmth.

Topping/Mix-in Type
Nuts (almonds, walnuts) Vegan, Gluten-Free
Fresh Fruit (berries, banana slices) Vegan, Gluten-Free
Banana Sheera Recipe: A Heavenly Sweet Delight!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Banana Sheera Recipe

What Is Banana Sheera?

Banana Sheera is a sweet Indian dessert made with semolina, bananas, sugar, ghee, and cardamom. It’s often served during festivals or as a prasadam in temples.

How Do You Make Banana Sheera?

To make banana sheera, roast semolina in ghee until golden. Add mashed bananas, sugar, water, and cardamom; cook until the mixture thickens. Serve hot, garnished with nuts.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Banana Sheera?

Banana Sheera is energy-rich due to carbohydrates in bananas and semolina. It also provides potassium and fiber from bananas, though it should be enjoyed in moderation due to sugar content.

Can Banana Sheera Be Made Vegan?

Yes, banana sheera can be made vegan by substituting ghee with plant-based oils or vegan butter. Use a natural sweetener in place of sugar, if preferred.


Crafting this Banana Sheera is a joy for the senses, a tradition enchanting taste buds across generations. Rich in flavor and simple to prepare, it’s a dessert that truly brings comfort to any table. As you master this delightful recipe, share and savor each spoonful of its sweet, aromatic goodness.

Delight in every bite, and let this classic Sheera recipe create moments of pure culinary bliss.


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