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Bj Happy Hour Times: Savor the Savings & Joy Daily!

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Happy Hour times are typically from 3 PM to 7 PM Monday through Friday. Times may vary by location, so checking with your local BJ’s is advised.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse has carved a niche for itself in the casual dining industry, offering guests an inviting place to enjoy a diverse menu, including deep-dish pizzas, salads, sandwiches, pastas, and a selection of their own handcrafted beers. Their Happy Hour specials are particularly popular, featuring discounts on appetizers, tap beer, and cocktails.

These specials provide a great opportunity for diners to gather with friends or colleagues after work, sample BJ’s offerings at reduced prices, and unwind in a laid-back atmosphere. Remember to verify the Happy Hour schedule with the specific BJ’s location you plan to visit, as times and offers can differ based on region and local regulations.

Bj’s Happy Hour Essentials

BJ’s Happy Hour shines with exclusive deals and unique flavors. Guests relish discounted prices on appetizers, drinks, and small bites. Their menu features a variety of signature dishes and handcrafted beers, drawing a diverse crowd.

Unmatched in variety, BJ’s Happy Hour menu boasts items like Sliders, Tavern-Cut Pizzas, and Mojito Flights. Popular for its Pizookie®, a delicious dessert, it’s a must-try during the special hours.

Specialty cocktails and seasonal beers add to the excitement, tempting taste buds. Guests can immerse themselves in a casual dining experience without breaking the bank. BJ’s Happy Hour provides the perfect escape to enjoy good food and drinks with friends.

Daily Timings To Keep In Mind

Bj Happy Hour Times offer great deals on drinks and appetizers. Guests can enjoy discounted prices during Happy Hour, a perfect time to unwind. Weekday Happy Hours often start in the late afternoon and extend into the early evening. Weekends, on the other hand, might feature different times, potentially starting earlier in the day.

It’s essential to note that Happy Hour schedules can vary from one location to another. Always check the local Bj’s restaurant for specific timings. Some locations may offer special promotions specific to the day of the week, so keep an eye out for those exclusive deals.

Day Weekday Happy Hour Weekend Happy Hour
Monday-Friday 3 PM – 7 PM Varies
Saturday-Sunday Sometimes different

Delectable Deals To Delight In

BJ’s Happy Hour brings you mouth-watering appetizers at unbeatable prices. The Spinach and Artichoke Dip is a crowd favorite, served warm and creamy, perfect for sharing. Don’t miss the Crispy Calamari, lightly breaded and fried to golden perfection. For those who love lighter options, the Ahi Poke is a delightful choice, fresh and flavorful.

Thirsty patrons will rejoice at the Happy Hour beverage deals. Sip on a selection of crafted beers or indulge in signature cocktails like the Mojito or Dark ‘n Stormy. These drinks are expertly mixed and served at prices that will make you smile.

Bj Happy Hour Times: Savor the Savings & Joy Daily!

Maximizing Your Happy Hour Experience

Group outings bring joy during Happy Hour. Plan ahead to snag the best spots. Look for deals that fit your group’s size and preferences. Share the menu online before meeting. This ensures everyone knows the options.

Pairing food and drinks is an art. Choose snacks that complement your beverages. Light beers go well with salty appetizers like fries or chips. Rich, hearty ales? Pair them with spicy or savory dishes. Considering wine? Cheese platters and fruit are your friends. Cocktails might call for something sweet or zesty. Scroll through the bar’s pairing menu. This helps create the best taste experience. Remember, share your finds with friends for a memorable outing.

Updates And Upcoming Events

Exciting times await at Bj Happy Hour, with the roll-out of new seasonal promotions. Guests can look forward to enjoying exclusive deals that change with the seasons.

Keep up with the latest specials by checking the official Bj Happy Hour website or subscribing to their newsletter. This ensures you never miss out on savings and fun events. Their unique offers often include discounted drinks and appetizers, perfect for relaxing after work or catching up with friends.

Mark your calendars, as spring and summer specials are on the horizon, promising a mix of tasty refreshments at unbeatable prices. Revel in the warm weather with your favorite beverages at a fraction of the cost!

Bj Happy Hour Times: Savor the Savings & Joy Daily!

Other Bj’s Patrons’ Favorites

The happy hour at BJ’s is a can’t-miss event. Regulars often rave about two popular combos. First, many love the zesty mini deep-dish pizzas paired with a refreshing draft beer. It’s a match made in heaven for those who adore a classic taste with a twist.

Another crowd-pleaser is the tantalizing chicken wings enjoyed with a cold BJ’s handcrafted soda. This duo delights patrons seeking a non-alcoholic option. Guests leave raving reviews, proclaiming these Happy Hour combos as their all-time favorites.

Combo Description Drink Pairing
Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas Zesty and satisfying Draft Beer
Chicken Wings Tantalizing flavor Handcrafted Soda

These choices never fail to make Happy Hour at BJ’s remarkable. The joyful experiences shared by folks are worth heeding. Give these winning combos a try on your next visit to BJ’s!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Bj Happy Hour Times

What Are Bj’s Happy Hour Specials?

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse offers Happy Hour specials that typically include reduced prices on appetizers, drinks, and select entrees. Offers may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local BJ’s for the current deals.

When Does Bj’s Happy Hour Start And End?

BJ’s Happy Hour times vary by location but generally start in the afternoon and last through the early evening hours. Some locations may also offer a late-night Happy Hour. For exact times, contact your nearest BJ’s.

Can I Get Bj’s Happy Hour Deals On Weekends?

Many BJ’s locations offer Happy Hour deals on weekdays only, but some may extend special pricing into the weekend. Please check with your local BJ’s restaurant for their specific Happy Hour schedule.

Does Bj’s Offer Any Unique Happy Hour Items?

Yes, BJ’s often features unique items during Happy Hour, such as signature appetizers, their own craft beers, and specialty cocktails. These items are specially priced during Happy Hour windows.


Embracing the vibrant atmosphere of BJ’s Happy Hour can turn any regular outing into a memorable one. Discover great deals, relish mouth-watering appetizers, and enjoy the company of friends with unbeatable prices. Mark your calendars, join the buzz, and toast to good times.

Don’t miss out; BJ’s Happy Hour awaits!


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