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Breakfast Hours Del Taco: Jumpstart Your Morning!

Del Taco typically serves breakfast from 11:00 PM to 11:00 AM. This schedule applies daily across most of their locations.

Del Taco caters to the early birds and night owls with a unique twist: their breakfast hours cater to almost every schedule, opening late at night and stretching through the morning. As you plan your day or end a night shift, consider the convenience of a Del Taco breakfast.

Fans of the Mexican-inspired fast-food chain can indulge in breakfast burritos, tacos, and other savory options. Keep in mind, availability may vary, so checking with your local Del Taco for exact hours is wise. Enjoy classic menu items prepared fast and fresh, perfect for grab-and-go or a sit-down start to your day.

Breakfast Hours Del Taco: Jumpstart Your Morning!

The Dawn Of Del Taco Morning Fare

Del Taco first dipped its toes into morning meals in 1983. The chain knew the value of a good breakfast. Ever since, Del Taco has served up breakfast burritos and more. These morning specialties quickly became fan favorites.

The breakfast menu at Del Taco features fresh ingredients and flavors that wake you up. Fans love the Epic Scrambler Burritos and the Breakfast Toasted Wrap. Don’t forget the hash brown sticks and hot coffee. These items ensure a tasty start to any day.

Breakfast Hours Del Taco: Jumpstart Your Morning!

Timing Your Morning Taco Run

Del Taco welcomes early birds with open doors. Rise and shine with tasty breakfast options starting from 11 pm onwards. Yes, you read that right! A.m. or p.m., your taco cravings are covered. Delight your taste buds until 11 am with breakfast favorites from Del Taco.

Thinking about snoozing your alarm? Remember, the breakfast window closes at 11 am sharp. Don’t miss the chance to grab breakfast burritos packed with flavor. Enjoy every bite without the rush, but make sure to get there before the end time. Keep an eye on the clock for the best burrito experience each morning!

Favorites To Kickstart Your Day

Del Taco’s breakfast menu brings exciting flavors to your morning routine. Epic Scramblers pack a punch with fresh ingredients like eggs, cheddar cheese, and zesty red sauce. You can choose meat options like chorizo, bacon, or carne asada.

Don’t miss the Breakfast Tacos for a quick, tasty start. They feature scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Customize your breakfast with various toppings and sauces.

For those with a sweet tooth, Del Taco offers delightful sweet treats. Churros and Cinnamon Bites are perfect for an on-the-go indulgence. Pair these with robust coffee blends that come in different styles to suit every taste. Whether it’s a classic Americano or a creamy latte, your morning is covered.

Navigating Nutritional Content

Del Taco brings delicious options for a healthy breakfast. Understanding the calorie counts is crucial for a balanced meal. Here are common choices:

Item Calories
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco 290
Breakfast Burrito 340
Hashbrown Sticks (5 pieces) 250
Chorizo Breakfast Taco 300

Select from fresh ingredients for a lighter start to your day. Each item is below 350 calories. Pair them with fresh fruit or water for a nutritious breakfast.

Special Deals And Morning Offers

Del Taco spices up mornings with tempting offers. Breakfast lovers can save big with seasonal promotions. Delights change throughout the year, so stay alert for limited-time deals. Expect tasty discounts on fan-favorite breakfast burritos or combo meals. The excitement peaks during holidays with exclusive morning specials.

Regular deals are always on the menu to brighten your day. The Morning Value Menu features items at prices that make you smile. Enjoy a variety of options, from egg and cheese wraps to savory hashbrown sticks. Discounted combos pair coffee or juice with your breakfast for a perfect start. Join the Raving Fan Eclub for extra perks and coupons sent to your inbox.

Breakfast Hours Del Taco: Jumpstart Your Morning!

Convenience On The Go

Del Taco’s breakfast hours cater to the early birds. Grab a bite from their delicious menu swiftly. Mobile ordering simplifies life during busy mornings. Conveniently order from your phone and pick up on the way.

Comparing drive-thru with dine-in shows perks for each. Drive-thru means staying cozy in your car. Dine-in provides a moment of calm before the day. Decide based on your morning routine needs.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Breakfast Hours Del Taco

What Are Del Taco’s Breakfast Hours?

Del Taco typically serves breakfast from 11:00 PM to 11:00 AM. However, hours may vary by location, so it’s a good idea to confirm with your local Del Taco.

Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Del Taco does not serve breakfast all day. Breakfast items are available during their specific breakfast hours, usually ending at 11 AM.

Can You Get Del Taco Breakfast For Delivery?

Yes, you can order Del Taco breakfast items for delivery during their breakfast hours through various delivery apps or their website, depending on availability in your area.

What Breakfast Items Are Popular At Del Taco?

Popular breakfast items at Del Taco include their Breakfast Tacos, Egg and Cheese Burritos, and the Epic Scrambler Burritos, each packed with a variety of savory ingredients.


Wrapping up, Del Taco’s breakfast hours cater to early risers craving a fresh start. Remember, these windows of morning service vary, so it’s wise to check locally. Whether it’s a quick bite or a full meal, Del Taco starts your day right.

Don’t miss out on their tasty offerings!


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