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Buffalo Wild Wings Lunch Menu: Savor the Spice!

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a lunch menu with various options, including wings, salads, and sandwiches. The menu caters to those seeking a quick, flavorful midday meal.

Dive into the bustling atmosphere of sports and casual dining with the Buffalo Wild Wings lunch menu. This popular sports bar chain is renowned for its wide variety of sauces and seasonings, which patrons can slather on everything from traditional and boneless wings to hearty burgers.

Whether you’re craving a lean grilled chicken salad or the indulgence of a savory wrap, the lunch offerings are designed to satisfy both your taste buds and your schedule. Their Lunch Combos, available on weekdays at select locations, allow diners to mix and match favorites, ensuring a personalized meal to power through the rest of the day. With a commitment to fresh ingredients and a lively environment, Buffalo Wild Wings is the perfect escape for a midday refueling that’s both delicious and efficient.

Buffalo Wild Wings Lunch Menu: Savor the Spice!

Buffalo Wild Wings Lunch Menu: Savor The Spice!

Buffalo Wild Wings, often known as B-Dubs, is a haven for wing lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. Guests can enjoy a diverse range of delicious menu options, especially during lunch hours. The atmosphere is electric with multiple screens showing various live sports events.

The lunch menu at Buffalo Wild Wings offers signature sauces and seasonings that ignite the taste buds. The lunch crowd gathers to enjoy quick service, great flavors, and the company of fellow sports fans. Their famous boneless and traditional wings can be paired with fries, veggies, or a cold beer. It’s a perfect spot for a midday break where the experience is as delightful as the food.

Buffalo Wild Wings Lunch Menu: Savor the Spice!

Signature Sauces And Seasoning Options

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a variety of signature sauces and seasonings. Guests can choose their desired level of heat, ranging from mild to blazin’. The sauce selection caters to all taste buds, providing options that include sweet with a kick or fiery intensity.

Their heat scale allows customers to easily find their comfort zone. Those who prefer a gentler flavor can opt for classic sauces like Honey BBQ or Teriyaki. Adventure seekers may go for the Wild or Blazin’ options, the latter being the hottest sauce available.

The lunch menu also features perennial favorites, like the popular Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap. Seasonal twists provide exciting new flavors, ensuring that the menu remains fresh and interesting. These items often use seasonal ingredients or offer a new take on classic dishes.

Main Attraction: Wings And Beyond

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a tasty lunch menu that makes your mouth water.

The main attractions are definitely the wings. Pick your favorite from a variety of flavors.

Debating between Traditional and Boneless wings? Traditional wings boast juicy meat on the bone.

Boneless wings are all about that crispy coating and tender chicken. Both are perfect with a side of fries.

Not a fan of wings? No problem! The menu has alternative options too. Try the juicy burgers, crisp salads, or savory sandwiches.

Every taste bud can find its match at Buffalo Wild Wings during lunch hours.

Creating Your Perfect Lunch Combo

Buffalo Wild Wings offers an exciting lunch menu designed to cater to all tastes. Patrons can create their own perfect lunch combo with the restaurant’s Mix and Match Deals. Guests get the freedom to select from a variety of mouth-watering options.

Creating your lunch combo is simple:

  • Select from signature dishes like boneless wings.
  • Add a side such as onion rings or fries.
  • Choose your favorite sauce or seasoning.
  • Upgrade to a premium side with a small additional charge.

Exciting upgrades include options like:

Side Upgrade
Fries Loaded Fries with Cheese
Onion Rings Tower of Rings
Coleslaw Side Salad

Sides and upgrades transform a good lunch into a great one. Enjoy creating a delicious meal that’s just right for you!

Lunch Hour Deals And Specials

Buffalo Wild Wings serves up mouth-watering lunch hour deals! Enjoy discounted wings and app-exclusive offers on weekdays.

Savor the signature sauces with your wings at a fraction of the price. The Rewards Program brings even more joy with points on every purchase.

Quick bites or full meals, savings await every day for Rewards members. Access extra deals through the Buffalo Wild Wings App. Your tasty lunch just got better.

Buffalo Wild Wings Lunch Menu: Savor the Spice!

Accompanying Your Meal With The Right Drink

Enjoying a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings pairs well with the perfect beverage. Select a crisp soda or a refreshing brew from their extensive beverage lineup. Fans of non-alcoholic options will find plenty to savor. Quench your thirst with a fizzy lemonade or a custom-blended drink. Drinks are carefully crafted to complement your lunch choice. Pairing spicy wings with a cool iced tea can balance flavors. Take time to explore different combinations among sodas, teas, and custom drinks. Each blend brings out the best in your Buffalo Wild Wings lunch experience.

Inside The Atmosphere Of Buffalo Wild Wings

Step into Buffalo Wild Wings for a lunch break, and you’re greeted by the roar of fans and the excitement of sports. It’s not just a meal; it’s an immersive experience. The walls are lined with large-screen TVs, broadcasting the latest games. Fans cheer for their teams, creating a dynamic energy that’s contagious.

Staff members clad in referee-striped uniforms serve up smiles and a top-notch service. They’re quick to recommend popular dishes or the flavor-of-the-month wings. The team works hard to ensure guests feel like VIPs, offering a personalized touch that makes every visit special.

Frequently Asked Questions On Buffalo Wild Wings Lunch Menu

What Is The Healthiest Menu Item At Buffalo Wild Wings?

The healthiest menu option at Buffalo Wild Wings is the Grilled Chicken Salad, with its lean protein and fresh greens.

What Does Bw3 Stand For?

BW3 stands for Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, referring to the original name of the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain, which included “weck” as part of their menu offerings.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Have Buffalitos?

Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings offers Buffalitos, which are its version of buffalo chicken wraps.

What Does Buffalo Wild Wings Fry In?

Buffalo Wild Wings uses beef shortening for frying. This ingredients choice enhances flavor while maintaining a crisp texture.


Wrapping up, the Buffalo Wild Wings lunch menu offers a flavorful escape for midday cravings. With its vast selection of wings, sauces, and sides, there’s a dish for every palate. Remember, visiting during lunch hours can net you some tasty deals.

So next time hunger strikes, consider giving B-Dubs a go for a satisfying meal that won’t disappoint.


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