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Burger King Breakfast Menu: Savor the Royal Start!

The Burger King breakfast menu offers a variety of morning favorites including signature croissan’wiches and warm biscuits. Key items feature savory sausage, fluffy eggs, and melted cheese.

Begin your day with the satisfying options from Burger King’s breakfast menu, tailored to please any appetite early in the morning. Dive into a selection that ranges from hearty croissan’wiches embellished with perfectly cooked eggs and a choice of bacon, sausage, or ham to soft buttermilk biscuits filled with tender meats and cheeses.

Indulge in classic a. m. Sides like hash browns or French toast sticks for a complete meal. For coffee lovers, Burger King pairs its breakfast with aromatic, hot coffee to kick-start your day. Whether on the go or enjoying a leisurely morning, Burger King’s breakfast lineup delivers convenience and taste without compromising on speed or quality.

Bite Into Burger King’s Morning Feast

Burger King’s breakfast menu offers a delicious start to the day. Exciting options tempt early risers to feast like kings. Classics like the croissants filled with fluffy eggs and melted cheese join ranks with savory sausage to kick start mornings.

Hash browns bring a crispy, golden crunch to the platter. Sweetness joins the fiesta with French Toast Sticks, dipped in syrup. The much-loved Whopper takes a morning twist, with freshly cracked eggs and smoky bacon. This morning lineup satisfies hunger and energizes the day.

The Crown Jewels Of The Breakfast Lineup

Burger King’s breakfast menu offers a delectable array of Classic Croissan’wich varieties. Each Croissan’wich is crafted with flaky, buttery croissant buns, making mornings a delightful experience. Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich stands out as a perfect balance of savory and cheesy goodness. Bacon, Egg & Cheese offers smoky bacon flavors melded with fresh eggs and melted cheese. For those who prefer a meat-free option, the Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich is equally tasty and satisfying.

Not to forget the savory sides that perfectly complement these breakfast sandwiches. Golden-brown hash browns, hot and crispy, are a crowd favorite. With their toasty exterior and soft, warm interior, they are ideal for dipping in ketchup or your choice of sauce. These sides ensure a wholesome breakfast experience at Burger King.

Healthy Begins At The King’s Court

Burger King’s breakfast menu offers a range of healthy choices. Delight in the wholesome smoothies and fruit-topped oatmeal. These lighter options are perfect for a balanced start. Your meal can be both tasty and nutritious.

Eat foods that are good for you! The egg and cheese English muffin has fewer calories. The garden-fresh salad fills you up without too many calories.

Item Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
Oatmeal 170 3 32 5
Smoothie (Small) 210 0.5 51 2
Egg & Cheese Muffin 280 12 30 14

Morning Beverages To Boost Your Day

Kick start your morning with Burger King‘s varied beverage options.

Choose from a selection of steamy coffees to awaken your senses.

Prefer a cold drink? Opt for chilled juices that come in different flavors.

Smoothie lovers are in for a treat with flavorful, fruity kicks.

  • Hot coffee – Freshly brewed, with a rich aroma.
  • Iced coffees – Cool down with a smooth, creamy delight.
  • Orange juice – Packed with Vitamin C for a healthy boost.
  • Apple juice – Sweet, tart, and thoroughly refreshing.
  • Smoothies – Blended with real fruit, bursting with taste.

Money-saving Tips For Your Bk Breakfast

To save on your BK breakfast, consider buying combos. Combos often cost less than buying items separately. Burger King also regularly features special offers. These can include discounts on popular menu items or new breakfast options.

Don’t miss out on exclusive deals through the BK app. With the app, you can access personalized coupons. The Burger King loyalty program allows you to earn points with every purchase. Later, you can redeem these points for free breakfast items.

Burger King Breakfast Menu: Savor the Royal Start!

Vegetarian And Vegan Delights At Dawn

Burger King now offers vegan and vegetarian options for early risers. Starting the day with a plant-based patty can be a delight. Bursting with flavor, these breakfast treats are sure to satisfy.

Customizing your meal is simple at Burger King. Choose from a variety of toppings and sauces to tailor your breakfast to your dietary preferences. Whether you opt for a vegan spread or extra fresh veggies, your breakfast will be both delicious and conscious.

Menu Item Vegan Options Vegetarian Options
Plant-Based Burger Yes Yes
Hash Browns No Yes
French Toast Sticks No Yes
Oatmeal Can be made vegan Yes

The Kids’ Breakfast Club

The Burger King Breakfast Menu offers fun, nutritious options for kids. Little tummies will find the Kid-Friendly Meals perfect for their morning appetite.

Enticing choices like the French Toast Sticks and Egg-n-Cheese Muffins cater to young taste buds. These meal options strike a balance between tasty flavors and wholesome nutrition.

Each meal is thoughtfully sized for kids. Parents will appreciate the nutritional information provided, ensuring a good start to the day. Keep kids excited with these delightful breakfast options that fuel their playful energy.

Burger King Breakfast Menu: Savor the Royal Start!


Burger King Breakfast Menu: Savor the Royal Start!

Frequently Asked Questions For Burger King Breakfast Menu

What Items Are On The Bk Breakfast Menu?

Burger King’s breakfast menu typically includes a variety of items such as the Croissan’wich with a choice of sausage, bacon, or ham, French Toast Sticks, Egg-normous Burrito, fully loaded Buttermilk Biscuits, and a selection of coffee and breakfast beverages.

Does Burger King Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Burger King does not serve breakfast all day. Breakfast hours are usually from opening time until 10:30 AM, but times can vary by location. Customers are encouraged to check with their local Burger King for specific hours.

How Much Do Bk Breakfast Items Cost?

Prices for Burger King breakfast items can vary by location, but they generally range from $1 for small items, like hash browns, up to around $5 for larger items or meal combos. It’s best to check your local Burger King for the most accurate pricing information.

Are There Healthy Options On The Bk Breakfast Menu?

Burger King offers a few healthier breakfast options like the Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich or the Maple Flavor Oatmeal. It’s advisable to check nutritional information or ask staff for low-calorie or low-fat breakfast menu options.


Wrapping up, the Burger King breakfast menu truly offers a feast fit for royalty. From savory sandwiches to sweet treats, there’s something for every palate. Don’t forget to pair your pick with a steamy cup of Joe! Start your day the King’s way, where flavor meets fast service.

Enjoy your morning meal with Burger King.


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