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Chef Mickeys Dinner Menu Revealed: Dine in Delight!

Chef Mickey’s Dinner Menu features American cuisine with buffet-style service. Guests enjoy a variety of entrees, sides, and desserts.

Nestled in the bustling heart of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Chef Mickey’s invites families and friends to indulge in a whimsical dining experience, complemented by the enchantment of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. As you savor your meal, the vibrant atmosphere buzzes with the excitement of beloved Disney characters mingling with diners, offering a memorable encounter for all ages.

This iconic eatery is perfect for those seeking to combine gourmet fare with the joy of Disney hospitality. Chef Mickey’s not only promises delectable dishes to appeal to every palate but also delights patrons with an interactive dining adventure that captures the essence of Disney magic.

Chef Mickey’s Magic On Your Plate

Chef Mickey’s magic unfolds in a cascade of classic eats with an adorable Mickey-inspired twist. Delight your taste buds with a menu that takes familiar favorites and spins them into culinary joys. Savor each dish as it comes adorned with hints of creativity and joy reminiscent of Mickey’s enchanting touch.

The specialty dishes serve as whimsical treats, showcasing the expertise of Disney’s chefs. Enjoy the playfulness infused in every bite, whether it’s a Mickey-shaped ravioli or a sorcerer’s delight dessert. Each creation adds to an unforgettable dining experience, promising delight and surprise for guests of all ages.

Chef Mickeys Dinner Menu Revealed: Dine in Delight!

A Buffet Of Characters And Flavors

Chef Mickey’s Dinner Menu unfolds as a whimsical feast. Guests of all ages delight in the character dining experience, where beloved Disney friends roam to interact and take photos. The excitement is palpable as families enjoy meet-and-greet meals while indulging in a smorgasbord of tasty delights.

Embark on a culinary journey with an array of appetizers. Starters to savor set the tone for an enchanting evening. Tickle your taste buds with a selection that promises to pave the way for an unforgettable dining adventure.

Main Courses To Make You Melt

Mickey’s Diner offers mouth-watering main courses that delight everyone. The menu features signature selections you’ll always remember. Entrees like the Grilled Magic Rib-eye and the Enchanted Seafood Platter stand out with their unique flavors.

Enjoy comfort foods with a twist such as the Classic Mickey Meatloaf with a cranberry glaze. Or try the Mouseketeer Mac ‘n’ Cheese – a favorite for all ages. Each dish is a blend of home-style cooking and innovative culinary techniques. Your taste buds are in for a magical evening!

Desserts That Steal The Spotlight

Chef Mickey’s Dinner Menu shines with its desserts.

Taste buds rejoice with Mickey’s signature sweet treats.

Pastry chefs craft playful desserts for every guest.

  • Chocolate Sphere: A delight of hidden surprises.
  • Mickey Mousse: A creamy, dreamy chocolate treat.
  • Fruit Tart: Bursting with fresh, juicy flavors.
  • Sorbet Parade: A colorful, frosty dessert march.

Each dessert offers a magical taste adventure.

Enjoy delicious memories at Chef Mickey’s.

Chef Mickeys Dinner Menu Revealed: Dine in Delight!

Refreshing Beverages And Magical Mixes

Chef Mickey’s Dinner Menu offers a variety of refreshing beverages. Guests of all ages can sip on delightful non-alcoholic drinks. These tasty concoctions are perfect for toasting to a magical day.

Indulge in classic cocktails with a twist or choose from unique Mickey’s Mixes. The menu features options like Frozen Lemonade and Fruit Smoothies. Enjoy these beverages in the whimsical atmosphere of Chef Mickey’s.

Guests seeking non-alcoholic delights can opt for Mickey’s Marvelous Melonade or a fizzy Sorcerer’s Sparkler. Each drink captures the enchanting spirit of Disney. Both kids and adults will find these magical mixes irresistible.

Chef Mickeys Dinner Menu Revealed: Dine in Delight!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Chef Mickeys Dinner Menu

Does Chef Mickey’s Have Characters At Dinner 2023?

Yes, Chef Mickey’s offers character dining experiences during dinner as of 2023. Guests can meet Mickey and friends while enjoying their meal.

Are Drinks Included At Chef Mickey’s?

Non-alcoholic drinks are included in the buffet price at Chef Mickey’s, but alcoholic beverages cost extra.

How Much Is Chef Mickey Per Person?

Chef Mickey’s cost per person ranges from $42 to $55 for adults and $27 to $36 for children, varying by time of year. Prices exclude tax and gratuity.

How Much Do You Tip At Chef Mickey?

Typically, you tip 18-20% of the pre-tax bill at Chef Mickey for good service. Adjust based on service quality.


Dining at Chef Mickey’s offers a feast for all senses. With a menu bursting with flavors, every dish promises a memorable experience. Whether you’re savoring classic entrees or indulging in sweet treats, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Remember to book early and come hungry – this is one culinary adventure you won’t want to miss at Disney’s contemporary resort!


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