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Chili’s Beer Prices: Sip Savings with Every Pint!

Chili’s beer prices typically range from $3 to $6. The cost varies based on location and beer selection.

Enjoying a cold beer complements the casual dining experience at Chili’s Grill & Bar. With its extensive menu, this popular chain restaurant offers a variety of beers to pair with their bold-flavored American dishes. The beer selection often includes both domestic and imported options, providing choices for every palate.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick drink at the bar or settling in for a meal, Chili’s strives to keep their beer prices affordable and competitive. Their happy hour deals and drink specials can further enhance the value, making Chili’s a go-to spot for a relaxed and budget-friendly outing.

Chili's Beer Prices: Sip Savings with Every Pint!

Chili’s Beer Selection

Chili’s Beer Selection boasts a variety of local and craft beers to delight your palate. Patrons will find exclusive flavors that capture the essence of the region’s brewery craftsmanship. Each beer is hand-picked to offer visitors a taste of local tradition alongside their meal.

Domestic and imported options are plentiful, providing a broad spectrum for every beer enthusiast. Guests can select from well-known national brands, or explore international favorites from around the globe. This selection ensures that you will find a beer that suits your taste, whether you prefer a light lager or a robust stout.

Beer Type Domestic Brands Imported Brands
Lager Budweiser, Coors Heineken, Corona
Ale Samuel Adams, Sierra Nevada Guinness, Bass
Stout Goose Island, Founders Sapporo, Tsingtao
Chili's Beer Prices: Sip Savings with Every Pint!

Savor The Savings

Chili’s offers enticing Happy Hour deals that promise great value. Guests can enjoy discounted rates on select beers during these hours. The prices are significantly reduced, allowing you to try different brews without spending much. Specials might include local favorites or national bestsellers.

The restaurant also introduces Seasonal Discounts, making certain times of the year more exciting. These promotions might reflect seasonal brews or holiday specials. You might find exclusive offers on new arrivals or limited-time beverages. Keep an eye out for these deals to enjoy premium beers at a fraction of the cost.

Happy Hour Seasonal Beers Discount Rate
Weedays 3-6 PM Autumn Ales Up to 50% Off
Evenings 9 PM-Close Winter Lagers Special Prices

Pint-size Promotions

Enjoy incredible Chilis Beer Prices with our Pint-Size Promotions. Join the Loyalty Rewards program today. Earn points for every beer purchase!

Discover amazing deals from Monday through Thursday.

  • Monday Madness: Half-price on select drafts.
  • Tuesday Tasters: Try new flavors at low cost.
  • Wednesday’s Whims: Special craft beers at a discount.
  • Thrifty Thursday: Major savings on all pints!

Comparing Costs

Dining out often includes enjoying a cold beer. At Chili’s, guests want to know how the beer prices stack. Let’s compare with local bars. Chili’s offers a variety of beer choices, both domestic and craft. Prices may vary by location, but generally, the range is predictable.

Beer Type Chili’s Price Local Bar Price
Domestic Draft $4-$6 $3-$5
Import/Craft Bottle $5-$7 $4-$6

Local bars often charge less for a beer. But, Chili’s provides a unique dining experience. This can make the extra cost worth it. Remember, prices can change over time. Always check Chili’s current menu for the most accurate prices.

Enjoy Responsibly

Savoring your favorite beer at Chili’s is more fun when it’s safe. Remember, alcohol affects your ability to drive. Always plan ahead for a safe ride home if you plan to drink. A variety of designated driver services are available.

Many companies offer a paid ride for you and your car. Some areas have volunteers who drive you for free. Check your local resources before heading out. Friends can be lifesavers too. Choose a sober buddy for the evening who sticks to non-alcoholic drinks.

Chili's Beer Prices: Sip Savings with Every Pint!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Chilis Beer Prices

What Are Chili’s Beer Price Ranges?

Chili’s beer prices typically range from $3 to $7 per pint, depending on the location and the brand of beer selected. Seasonal and craft beers may have slightly higher prices.

Does Chili’s Offer Beer Promotions?

Yes, Chili’s occasionally offers promotions on beers, especially during happy hours or special events. Customers can check Chili’s official website or local listings for current deals.

Can You Get Craft Beers At Chili’s?

Yes, Chili’s does offer a selection of craft beers. The availability may vary by location and include both local and nationally recognized craft brews.

Are There Any Beer Discounts At Chili’s?

Chili’s often has discounts on beers during happy hour, which vary by location. Patrons can also sign up for Chili’s rewards for potential beer discounts and specials.


Exploring Chili’s beer selection reveals affordable and diverse options suitable for any palate. Whether you seek a crisp lager or a robust ale, their menu caters to all. Remember, enjoying their beers responsibly enhances the dining experience. As you plan your next outing, keep their tasty brews and wallet-friendly prices in mind.

Cheers to great flavors and good times at Chili’s!


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