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Chilis Drink Menu With Prices: Sip & Save Delights!

Chili’s drink menu features a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with prices ranging from $3 to $9. Happy hour specials offer discounts on select drinks and appetizers.

Chili’s Grill & Bar is renowned for its lively atmosphere and a diverse menu that includes a wide array of drinks to suit every taste. Whether you’re in the mood for a frosty beer, a classic cocktail, or a refreshing non-alcoholic option, Chili’s offers quality and value.

With a commitment to satisfying every guest, the restaurant updates its drink specials regularly, making it a popular destination for casual diners and social gatherings alike. Embrace the vibrant Chili’s experience and enjoy a drink from their meticulously curated menu that’s crafted to complement your meal and elevate your dining adventure.

Chilis Drink Menu With Prices: Sip & Save Delights!

Chili’s: A Go-to Spot For Sips And Saves

Chili’s stands out for those who love tasty drinks and saving money. It offers a diverse drink menu that suits any mood. With special prices, their Happy Hour is the best time to unwind. Everyone looks for great deals, and Chili’s doesn’t disappoint.

Happy Hour specials include discounted beverages. From classic margaritas to draft beers, they have it all. Sipping on these budget-friendly drinks feels right. It’s the perfect chance to relax with friends after a long day.

Drink Type Happy Hour Price
Margaritas $5
Draft Beers $3
House Wines $4
Chilis Drink Menu With Prices: Sip & Save Delights!

Refreshing Margaritas: Chili’s Signature Cocktails

The Presidente Margarita stands out among Chili’s signature cocktails. A perfect blend of Tequila, Triple Sec, and Chili’s own Presidente Brandy, this cocktail is served with a citrus twist. Guests adore the smooth taste combined with the accolade of being Chili’s hallmark.

Tempting the palate, Fruity Fusion drinks invoke a tropical vibe. Tropical Delights feature fresh fruit flavors mingling with fine spirits. The menu’s Mango-Chili Margarita and Berry Blush Margarita are irresistible options. With vibrant colors and tantalizing tastes, these drinks ensure a refreshing experience.

Beer And Wine Selections: Classic And Craft Choices

Enjoy a wide array of domestic brews at Chili’s, where popular picks satisfy any thirst. Find favorites like Budweiser, Coors Light, and Miller Lite – always served chilled. These well-loved American classics offer a taste of traditional beer culture.

Moving to import and craft selections, Chili’s presents more sophisticated flavors. Sip on specialty labels such as Blue Moon, Corona Extra, or Samuel Adams. These options cater to those seeking unique tastes and quality ingredients. Delight in these elevated brews for an enhanced beer experience.

Non-alcoholic Beverages: All-age Refreshments

Chilis offers a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks for all ages. Their sodas and lemonades provide a refreshing twist with multiple flavor options. Each drink on the menu features competitive prices that cater to different preferences. For a creamier experience, Chilis’ milkshakes blend rich flavors into a smooth concoction.

Their menu also boasts an assortment of fruit-forward smoothies, prepared with fresh ingredients. These drinks are perfect for those seeking a sweet and nutritious refreshment. Below is a simple overview of Chilis’ drink selections and prices.

Drink Type Description Price
Sodas Various flavors available Starts at $2.49
Lemonades Classic and strawberry Starts at $2.99
Milkshakes Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry Starts at $3.99
Smoothies Fruit blends, no added sugar Starts at $3.99

Economic Sipping: Drink Specials And Pricing

Economic Sipping: Drink Specials and Pricing introduces thrifty delight for taste buds! Chili’s brings a joyous blend of savor and savings. Seasonal Offers serve up limited time deals that tantalize the palate. Refresh with a Summer Berry Sangria or a Cherry Blossom Margarita. These bargains blossom briefly, so catch them fast!

Join the Rewards Program for loyalty discounts. Regulars reap benefits with every sip. Get exclusive access to member-only perks, such as free refills on select drinks. Cheers to savings and satisfaction at Chili’s!

Chilis Drink Menu With Prices: Sip & Save Delights!

Pairing Recommendations: Food Meets Drink

Appetizers and Cocktails: These two make a perfect team. Bold flavors call for vibrant cocktails. Imagine sipping a Cherry Mojito alongside Fried Cheese. The sweet cherries play off the salty crunch perfectly. Or pair a Classic Margarita with Nachos. The citrus zing cuts through the melted cheese with ease. It’s all about balance and complementing tastes.

Meals and Beverages: Main dishes deserve the right drink. Picture a juicy burger with a craft beer. The hops emphasize the meat’s savoriness. A grilled chicken salad might match a crisp white wine. The wine’s acidity goes hand-in-hand with the fresh greens. Choose your pairing to enhance your dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Chilis Drink Menu With Prices

What Is The Blue Drink Called At Chili’s?

The blue drink at Chili’s is known as the Electric Lemonade.

What Is A Lucky Jameson?

A Lucky Jameson is a cocktail that blends Jameson Irish whiskey with ginger ale and lime, creating a refreshing drink perfect for celebrations or St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Does Chilis Sell Their Margarita Mix?

Yes, Chili’s sells their signature margarita mix for customers to enjoy at home. You can purchase it directly from select Chili’s locations.

What Is A Tequila Trifecta?

A tequila trifecta is a tasting flight featuring three distinct types of tequila: Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo. This selection showcases the spirit’s varying aging profiles and flavors.


Exploring Chili’s drink menu reveals a delightful mix of flavors and prices to suit every taste and budget. Whether you crave a spicy margarita or a frosty beer, your thirst-quenching needs are covered. Don’t forget to savor these drinks with Chili’s signature dishes for the ultimate dining experience.

Cheers to great taste and variety!


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