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Chilis Drink Specials: Sip, Save & Savor Happy Hours!

Chili’s Grill & Bar offers a variety of drink specials, ranging from margaritas to domestic beers. These deals vary by location and day of the week.

Exploring Chili’s drink specials rewards patrons with an enticing array of beverages at reduced prices, perfect for enjoyers of casual dining and a lively bar atmosphere. Chili’s, known for its bold flavors and festive environment, also extends this vibrancy to its drink menu.

Happy hour enthusiasts can indulge in discounts on classic drinks such as Presidente Margaritas or select from a rotating selection of craft beers and wines. For those seeking to pair their sizzling fajitas or signature baby back ribs with a refreshing drink, Chili’s ensures your meal comes with a side of savings. Whether you’re unwinding after work or meeting friends for dinner, the specials at Chili’s add an extra zing to your dining experience, with the perfect sip to complement every bite.

Cheers To Chili’s Happy Hour

Chili’s Happy Hour is a must for anyone who loves great deals on drinks. Their Signature Cocktails are not just delicious. They are also easy on the wallet. To enjoy these specials, timing matters. Most locations offer Happy Hour deals on weekdays, typically from 3 PM to 7 PM, then it kicks in again late night. This is the best time to sip on budget-friendly beverages. Check your local Chili’s for exact times and offers.

Savor a Margarita or try a craft beer, each at a price that makes you smile. Share a toast with friends without breaking the bank. Remember, the best time for drink specials is on weekdays. Plan your visit and raise a glass to good times and great prices!

Chilis Drink Specials: Sip, Save & Savor Happy Hours!


Savor The Savings

Chili’s drink specials can make your happy hour truly joyful! Dive into discounted beverages available at specific times. Your wallet will thank you for it! During happy hour, expect a mix of cocktails, beers, and wines at reduced prices.

Signature margaritas may catch your eye, or perhaps the appeal of domestic beer pints is more your style. Choose from a variety of flavors to suit your palate. Remember, these deals are timely. Check your local Chili’s for the exact happy hour schedule to plan your visit.

Drink Type Discount Availability
Margaritas Special price Happy Hour
Beer Pints Reduced cost Happy Hour
Wines Lower rates Happy Hour

From Margaritas To Mojitos

Chili’s Grill & Bar offers some unforgettable drink specials that are a must-try. Their menu features exclusive takes on popular cocktails, ensuring that there is something new for everyone to enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the top picks for cocktail enthusiasts.

Their Margaritas come in a variety of flavors, each presenting a unique twist to the beloved classic. Mojitos at Chili’s are crafted with fresh ingredients, guaranteeing a refreshing experience with every sip. The White Peach Sangria is a crowd favorite, blending sweet peaches with crisp wine.

Cocktail Description
Presidente Margarita A signature blend with premium spirits
Tropical Sunrise Margarita A fruity escape with a hint of citrus
Blueberry & Pineapple Margarita Bold and tangy flavors in a striking mix
Strawberry Mojito Sweet berries meet minty freshness

Blue Lagoon and Chili’s Tequila Trifecta are also signature drinks that promise to delight your taste buds. Whether you prefer tangy, sweet, or robust flavors, Chili’s drink specials have it all covered.

Chilis Drink Specials: Sip, Save & Savor Happy Hours!


Non-alcoholic Delights

For a sip of pure delight, Chili’s non-alcoholic drinks are a perfect pick. Their mocktail menu is full of colorful concoctions that promise to quench your thirst. Try the tropical Sunrise Mocktail or the Blackberry Iced Tea for a fruity twist.

Soft drink specials are always in the mix at Chilis. Enjoy your favorite sodas with unlimited refills. This offer ensures a refreshing dining experience with every meal. Kids and adults alike will find these options satisfying and delicious. So, sit back and enjoy these refreshing beverages!

Pairing Bites With Sips

Chili’s drink specials are more enjoyable with the right appetizers. Classic nachos or spicy wings pair brilliantly with an ice-cold beer. Margaritas and frozen cocktails match well with lighter options like crispy onion rings or loaded potato skins. Choose jalapeño poppers for a zesty kick alongside your favorite spirits.

To elevate your happy hour experience, select flavors that compliment your drink. Sweet and fruity drinks provide a tasty balance to savory mini burgers. Conversely, tangy or sour beverages cut through the richness of creamy dips and chips. The key is to mix and match until you find your perfect pairing, making every sip and bite a delicious journey.

Insider Tips For Chili’s Guests

To enjoy Chili’s drink specials, join the Chili’s Rewards program. Being a member unlocks exclusive offers.

Make sure to visit during Happy Hour for discounted drinks and appetizers. Check online or ask the staff for the current deals.

Special Details Availability
$5 Margaritas All Day Everyday
Half-off Apps Select Items Happy Hour

Watch for seasonal promotions and limited-time offers that can save money on your drinks!

Chilis Drink Specials: Sip, Save & Savor Happy Hours!


Frequently Asked Questions On Chilis Drink Specials

What Are Chili’s Drink Specials Today?

Chili’s regularly offers drink specials including Margarita of the Month, which features a new margarita flavor each month at a discounted price. Check Chili’s website or local restaurant for today’s deals.

Can I Find Happy Hour Deals At Chili’s?

Yes, Chili’s offers Happy Hour specials on select days and times. Enjoy discounted prices on various drinks and appetizers. Specific deals and times may vary by location, so it’s best to verify with your nearest Chili’s.

Are Chili’s Drink Specials Available All Day?

Some of Chili’s drink specials, like the Margarita of the Month, are available all day throughout the month. Other specials might be limited to Happy Hour. Always confirm with your local Chili’s for exact details.

How Much Do Chili’s Drink Specials Cost?

Prices of Chili’s drink specials vary based on the promotion and location. Margaritas, for example, may start at a lower price point during promotions. Visit Chili’s website or your local restaurant for current pricing.


Exploring Chili’s drink specials offers both variety and value for any social gathering or solo treat. These deals serve up the perfect blend of taste and affordability. Remember to savor responsibly as you toast to good times and great company.

Cheers to finding your new favorite at Chili’s!

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