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Condado Tacos Happy Hour: Unwrap the Fiesta Deals!

Condado Tacos Happy Hour offers discounted drinks and select appetizers. It typically runs on weekdays from 4 PM to 7 PM.

Condado Tacos has become a popular destination for those who crave innovative tacos, vibrant atmospheres, and, of course, enticing Happy Hour specials. The restaurant chain, known for its build-your-own taco concept, invites patrons to enjoy a laid-back and festive environment while savoring their favorite Mexican-inspired dishes and beverages at a fraction of the regular price during Happy Hour.

With a menu that boasts an array of margaritas and tacos, Condado Tacos becomes an ideal spot for after-work relaxation or a casual meet-up with friends. The allure of their Happy Hour lies not only in the savings but also in the quality and flavor that remains consistent, making it a must-visit for taco lovers and beverage enthusiasts alike.

Condado Tacos Happy Hour: Unwrap the Fiesta Deals!

Condado Tacos Happy Hour: A Festive Experience

Happy Hour at Condado Tacos is a fiesta of flavors and savings. Guests flock to enjoy discounted drinks and tasty tacos. Relish a blend of traditional and bold new tastes in a vibrant setting.

Condado Tacos adds a unique spin with its build-your-own tacos. Sip on hand-crafted margaritas and enjoy signature dips. Their menu features vegetarian and gluten-free options, ensuring everyone has a great time. Do not miss the exclusive Happy Hour specials.

Condado Tacos Happy Hour: Unwrap the Fiesta Deals!

Cheers To Savings: Happy Hour Menu Highlights

Condado Tacos Happy Hour brings flavorful joy without a hefty price tag. Generous discounts on our tacos let you indulge more for less. Selected taco varieties, including vegetarian and meat options, are on the special menu. Delight in a bite without squeezing your wallet.

Drink specials uplift the experience. Classic margaritas and draft beers feature at reduced prices. Explore our signature cocktails or sip on a refreshing beer; each comes with a happy wallet guarantee. Condado Tacos ensures you enjoy every moment.

Perfect Pairings: Food And Drink Combos

Condado Tacos Happy Hour is a feast for taco lovers. Unique combinations tantalize taste buds. Bold flavors and zesty margaritas mark this experience. Guests relish in crafting their ultimate taco. Pair it with colorful mix and match margaritas. Savor the perfect balance of spicy and sweet.

Begin with a warm soft tortilla. Layer it with succulent grilled chicken or marinated steak. Top with fresh cilantro and diced onions. A squeeze of lime adds zest. Drizzle with creamy chipotle sauce for a kick.

For drinks, select a classic margarita. Want a twist? Try a strawberry jalapeño blend. These sips enhance the taco’s flavors. Side options might include crispy chips and zesty salsa. The harmony of food and drink creates a memorable Happy Hour.

Condado Tacos Happy Hour: Unwrap the Fiesta Deals!

Ambiance And Crowd: The Social Scene

Condado Tacos Happy Hour buzzes with an electric atmosphere. Friends laugh over hand-crafted margaritas. Pairs dive into shareable taco platters.

Visitors of all ages find joy in Condado’s vibrant decor. Bold murals set a backdrop for memorable photos. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after work or to kick off a night out.

Newcomers are greeted by the scent of spicy tacos and sweet churros. Each corner of Condado is alive with chatter and energetic music. It’s an ideal place for those aiming to meet new people or just enjoy the happy hour specials.

Frequent Fiesta: Weekly Schedule And Timing

Ready for delicious tacos and exciting discounts? Condado Tacos Happy Hour brings joy to your week. Join the fun from Monday to Friday, starting at 3 PM and winding down by 6 PM. Saturday and Sunday shake things up, with deals from 9 PM to 11 PM. Don’t miss out on tasty treats and great prices!

Savor The Savings: Happy Hour Tips And Tricks

Condado Tacos offers an exhilarating Happy Hour with incredible deals. To fully enjoy the experience, arrive early and snag a good spot. Share dishes among friends to taste a variety of flavors without overspending. Look out for discounted margaritas and tacos, as these are Happy Hour staples.

  • Half-price appetizers can kickstart your meal affordably.
  • Specialty cocktails may be available at reduced prices, perfect for trying something new.
  • Ask the staff about any under-the-radar specials that could surprise you.

Loyalty programs can also offer additional savings – don’t forget to sign up! Remember, Happy Hour isn’t just about cheap eats; it’s about smart choices to enhance your experience without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Condado Tacos Happy Hour

Do You Get Free Chips At Condado?

At Condado Tacos, guests receive complimentary house-made chips with each visit.

How Much Is A Pitcher At Condado?

Prices for pitchers at Condado vary based on the drink selection; check their menu or contact them directly for current rates.

Who Owns Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos is owned by Condado Tacos Holdings LLC. This company operates the chain and continues to expand its footprint in the casual dining space.

What Year Is Yum Condado?

Yum Condado is a Puerto Rican restaurant but there is no specific year associated with the term “Yum Condado” without further context. If you are referring to an event or establishment’s opening year, please provide additional details for an accurate response.


Embrace the vibrant spirit of social dining with Condado Tacos Happy Hour! Whether it’s the bold flavors, enticing price points, or the buzz of friendly chatter, these happy hour specials truly cater to every taco enthusiast. Don’t miss out on this perfect chance to unwind and indulge.

Join the fiesta and make your taste buds dance!


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