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Does McDonald’s Serve Biscuits & Gravy All Day? Find Out!

As of my knowledge cutoff date in early 2023, McDonald’s typically does not serve biscuits and gravy all day; availability can depend on the location and breakfast hours. McDonald’s, known for its fast-food and convenient meals, has always adapted its menu to accommodate the tastes and preferences of its diverse customer base.

One of the beloved items on the breakfast menu, particularly in the Southern United States, is biscuits and gravy, a traditional American comfort food. Patrons looking for a hearty start to their day often seek out this classic dish. While the breakfast menu is full of various options, ranging from egg McMuffins to hotcakes, the all-day availability of specific items, such as biscuits and gravy, often varies by individual restaurant policy and regional preferences.

Visitors should check with their local McDonald’s regarding menu options and serving times to ensure they can savor their favorite breakfast dishes whenever they crave them.

Does McDonald's Serve Biscuits & Gravy All Day? Find Out!

The Quest For Mcmornin’ Comfort: Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits and gravy hold a special place in many hearts. Known for its creamy, savory taste, this dish represents the epitome of comfort food. A quick visit to McDonald’s in the morning often includes a craving for this warm, delicious meal. Yet, the million-dollar question remains: Does McDonald’s offer biscuits and gravy all day?

Time Availability Menu Item
Morning Biscuits and Gravy
After Breakfast Hours Varies by Location

As the day progresses, this beloved dish’s availability can become uncertain. Some locations might serve it past breakfast hours, while others stick strictly to the morning timetable. Patrons eager for biscuits smothered in gravy may need to visit during the early hours for guaranteed satisfaction.

Navigating Mcdonald’s Menu: Breakfast Hours And Beyond

Many people ask, “Does McDonald’s serve biscuits and gravy all day?” The truth is, McDonald’s breakfast items, which include the savory biscuits and gravy, are only available during their breakfast hours. Typically, this delectable breakfast option isn’t served beyond 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. It’s important to note that breakfast hours can vary by location. So, it’s best to check with your local McDonald’s. For those eager to enjoy this comfort food, it’s recommended to get there early. After breakfast hours, lunch and dinner menus take over, and biscuits and gravy will be off the table.

All-day Breakfast: A Look At Mcdonald’s Policy Changes

McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu has seen big changes. Once a staple, the full breakfast selection has been simplified. During its peak, customers enjoyed McMuffins and hotcakes any time. But now, not all breakfast items are available all day. The biscuits and gravy, a comfort food favorite, isn’t a constant offering. The menu varies by location and time. It’s best to check with your local restaurant for availability. Some locations may still serve this dish, while others have paused it. Availability may depend on regional preferences and restaurant discretion. Limited all-day options remain, focusing on popular items.

Does McDonald's Serve Biscuits & Gravy All Day? Find Out!

Regional Variations: Biscuits & Gravy Availability

McDonald’s menus vary based on location. This means biscuits and gravy might be a breakfast choice in one place but not everywhere. Checking the local menu online is smart. This can tell you if they serve biscuits and gravy where you are. McDonald’s traditionally offers this dish in the morning hours. Yet, not all day. Contacting your local McDonald’s directly could be the best way to find out. Some outlets might have unique items, like biscuits and gravy, to fit local tastes. Look for regional favorites as these vary from place to place.

Alternative Ways To Satisfy Your Craving

Fans of McDonald’s biscuits and gravy often crave this comfort food. Cravings don’t follow a schedule, but McDonald’s menu might. Not all locations serve biscuits and gravy all day. Yet, there’s a tasty hack for DIY enthusiasts.

Create your own version by ordering a sausage biscuit and a side of gravy. Merge both for homemade bliss. It’s simple, satisfying, and available anytime. A personal touch may even enhance your dining experience.

Other fast food restaurants do offer biscuits and gravy all day. Places like Cracker Barrel, Hardee’s, and Bob Evans understand your needs. Below is a compact list for quick reference:

Restaurant All Day Biscuits & Gravy?
Cracker Barrel Yes
Hardee’s Yes
Bob Evans Yes
Does McDonald's Serve Biscuits & Gravy All Day? Find Out!

Frequently Asked Questions On Does Mcdonald’s Have Biscuits And Gravy All Day

Does Mcdonalds Have Biscuits All Day?

Yes, McDonald’s offers biscuits throughout the entire day as part of their all-day breakfast menu.

Did Mcdonald’s Discontinue Biscuits And Gravy?

As of my knowledge cutoff in early 2023, McDonald’s has discontinued biscuits and gravy in many locations, but availability may vary regionally.

What Kind Of Gravy Does Mcdonald’s Use For Biscuits And Gravy?

McDonald’s serves a sausage gravy with their biscuits. This creamy gravy features seasoned, ground pork sausage for added flavor.

Who Makes Mcdonald’s Biscuits?

McDonald’s biscuits are typically made by the restaurant’s staff at each location using pre-made biscuit mix that adheres to the company’s recipe standards.


As you embark on your next McDonald’s visit, remember the availability of biscuits and gravy may vary. Morning hours are optimal for enjoying this comfort meal. Always check with your local McDonald’s for their menu offerings throughout the day. Embrace your cravings and let the quest for biscuits and gravy begin!


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