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Does McDonald’s Sell Biscuits and Gravy?: The Full Scoop!

Yes, McDonald’s sells biscuits and gravy in select locations, primarily in the Southern United States. This Southern classic is not available nationwide.

McDonald’s offerings, including their breakfast menu, have become iconic across the globe. Despite regional variations, staples like the Egg McMuffin and Sausage McGriddles garner universal popularity. Biscuits and gravy, a comfort food favorite, features a warm, soft biscuit smothered in savory gravy.

While not part of McDonald’s core menu, it remains a sought-after option where available, reflecting the chain’s commitment to catering to local tastes. Customers craving this home-style dish should check their local McDonald’s breakfast options, as availability may vary. With an understanding of regional preferences, McDonald’s continues to serve up diverse menu items to satisfy a range of palates.

The Southern Staple At Mcdonald’s

Mcdonald’s is known for its widespread menu that varies by region. The biscuits and gravy dish has deep roots in the Southern United States. It combines soft, fluffy biscuits with rich, creamy gravy. This dish is a breakfast favorite among Southerners.

On Mcdonald’s menus across different regions, you might find some unique twists to biscuits and gravy. Each variation caters to local tastes and preferences. You get to enjoy a taste of Southern hospitality no matter where you are. The dish symbolizes comfort and home-cooked goodness in every bite.

Does McDonald's Sell Biscuits and Gravy?: The Full Scoop!


Morning Delight Or All-day Treat?

Many people love a hearty breakfast to start their day. McDonald’s answers the call with their biscuits and gravy. This southern classic is a savory option for early risers. Yet, not all locations serve it past breakfast hours. Menu offerings vary by restaurant and region. It’s best to check with your local McDonald’s to confirm their breakfast schedule.

Customers craving this comfort food beyond the morning can be at a disadvantage. Lunch menus typically don’t feature breakfast items. But don’t lose hope; some spots might offer biscuits and gravy throughout the day. It’s wise to ask or do a quick online check to satisfy that craving.

Dissecting The Dish

Mcdonald’s Biscuits and Gravy is a breakfast favorite for many. It features a soft and flaky biscuit as its base. This biscuit is made with butter and buttermilk, lending it a delicious richness and a tender crumb.

The gravy pours over the biscuit, drenching it in flavor. It has country-style sausage bits scattered throughout. Seasonings like black pepper and spices add depth to the creamy sauce. Together, the biscuit and gravy create a memorable meal.

Does McDonald's Sell Biscuits and Gravy?: The Full Scoop!


Nutritional Considerations

Mcdonald’s Biscuits and Gravy can be rich in calories. A single serving might pack significant caloric weight, which contributes to daily intake. This dish often contains flour, milk, and sausage, making it hearty. It’s key to understand the caloric content if you’re watching your diet.

The gravy typically has saturated fats from meat and dairy. Those looking for lighter options might opt for alternatives. Choices might include English muffins or parfaits. These can offer fewer calories and often contain fruits and grains. It’s wise to balance McDonald’s menu items by reviewing their nutritional facts.

Menu Item Calories
Biscuits and Gravy ~450
English Muffin ~150
Fruit & Yogurt Parfait ~150

Customer Cravings And Critiques

Many customers crave McDonald’s biscuits and gravy. Online reviews often highlight this combination’s popularity. The dish’s savory flavors receive particular praise. People enjoy the warm, buttery biscuits and the rich, hearty gravy. Social media platforms echo these sentiments, with users posting positive feedback and cravings for the meal.

Twitter and Instagram are abuzz with mentions of McDonald’s morning delight. Tweets frequently describe the biscuits and gravy as ‘delicious’ and a ‘must-have’. Facebook groups dedicated to fast food often rate the dish highly. McDonald’s fans regularly request for its return to menus where it’s currently unavailable.

Platform Rating Comments
Twitter 4.5/5 Fans praise its comfort food qualities.
Instagram 4/5 Posts often feature mouth-watering pictures.
Facebook 4.2/5 Users advocate for wider availability.
Does McDonald's Sell Biscuits and Gravy?: The Full Scoop!


Finding Biscuits And Gravy Near You

Craving that home-style flavor of biscuits and gravy? You might imagine walking into any McDonald’s and finding this comfort food on the menu. The truth might surprise you: not all locations serve this Southern classic. It’s vital to know which McDonald’s offers this dish before venturing out for your fix.

Some might suggest using the McDonald’s mobile app or website to check local menus. Yet, this tends to lead to inconvenient surprises for those in search of biscuits and gravy. The reality is that this item is often found in select regions, usually where the dish is most popular.

A representation of the regional availability can be given in the following table:

Region Availability
South Commonly Available
North Rarely Available
East Occasionally Available
West Rarely Available

Contacting your local McDonald’s directly could save time and ensure accuracy. This is especially crucial for biscuits and gravy aficionados in regions where it’s not a menu staple.

Frequently Asked Questions For Does Mcdonald’s Sell Biscuits And Gravy

How Many Biscuits Are In Mcdonald’s Biscuits And Gravy?

McDonald’s biscuits and gravy typically include two warm biscuits served alongside sausage gravy.

Can You Get Gravy At Mcdonalds?

McDonald’s does not typically offer gravy as a menu item. Availability may vary by location and season.

Does Mcdonald’s Have Sausage And Biscuits?

Yes, McDonald’s menu includes a sausage biscuit. The item pairs a warm biscuit with a savory sausage patty.

Does Burger King Sell Biscuits And Gravy?

Yes, Burger King offers biscuits and gravy on its breakfast menu, but availability may vary by location. Always check with your local restaurant for their current offerings.


To sum up, McDonald’s menu does feature biscuits and gravy, offering a savory breakfast choice. Their take on Southern comfort food satisfies those morning cravings. Always check local availability, as menu items can vary. For a quick, hearty start, McDonald’s might have just the meal you’re seeking.

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