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Hardee’s Closing Time: Don’t Miss Your Last Bite!

Hardee’s typically closes at 11 PM, but closing times may vary by location. Confirm with your local Hardee’s for precise hours.

Hardee’s, known for its charbroiled burgers and made-from-scratch biscuits, is a go-to destination for those craving a quick, hearty meal. As an American fast-food chain, it operates numerous locations, each with its own specific closing times. It’s essential for customers to check with their nearest Hardee’s to ensure they don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the restaurant’s offerings.

Whether you’re ending your day with a satisfying dinner or grabbing a late-night snack, knowing your local Hardee’s closing time helps you plan your visit accordingly.

Hardee's Closing Time: Don't Miss Your Last Bite!

Hardee’s Legacy Of Burgers And Fries

Hardee’s Legacy of Burgers and Fries echoes through the decades, as the fast-food joint has become a symbol of classic American dining. This legacy is not just about the closing time of the restaurants, but about the memorable experiences created within its walls. The sizzle of patties on the grill and the scent of deep-fried potatoes have lured hungry guests for generations.

Brand Evolution

Founded in 1960, Hardee’s quickly rose to fame. It adapted to changing tastes and trends. The iconic star logo is well-known across the country. Bold moves like breakfast menus set it apart early on.

Culinary Staples

Hardee’s menu stars the famous Thickburger line. It features 100% Black Angus beef, a game changer in fast food. Freshly prepared hand-scooped milkshakes complement the burger experience. Generous portions and consistent taste define Hardee’s commitment.

Focusing on quality, Hardee’s fries are a standout. The curly fries have a cult following, making a perfect side dish to burgers. The crispy outsides and fluffy insides keep customers coming back.

Menu Item Description
Thickburger Juicy Angus beef burgers customizable to taste.
Curly Fries Seasoned spirals, crisp and golden.
Hand-Scooped Shakes Real ice cream shakes with whipped topping.

Timing Your Visit

Plan your visit to Hardee’s and make the most of their scrumptious offerings without the hassle of arriving too late. Knowing the right hours is key to enjoying those famous burgers and fries!

Local Variations In Closing Times

Not all Hardee’s locations operate on the same schedule. Your local Hardee’s might close earlier or later than others. It is essential to check ahead.

Find the most accurate closing times with these steps:

  • Visit the Hardee’s store locator on their website.
  • Enter your zip code or city.
  • View the specific hours for your nearest restaurant.

Urban spots might close later, providing ample time for a late dinner. Rural locations usually wrap up earlier.

Seasonal Adjustments To Hours

Hardee’s sometimes changes their hours with the seasons. Expect expanded opening times during summers and holidays.

Season Typical Hours
Summer & Holidays Extended Evening Hours
Winter Standard Closing Times

Check online or call ahead for the latest seasonal timing. Stay updated and never miss a chance to enjoy Hardee’s.

Late-night Cravings: Solved

The clock strikes midnight, and your stomach growls. Thankfully, Hardee’s has got your back. No more rummaging through the fridge for a less-than-satisfying snack. Whether you’re wrapping up a late shift, or your movie night turned into a marathon, Hardee’s extends its warm welcome to night owls with select locations open 24/7. Let’s dive into how you can satisfy those late-night munchies with Hardee’s open arms.

Finding 24/7 Locations

Searching for a Hardee’s that never sleeps? It’s easy! Check out Hardee’s store locator on their website. Enter your zip code, and filter for 24/7 locations. Keep this tool bookmarked to find a 24/7 Hardee’s wherever you go.

Menu Options After Dark

Now, let’s talk about the good stuff – the food! Cravings don’t stand a chance against Hardee’s late-night menu. Sink your teeth into juicy burgers, crispy fries, and more. Here’s a peek at what you can order:

  • Thickburgers: Indulge in a meaty, irresistible burger even at 3 AM.
  • Chicken Tenders: Snack on tender, golden-brown chicken pieces any time.
  • Biscuits ‘N’ Gravy: Comfort food at its best, perfect for a pre-dawn treat.
  • Breakfast Platters: Who says breakfast is just for mornings? Enjoy eggs and bacon whenever you like.

Remember, late-night cravings have a cure, and it’s Hardee’s. So next time your stomach growls deep into the night, you know where to go.

Hardee's Closing Time: Don't Miss Your Last Bite!

Online Tools For The Hungry Diner

Welcome to the digital age, hungry diners! No more guessing Hardee’s closing times. Cutting-edge technology now serves up convenience with a side of fries. Dive into online tools, and never miss a meal at your favorite burger joint. Let’s explore these game-changers.

Mobile Apps

Ordering on-the-go just got easier. The official Hardee’s app transforms your smartphone into a powerful hunger-slaying tool. With a few taps, find nearby locations, check out the menu, and even place an order. The perks don’t stop there. Enjoy exclusive deals, collect rewards, and manage orders — all from the palm of your hand. It’s fast food at your fingertips.

  • Real-time updates on deals
  • Easy account setup for faster orders
  • Save your favorites for next time

Store Locator Features

Ever crave a burger after hours? Hardee’s website has your back. The store locator offers precision in finding the closest open restaurant. It’s not just about location. Get detailed info on services, like drive-thru availability or breakfast hours. Simply enter your zip code, and let the locator guide you to the nearest Hardee’s — still open to satisfy that burger urge.

Feature Description
Interactive Map Visual guide to find Hardee’s nearby
Location Filters Sort by services like drive-thru
Operating Hours Know when to visit or order

Making The Most Of Your Hardee’s Experience

Welcome to our journey on maximizing the Hardee’s experience before those doors close for the day! Seize every moment at Hardee’s and leave with not just a full belly, but with the satisfaction of knowing you made the most of it all.

Limited-time Offers

Exciting menu surprises await at Hardee’s, but they’re not here forever! Here’s how to catch them:

  • Sign up for Hardee’s emails to get offer alerts.
  • Follow Hardee’s on social media for deal announcements.
  • Visit the restaurant during peak hours to enjoy fresh specials.

Mark your calendar, as these specials fly off the menu quickly. Timing is key!

Rewards Programs

Hardee’s offers ways to earn as you indulge. Here’s a quick guide to rack up points:

  1. Join the Hardee’s Rewards Program by downloading the app.
  2. Earn points with every purchase at Hardee’s.
  3. Redeem points for free food and drink.

Act fast, get rewarded, and savor every bite at Hardee’s before the doors close.

Hardee's Closing Time: Don't Miss Your Last Bite!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Hardee’s Closing Time

Why Is Hardee’s Closing Locations?

Hardee’s is closing some locations due to underperformance, financial challenges, and a strategic rebranding effort to improve the chain’s profitability and market presence.

What’s Hardee’s Corporate Number For Complaints?

Hardee’s corporate number for complaints is 1-877-799-STAR (7827). Contact them for prompt assistance with any issues.

Which Country Owns Hardees?

Hardee’s is owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. , a company based in the United States.

How Do I Cancel My Order On Hardees?

To cancel your Hardee’s order, contact the restaurant directly as soon as possible. If online, visit their website or use the mobile app to manage your order. Time is critical for cancellation success.


As the day wraps up, understanding Hardee’s closing times is key. Save yourself the disappointment by checking their schedule beforehand. Remember, early planning ensures your cravings for juicy burgers and crispy fries are satisfied. Keep this guide handy, and never miss out on Hardee’s delicious offerings again.


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