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Holiday Inn Express Weekend Breakfast Hours: Start Fresh!

Holiday Inn Express offers weekend breakfast typically from 6:30 am to 10:30 am. These hours might vary by location.

Travelers seeking a comfortable and convenient stay often choose Holiday Inn Express for its complimentary services and reliable accommodations. One of the perks that guests enjoy is the free Express Start Breakfast, which is a great way to kick off your weekend travels.

Before heading out to explore or attend meetings, guests can indulge in a variety of breakfast items including hot and cold options. This amenity not only adds value to your stay but also allows for a more relaxing morning without the need to search for a breakfast spot. Remember to check with your specific hotel, as breakfast times can vary slightly depending on the property’s policies and location.

Holiday Inn Express Weekend Breakfast Hours: Start Fresh!


Rise And Shine At Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express knows how to kick-start your weekend. Embrace sunny mornings with a mouth-watering breakfast. Guests can enjoy a range of hot and cold options served daily.

The breakfast buffet opens up bright and early. This gives you plenty of time to savor every bite. From 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM on weekdays and 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM on weekends, the variety is impressive.

Tables fill with eggs, sausages, cereals, and fresh fruit. Freshly-brewed coffee and juice add a zing to your morning. Don’t forget the cinnamon rolls – a sweet fan favorite!

Holiday Inn Express Weekend Breakfast Hours: Start Fresh!


Kicking Off Your Day

Holiday Inn Express starts breakfast early. Feast your eyes on waffles and more beginning at 6:00 AM. Weekends allow you to sleep in with breakfast served until 10:30 AM. Whether you’re an early bird or enjoy a leisurely morning, delicious options await.

Guests can look forward to pancakes, eggs, and a variety of baked goods. Each bite spells perfection for family, friends, and solo travelers.

Variety Is The Spice Of Morning

Wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and warm cinnamon rolls at Holiday Inn Express. Mornings shine with an array of delicious breakfast options. Savor different cereals or indulge in hearty eggs to kickstart your day.

Let your taste buds explore. Make your plate colorful with fruits and yogurts. Don’t miss the pancake machine for a sweet twist. Your breakfast is yours to design.

Item Category
Cereals Light & Quick
Eggs & Meats Protein Rich
Cinnamon Rolls Sweet Treats
Fruits & Yogurts Healthy Options
Pancakes Guest Favorites
Holiday Inn Express Weekend Breakfast Hours: Start Fresh!


Nutrition To Start Your Weekend Right

Holiday Inn Express ensures your weekend mornings are delightful. Guests enjoy a balance of taste and health in their breakfast. Nutritious options abound, satisfying both your taste buds and your health needs.

Choosing the right foods can kickstart your day with energy. Options at the breakfast buffet include fresh fruit, whole grains, and protein-rich eggs. These items are picked to give you the vitality you need for a busy day.

  • Fresh fruit – Vitamins and natural sweetness
  • Oatmeal – Fiber for good digestion
  • Eggs – Protein to fuel your activities
  • Yogurt – Probiotics for a healthy gut

Beyond Breakfast Hours

Missed Holiday Inn Express breakfast? No worries!

Many local eateries open late can fill your tummy. They serve delicious meals all day.

Eatery Name Opens At Type of Meals
Pancake House 11 AM All-day Breakfast
Garden Bistro 10 AM Brunch Specials
Deli Delight 12 PM Meat & Vegan Options

Frequently Asked Questions For Holiday Inn Express Weekend Breakfast Hours

What Breakfast Do You Get At Holiday Inn Express?

Holiday Inn Express offers a complimentary Express Start Breakfast with a variety of options including eggs, pastries, cereals, and fresh coffee.

Do Ihg Members Get Free Breakfast?

IHG members do not universally receive free breakfast; it varies by hotel brand and membership level, with some offering it as a benefit for elite status members.

Who Founded Holiday Inn?

Kemmons Wilson founded Holiday Inn in 1952. His pioneering concept revolutionized the hotel industry with accessible, quality accommodations.

What Are Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Hours?

Holiday Inn Express typically offers breakfast from 6:30 am to 9:30 am on weekdays and from 7:00 am to 10:30 am on weekends.


Wrapping up our discussion on the breakfast hours at Holiday Inn Express, it’s clear convenience tops the list. Plan your weekend getaway with confidence, knowing a hearty morning meal awaits. Remember, these times can vary by location, so checking ahead is wise.

Enjoy your stay and start your day satisfied!

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