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How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Price Breakdown

As of 2023, the price of a Starbucks Coffee Traveler starts at approximately $16.95. This cost may vary based on location and any applicable local taxes.

Starbucks Coffee Traveler offers a convenient way to bring the barista-made coffee you love into the office, meetings, or social events. Perfect for family gatherings or corporate events, the Coffee Traveler holds about 96 fluid ounces. That’s roughly the equivalent of 12 8-ounce cups of freshly brewed Starbucks coffee, providing an easy solution for serving large groups.

Choose from a selection of Starbucks’ popular blends, with the option to include milk, sweeteners, and stir sticks, ensuring a personalized coffee experience for every attendee. Keep in mind that specific prices and availability can differ by region, so it’s best to check with your local Starbucks store for the most accurate information.

Unpacking The Starbucks Coffee Traveler

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler is a convenient drink carrier. It is filled with 96 fl oz of fresh-brewed coffee. This is for groups or meetings. One traveler serves about 12 cups. It is a popular choice for on-the-go coffee needs.

Size Servings Includes
96 fl oz 12 Cups, Stirrers, Sugar, Cream
How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Price Breakdown

Cost Analysis Of Starbucks Coffee Traveler

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler price varies depending on location. Different regions charge differently for the same size. Let’s look at a breakdown.

Region Small Size Medium Size Large Size
North America $12.95 $14.95 $16.95
Europe €11.00 €13.00 €15.00
Asia ¥1500 ¥1800 ¥2000

Always check your local Starbucks for exact prices. Sizes range from 12 servings to 20 servings. A small traveler might be best for a few friends. A large one can serve a big group. Planning ahead saves time and helps you pick the right size.


Factors Influencing The Price

The cost of a Starbucks Coffee Traveler varies greatly by location. High-quality beans and ethical sourcing are key factors. These often lead to premium prices.

Operational expenses, such as store maintenance and employee wages, contribute to the overall cost. Each store’s expenses differ, affecting the price you pay.

Moreover, the local economy and cost of living play a role. For example, prices in urban centers tend to be higher than in rural areas. Taxes and rental costs impact the final price too.

Extras And Customization Costs

Starbucks allows customers to customize their coffee traveler orders. Customization can affect the total cost. Simple add-ons like syrups or soy milk might incur small charges. Espresso shots and alternative dairy options are popular but add a few dollars. Special requests for blend preferences may increase the price, depending on availability.

Add-On Additional Cost
Flavored Syrup $0.50
Espresso Shot $0.80
Soy/Almond/Oat Milk $0.60
Custom Coffee Blend $1.00

These costs are only examples. They vary by location. To know exact prices, visit your local Starbucks or check online.

Alternatives To The Coffee Traveler

Opting for individual Starbucks orders often serves the needs of few. But for larger groups, considering bulk coffee options is cost-effective. One must weigh the convenience against the cost. Purchasing multiple single coffees can quickly add up, making the Starbucks Coffee Traveler a more economical choice.

There are other vendors who also offer bulk coffee for large gatherings. These options may come at a lower price than Starbucks. Look into local coffee shops or chains that provide similar services. Many of these alternatives may further offer customizability and local flavors that could enhance your event.

Vendor Size Price Range Notes
Local Coffee Shop 96 oz. $12-$20 May include local blends
Chain Competitor 96 oz. $15-$25 Reward points applicable
Office Supply Stores 96 oz. $10-$18 Convenient for office orders
How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Price Breakdown

Maximizing Value

Starbucks Coffee Traveler offers a convenient way to enjoy coffee on the go. Members of the Starbucks Rewards Program can earn points with each purchase. These points translate to discounts and free drinks over time. Regular customers should consider joining to save money.

Bulk purchasing at Starbucks may provide additional value. Before buying, check for seasonal promotions or group discounts. Some locations may offer price reductions for large orders. Signing up for the Starbucks newsletter or following on social media can alert you to these deals. Buying in bulk, along with loyalty rewards, maximizes savings.

How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Price Breakdown


Frequently Asked Questions For How Much Is Starbucks Coffee Traveler

How Much Does A Box Of Coffee From Starbucks Cost?

The cost of a Starbucks coffee traveler, which includes 96 fl oz of brewed coffee, typically ranges from $16 to $20, depending on location and the beverage selected.

How Many People Does A Coffee Traveler From Starbucks Serve?

A Starbucks Coffee Traveler serves approximately 12 8-ounce cups of coffee.

How Many Cups Does A Starbucks Traveler Hold?

A Starbucks Traveler contains 96 fluid ounces, serving roughly 12 cups of coffee.

How Many Servings In A Starbucks Cambro?

A Starbucks Cambro holds about 96 servings of 8-ounce cups, catering to larger groups or events.


In wrapping up, the Starbucks Coffee Traveler offers convenience for meetings or events. Prices may vary by location and customization. It simplifies serving fresh coffee to groups, ensuring every cup is steeped in Starbucks’ signature quality. Remember to order ahead for the best experience.

Enjoy your gathering with the rich, invigorating taste of Starbucks.


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