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How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Brew Savings!

As of 2023, the cost of a Starbucks Coffee Traveler starts at roughly $15.99. Prices may vary by location and added customizations.

Discover the convenience of Starbucks Coffee Traveler, a sought-after companionship for meetings, events, or family gatherings. This handy service from the globally-recognized coffee brand caters to your need for quality brewed coffee on the go, offering a selection that can typically serve 12 people.

Navigating through your busy routine, the Coffee Traveler is the perfect solution to fuel your team with premium Starbucks coffee. By ensuring the warmth and freshness of the coffee for extended periods, Starbucks efficiently addresses the need for large quantities without compromise on taste or quality. Seamlessly place your order at any Starbucks outlet and delight in the ease of carrying your favorite blends to your destination, making your coffee runs as efficient as possible.

How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Brew Savings!

Unveiling The Starbucks Coffee Traveler

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler is a convenient carrier filled with 96 fl oz of delicious brew. This grab-and-go product ensures every drop of your favorite Starbucks coffee stays piping hot. It’s perfect for meetings, events, or family gatherings.

Enjoying fresh Starbucks coffee away from a café is simple with a Coffee Traveler. Each traveler serves roughly 12 cups, making it ideal for group settings. Count on it for breakfast gatherings or as an office treat.

How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Brew Savings!

Diving Into The Cost

Starbucks Coffee Traveler costs differ across various regions. Not all regions offer the same pricing. Due to local tax laws and operation costs, price variation is common. Some places might charge a premium.

Expect to pay more in major cosmopolitan areas. Urban settings often reflect higher prices. Rural or suburban areas could offer slight savings.

Region Price Range
Northeast USA $14 – $17
Midwest USA $12 – $15
West Coast USA $15 – $18
Southern USA $13 – $16

Ordering a Coffee Traveler can be more economical. It serves around 12 small cups. The cost of individual orders tends to be higher. If you plan to buy multiple drinks, a Coffee Traveler saves money.

The Savings Strategy

Ordering in bulk from Starbucks could lead to significant savings. Especially for regular customers, getting the Starbucks Coffee Traveler might offer more value.

Thinking of savings? Consider the Starbucks rewards program. Participating in their loyalty scheme can lead to discounts. It is quite simple. Earn points with each purchase. Eventually, use them for cheaper or free coffee. Frequent visitors benefit the most.

Seasonal promotions or special discount days can provide additional opportunities to save. Watching out for these events is smart. It reduces the overall cost for coffee lovers.

Order Size Discount
10–20 units 5% off
21–30 units 10% off
31+ units 15% off

Quality In Quantity

Starbucks Coffee Traveler offers a generous amount of coffee. You get a portable carrier filled with your favorite brew. Many wonder about quality drop when buying bulk. Good news: There’s no sacrifice in the richness or taste of your coffee.

Trust is key for Starbucks with their quality promise. Each Coffee Traveler holds about 96 ounces. This is perfect for meetings or group study sessions. The coffee in these travelers stays hot for about 2 hours. Make sure to enjoy it while its fresh and hot.

The coffee is made right before your pick-up. Every sip should remind you of a classic Starbucks experience. This commitment ensures your bulk purchase is just as good as individual orders.

Customization And Choices

Starbucks Coffee Traveler offers a wide range of drink customization options.

Choose from various milk alternatives such as soy, almond, or oat. Select your desired sweetness level with different syrups. Pick your preferred coffee roast; blonde, medium, or dark.

Those with dietary needs can find options at Starbucks. The brand provides non-dairy milks and sugar-free syrups. You can enjoy coffee that fits your lifestyle.

Customization Choices
Milk Alternative Soy, Almond, Oat
Sweetness Various Syrups
Coffee Roast Blonde, Medium, Dark
Dietary Needs Non-dairy, Sugar-free
How Much is Starbucks Coffee Traveler: Brew Savings!

Ordering Made Simple

Ordering your Starbucks Coffee Traveler is easy and quick. Use the Starbucks mobile app or website. First, choose your favorite coffee. Then, pick the ‘Coffee Traveler’ size. Next, select the number of travelers you need. Finally, choose a pickup time that works for you.

Don’t forget to check for any custom options or add-ons to personalize your order. Paying is also a breeze. Pay online, and your coffee will be ready when you arrive. It is simple, fast, and super convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Much Is Starbucks Coffee Traveler

How Much Does A Starbucks Coffee Traveler Serve?

A Starbucks Coffee Traveler contains 96 ounces and serves roughly 12 eight-ounce cups of coffee.

How Much Is The Box Of Coffee At Starbucks?

The price for a Starbucks Coffee Traveler, which includes a box of coffee, varies by location. Contact your local Starbucks for current pricing information.

How Many People Does A Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

A Starbucks Coffee Traveler holds enough coffee to serve 12 eight-ounce cups.

How Many Cups Does A Starbucks Traveler Hold?

A Starbucks traveler holds approximately 12 cups of coffee, each serving is 8 fluid ounces.


Wrapping up, Starbucks Coffee Traveler offers a convenient and quality coffee experience. It suits various occasions, from meetings to family gatherings. Price varies by location, so check your local Starbucks for current cost details. Enjoy a hassle-free coffee fix that pleases crowds, big or small!


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