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Kekes Breakfast Cafe Hours: Savor Your Morning Delights!

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe typically opens daily at 7:00 AM and closes at 2:30 PM. Please check local listings for any variations in hours.

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe is a beloved destination for morning and noon-time dining enthusiasts. With its early opening at 7:00 AM, the cafe caters to early birds looking to kick-start their day with a hearty meal. Closing at a uniform time of 2:30 PM across its locations, Keke’s ensures that lunch-goers can also enjoy their wide selection of breakfast and lunch options.

The warm, inviting atmosphere coupled with a reputation for serving generous portions of fresh, made-to-order meals makes Keke’s a popular spot among families, professionals, and tourists alike. Remember to confirm the hours for your specific location, as they can sometimes vary, especially on holidays or during special events.

Rise And Shine: When To Visit Keke’s

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe opens early for morning folks. Eager to grab a delicious start to your day? Weekdays offer a quiet atmosphere. Doors open at 7 AM. Ease into your mornings Monday through Friday without the weekend bustle.

Thinking of a lazy weekend brunch? Saturdays and Sundays are bustling at Keke’s. Plan to arrive before 10 AM to beat the crowd. Post 10 AM, expect a wait as tables fill quickly. The peak rush sits between 10 AM and 1 PM, so a timely visit ensures the smoothest experience.

Enjoy Keke’s signature dishes any day. Keep in mind, early birds avoid the wait. A pre-noon visit is your best bet for a serene mealtime.

Kekes Breakfast Cafe Hours: Savor Your Morning Delights!

Planning Your Visit

Visiting Kekes Breakfast Cafe starts with finding a nearby location. The convenience of their numerous outlets ensures you are never too far from a hearty meal. Use their online store locator for the closest spot.

Making a reservation isn’t necessary, as the cafe happily accommodates walk-ins. But, securing a table ahead can save waiting time during busy hours. Always check for special holiday hours to plan your visit accordingly. They may vary by location on certain dates.

Holiday Hours of Operation
Thanksgiving Day Closed
Christmas Day Closed
New Year’s Day 8 AM – 2 PM

The Early Bird Menu

Kekes Breakfast Cafe delights early risers with their Early Bird Menu. The menu boasts a variety of signature breakfast dishes designed to start your day right. Pancakes, omelets, and waffles come with a twist, satisfying even the pickiest eaters.

Guests with specific dietary needs find comfort at Keke’s. The cafe offers gluten-free options and can adjust dishes for those with allergies. Vegetarian choices are not afterthoughts here; they are full-flavored and abundant.

Making Mornings Sweeter: Keke’s Specials

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe rolls out delicious seasonal offerings to make mornings sweet. Guests can savor fresh flavors that match the season. Think pumpkin spice in fall or berry waffles in spring. Each dish is crafted to capture the essence of the current season.

Keke’s also serves up tempting daily specials and discounts. Kids and adults alike can look forward to mouth-watering deals every day. These specials are perfect for a family breakfast without breaking the bank. Keep an eye on weekly promotions for the best deals!

Beyond Breakfast: Keke’s Dining Experience

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe promises a delightful dining experience beyond just breakfast. Visitors are welcomed into a warm and inviting environment. The cafe’s charming atmosphere reflects a perfect balance of cozy and chic, making it ideal for both family breakfasts and business brunches.

The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. Staff at Keke’s are notably attentive and friendly, ensuring a pleasant experience for each guest. The team strives to create memorable moments for customers, from the greeting at the door to the service at the table. The quality of service adds to Keke’s overall charm, making it a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike.

Kekes Breakfast Cafe Hours: Savor Your Morning Delights!

Frequent Diners: Rewards And Loyalty Program

Joining Kekes Breakfast Cafe’s Rewards Program brings delicious benefits. Simply provide your email to enroll. After signing up, enjoy special perks. Free coffee? Yes, please!

Earn points with each visit to score exclusive deals and discounts. Dining frequently has its perks. Collect points to unlock free breakfast treats. Keep coming back for more scrumptious savings!

Kekes Breakfast Cafe Hours: Savor Your Morning Delights!

Frequently Asked Questions For Kekes Breakfast Cafe Hours

Who Owns Keke’s Breakfast Cafe?

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe is owned by brothers Kevin and Keith Mahen. They established the chain in Orlando, Florida.

Is Keke’s Breakfast Cafe Only In Florida?

Yes, Keke’s Breakfast Cafe is exclusively in Florida, with multiple locations across the state.

Is Keke’s Breakfast Cafe A Franchise?

Yes, Keke’s Breakfast Cafe operates as a franchise, offering opportunities for individuals to open their own Keke’s location.

What Is A Tuna Melt At Keke’s?

A tuna melt at Keke’s is a sandwich featuring tuna salad and melted cheese, typically served on toasted bread.


As you plan your visit to Keke’s Breakfast Cafe, remember their welcoming doors open early and close after lunchtime. Whether it’s a weekday rush or a leisurely weekend brunch, Keke’s has a table waiting for you. So, set your alarm, and don’t miss out on their deliciously crafted breakfast experience!

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