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Longhorn Lunch Menu Delights: Savor the Flavors!

The Longhorn Steakhouse lunch menu offers a variety of steakhouse classics and lunch specials. Options include burgers, salads, sandwiches, and signature steaks.

Discover the perfect midday retreat at Longhorn Steakhouse with their savory lunch menu, tailored for those craving a touch of elegance in their daily routine. Renowned for its commitment to quality, Longhorn presents an array of options designed to satisfy a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

From mouth-watering, freshly grilled steaks to lighter fare like crisp salads and hearty sandwiches, the lunch offerings blend culinary excellence with casual dining comfort. The steakhouse experience during lunch hours caters to both business and leisure diners, ensuring a memorable meal that’s as rapid or relaxed as your schedule demands. Whether you’re sealing a deal over a shared appetizer or simply relishing a solo steak escape, Longhorn’s lunch menu serves up the ideal mix of taste and convenience.

Longhorn Lunch Menu Delights: Savor the Flavors!

The Essence Of Longhorn’s Lunch Menu

The Longhorn Lunch Menu stands out with its Signature Dishes. These selections capture the true spirit of Longhorn’s culinary mastery. Among these, the Renegade Sirloin pairs perfectly with a side of green beans. The Wild West Shrimp® with its zestful seasoning brings a taste of the sea to your plate.

Seasonal Specials introduce fresh, ever-changing tastes. Guests can enjoy new flavors with the comfort of steakhouse classics. The menu often includes season-specific ingredients and sauce creations that complement the weather outside. These limited-time offers make each visit to Longhorn unique and exciting.

Steakhouse Classics Reimagined

Steakhouse classics take on a new life with our Longhorn Lunch Menu. Delight in tender filets and juicy ribeyes, each offering a unique experience. Our steaks stand out, owing to premium cuts and expert cooking.

Flavor enthusiasts rejoice with our unique marinades and rubs. These carefully crafted recipes blend herbs and spices into a symphony of flavors. Your taste buds will thank you, with every bite revealing a new note in our culinary orchestra.

Beyond Steak: A Culinary Adventure

Longhorn Lunch Menu dazzles not just with steak, but with ocean-fresh seafood too. Dive into a culinary adventure with their coastal delights. Delicate shrimp, succulent lobster, and flavorful grilled fish await your palate. These seafood options are sure to enchant your taste buds.

Don’t forget those warm, comforting sides that perfectly complement your meal. From steamed vegetables to creamy mashed potatoes, each side is a hug for your stomach. Opt for the seasoned rice pilaf or the honey-glazed carrots for a sweet touch. These perfect pairings elevate your dining experience, making every lunch at Longhorn a memorable one.

Longhorn Lunch Menu Delights: Savor the Flavors!

Lunchtime Pairings: Drinks & Desserts

Lunchtime pairings offer a symphony of flavors for any palate. Savory dishes find their perfect match in selected cocktails and wines. Enjoying a juicy steak? Try it with a bold red wine. Opting for a light salad? A crisp white wine enhances the meal.

Let’s not forget the sweet notes. Our decadent desserts pair beautifully with sweet dessert wines. Explore a velvety chocolate cake with a rich port. Or a creamy cheesecake with a sparkling moscato. Each pairing promises a delightfully sweet finish to your lunch.

Lunch With A Twist: Vegetarian And Vegan Delights

Longhorn Lunch Menu brings a twist to your midday meal with an array of vegetarian and vegan options. Diners eager for plant-based plates will find hearty and flavorful choices. Our menu includes mouth-watering vegan burgers, protein-packed salads, and rich, savory pastas.

Understanding varied diets, Longhorn offers adaptable meal options. Guests can tweak dishes to suit gluten-free, nut-free, or soy-free diets. Switch proteins or ask for dairy substitutes. Our staff ensures tailored dining experiences for everyone.

Dish Main Ingredients Customizable Options
Vegan Burger Black beans, quinoa, avocado Gluten-free buns, vegan cheese
Protein Salad Mixed greens, chickpeas, nuts Nut-free versions, tofu
Savory Pasta Whole grain pasta, seasonal veggies Dairy-free sauce, gluten-free pasta
Longhorn Lunch Menu Delights: Savor the Flavors!

Frequently Asked Questions For Longhorn Lunch Menu

What Is On The Longhorn Lunch Menu?

The Longhorn lunch menu features a variety of items such as steakhouse burgers, sandwiches, salads, and signature steaks. Special lunch combos offer a selection of entrees paired with soups or salads.

Does Longhorn Offer Lunch Specials?

Yes, Longhorn Steakhouse offers lunch specials which typically include a combination of an entrée, side, and sometimes a soup or salad for a reduced price. These specials are available during lunch hours on weekdays.

Are There Vegetarian Options At Longhorn?

Longhorn Steakhouse provides a limited range of vegetarian options including salads and sides. It is recommended to inform the server of dietary restrictions for personalized accommodations.

How Much Does The Longhorn Lunch Cost?

Prices at Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch items vary but generally range from $7 to $15. This depends on your choice of meal and location, as prices can vary regionally.


Exploring the Longhorn Steakhouse lunch menu uncovers a treasure trove of hearty dishes, perfect for midday fueling. From expertly grilled steaks to refreshing salads, there’s a plate for every palate. Treat yourself to these mouthwatering options and make lunchtime memorable.

Savor the flavors; Longhorn awaits your next visit.


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