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McMenamins Happy Hour: Unwind with Unique Deals!

McMenamins offers a Happy Hour with discounted drinks and appetizers. It’s available at various times depending on the location.

Seeking a snug spot to unwind after a long day? McMenamins provides the perfect setting with their Happy Hour specials, enticing both locals and visitors alike. Dive into an atmosphere rich with history and quirky charm, where each location’s unique character enhances your experience.

Savor a range of craft beers, vibrant cocktails, and scrumptious bites, all at wallet-friendly prices. Whether you’re gathering with friends or enjoying a solo outing, the warm ambiance and eclectic décor make for a memorable occasion. Embrace the opportunity to taste the local flavor while indulging in Happy Hour delights that cater to casual connoisseurs and seasoned foodies. With McMenamins, each visit promises something new, ensuring your Happy Hour is anything but ordinary.

McMenamins Happy Hour: Unwind with Unique Deals!


Mcmenamins Happy Hour Magic

McMenamins Happy Hour enchants with a unique blend of culinary delights and signature drinks. Distinctive flavor pairings and a comfortable, historic atmosphere invite guests to unwind and socialize. Vintage decors and local artistry add to the eclectic charm, making each visit a novel experience.

Remember to mark your calendars for happy hour times. Key times are often from 3 PM to 6 PM on weekdays. Typically, late-night slots may be available from 10 PM until close, ensuring ample time for enjoyment. Each venue may vary in timing, encouraging guests to check schedules in advance. Strategically plan your visit to capture the essence of McMenamins’ hospitality.

Savoring The Deals

McMenamins Happy Hour brings delight with Signature Sips that are both unique and flavorful. Guests can enjoy a range of artisan cocktails and specialty brews. Every sip promises a burst of taste that perfectly complements the relaxed ambiance.

Palate-Pleasing Plates feature mouth-watering appetizers and snacks. These dishes are expertly crafted to enhance your happy hour experience. The selection varies but always includes fresh ingredients and bold flavors that cater to all types of taste buds.

Drink Price
Classic Margarita $5
Local Craft Beer $3

Ambience And Entertainment

McMenamins radiates unique charm, inviting guests to soak in history. Each location’s walls whisper tales of the past. The settings blend old-world allure with modern twists, creating an unmatched atmosphere.

Diverse entertainment options enhance the experience. Talented musicians grace the stages, adding rhythmic heartbeats to every corner. Expect impromptu performances that turn ordinary evenings into memories.

McMenamins Happy Hour: Unwind with Unique Deals!


Beyond The Bar

McMenamins isn’t just for adults. Kids enjoy the happy hour too! With a variety of options, families can dine together. Special menus offer delicious treats like mini burgers and fresh apple slices. These make McMenamins a hit with all ages. Their venues often feature interactive spaces for play. So, families can relax and have fun together. It’s a great way to bond after a long day.

Menu Item Special Features Family Appeal
Kids’ Cheese Pizza Small portion, easy to eat Loved by kids of all ages
Chicken Strips Comes with a choice of dipping sauces Perfect finger food for children
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Made with gooey cheddar cheese Timeless classic for a picky eater

Mcmenamins Happy Hour Strategies

To make the most of McMenamins Happy Hour, arrive early. Early birds get the best seats. Check the schedule online before visiting. This way, you’ll know the deals. Connect with servers. They give great recommendations. Remember, happy hour times can vary at each location.

Join the McMenamins Passport program. It’s a fun way to explore. Each stamp earns rewards. The more you collect, the better the prizes. Ask staff about the Passport special. Sometimes they have happy hour offers. Don’t forget to bring your Passport every visit!

Tips Details
Arrival Time Get there early for prime seating.
Check Schedule Look online for current deals.
Connect With Staff Servers can offer the best tips.
Passport Program Join to earn stamps and rewards.
Special Offers There might be passport-related deals.
McMenamins Happy Hour: Unwind with Unique Deals!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Mcmenamins Happy Hour

What Are Mcmenamins Happy Hour Timings?

McMenamins Happy Hour typically runs from 3 PM to 6 PM on weekdays. Times can vary by location, so check your local McMenamins for exact hours.

Does Mcmenamins Offer Food Specials During Happy Hour?

Yes, during Happy Hour, McMenamins offers various food specials. These often include discounts on appetizers, burgers, and other popular menu items.

Can You Get Drink Discounts At Mcmenamins Happy Hour?

Absolutely! McMenamins Happy Hour includes a selection of drink discounts. Deals on beers, wines, and well drinks are common, but offerings can vary by location.

Are All Mcmenamins Locations Participating In Happy Hour?

Most McMenamins locations participate in Happy Hour, but it’s best to verify with your local spot. Some sites may have different specials or times.


Wrapping up, McMenamins Happy Hour offers unbeatable deals to elevate your after-work unwinding. With its cozy ambiance, diverse menu, and wallet-friendly prices, it’s a magnet for good times. Remember, great moments await at McMenamins, where every happy hour is a toast to joy.

Cheers to mouthwatering bites and spirited toasts at your next visit!

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