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Outback Hours Lunch Specials: Dive Into Midday Delights!

Outback Steakhouse typically serves lunch from 11 AM to 4 PM. Actual hours may vary by location, so check locally.

Outback Steakhouse is a prominent dining chain renowned for its Australian-themed ambiance and a wide selection of lunch options. Delight in a diverse menu ranging from hearty steak plates to lighter salad bowls to suit every appetite. Whether you’re on a lunch break or enjoying a leisurely meal, Outback’s friendly service and comfortable setting provide the perfect midday retreat.

It’s advisable to look up the specific hours for your nearest Outback to ensure a savory experience without unexpected closures. Embrace the flavors of the Outback with their signature Bloomin’ Onion or a perfectly grilled steak whenever the lunchtime hunger strikes.

Outback Hours Lunch Specials: Dive Into Midday Delights!

Savor The Moment: An Introduction To Outback’s Lunch Specials

Outback Steakhouse introduces a lunch menu filled with midday delights. The tradition began as a way to offer mouthwatering meals during the day. Guests can enjoy flavorful starters, generous entrees, and delectable sides. These specials cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Classic favorites blend with new creations to form a unique lunch experience.

Outback’s lunch hours provide a perfect opportunity to take a break. They serve up quality dishes that satisfy hunger and offer comfort. Each meal represents Outback’s commitment to fresh ingredients and skillful preparation. Patrons favor the casual ambiance and the friendly service, as they dine on well-crafted offerings. Explore the special lunch menu and find your favorite midday treat.

Outback Hours Lunch Specials: Dive Into Midday Delights!

Unveiling The Menu: What’s Cooking For Lunch?

Outback Steakhouse serves up a mouthwatering lunch menu. Fans of hearty meals will love the savory steaks and juicy burgers. Your taste buds are in for a treat with their signature flavors and spices. Each dish promises a memorable culinary adventure.

The menu also offers lighter options, perfect for lunch. Taste the freshness in their signature salads, crafted with crisp, premium ingredients. Warm up with their homemade soups, each bowl brimming with flavor. It’s the ideal balance for those seeking something less heavy yet fully satisfying.

Outback’s Exclusive Lunch Deals

Outback Steakhouse rolls out mouthwatering lunch combos. Diners can savor spicy chicken with creamy pasta. Or choose steak slices over fresh greens.

Each combo comes with choice sides. Think steamy soup or crisp salad. Perfect pairing for your main dish!

Seasonal specials delight guests with fresh flavors. These limited offers use in-season ingredients. Always ask for seasonal creations at Outback.

Remember, lunch deals have specific hours. Always check Outback’s current timings before visiting. Enjoy these exclusive lunchtime treats without any fuss!

Dive Into The Flavor: Popular Picks And Hidden Gems

Dive into the world of Outback’s lunch menu, famed for savory tastes and unique flavors. Regulars often rave about the Aussie Cheese Fries and the iconic Bloomin’ Onion. These dishes stand out as absolute must-tries during lunchtime visits.

Yet, not all treasures shine in the spotlight. Hidden within the menu are items that deserve acclaim. The Seared Peppered Ahi is a delightful surprise, offering a delicate balance of spice and freshness. Another gem, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, captures hearts with its perfect crunch and tasty sauce.

Fan Favorites Undiscovered Delights
Aussie Cheese Fries Seared Peppered Ahi
Bloomin’ Onion Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Making The Most Of Your Lunch Hour

Maximize your lunch break with efficient tips. Choose filling and tasty options that are ready quickly. Opt for combo deals or specials to save time. Consider the location; closer venues mean less travel time.

A satisfying lunch pairs wells with the right beverage. Cold drinks refresh during hot days, while warm beverages soothe when it’s cold. For a balanced diet, pick drinks with nutrients like smoothies or freshly-squeezed juices. Stay hydrated with water as the best choice.

Special Diets And Healthy Options

Outback Steakhouse understands varied dietary needs. Guests with gluten sensitivities can find multiple options on the menu. Their gluten-free offerings include steaks, ribs, and grilled chicken. These proteins can pair with gluten-free sides like veggies.

For vegetarians, the selection is thoughtful. Options such as fresh salads and loaded baked potatoes cater to non-meat eaters. Each dish’s ingredients are listed, ensuring a transparent dining experience. Comfort is key for health-conscious guests. Staff are ready to answer any questions regarding menu choices.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Outback Hours Lunch

How Do You Get The Free Bloomin Onion At Outback?

Visit Outback Steakhouse on a Monday after Kevin Harvick, a NASCAR driver they sponsor, finishes in the top 10 in a NASCAR Cup Series race. Mention the ‘Bloomin’ Monday’ promotion to your server to receive a free Bloomin’ Onion with any purchase.

Do You Get Unlimited Bread At Outback Steakhouse?

Yes, Outback Steakhouse offers guests unlimited bread with their meals. Enjoy warm, freshly-baked loaves served with whipped butter as part of your dining experience.

Who Owns Outback Steakhouse?

Outback Steakhouse is owned by Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. , a multinational hospitality company that operates various restaurant chains.

Does Outback Have Military Discount?

Yes, Outback Steakhouse offers a military discount. Active and retired service members receive 10% off their meal with proper identification.


Wrapping up, the Outback Steakhouse offers a delicious lunch menu for those midday cravings. Don’t miss out on their flavorful options perfect for any palate. Check local listings for specific opening times and indulge in a satisfying meal that promises to energize your afternoon.

Bon appétit!


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