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Pinchers Drink Menu: Sip into Coastal Delights!

Pinchers’ drink menu offers a variety of refreshing beverages, from cocktails to craft beers. Guests can enjoy a selection of wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic options.

Pinchers, known for its casual waterfront dining and vibrant atmosphere, invites customers to savor the best of coastal refreshments. Whether you’re winding down from a sunny beach day or toasting to a special occasion, Pinchers provides a drink for every moment.

Their carefully curated menu includes tropical mixed drinks that complement the seafood-centric fare, ensuring a complete dining experience. For the beer enthusiast, local and imported brews stand ready to quench any thirst. Wine lovers can rejoice over the handpicked choices that range from crisp whites to robust reds. Non-drinkers aren’t forgotten either, with a selection of artisanal sodas and freshly brewed iced teas. Every sip at Pinchers is meant to elevate your meal and enhance your coastal culinary journey.

Pinchers Drink Menu: Sip into Coastal Delights!

Taste Of The Tropics

Savor the flavors of paradise with our Signature Cocktails. Unique blends and tropical infusions create a symphony of taste that transports you straight to the beach. Each sip promises a mini-vacation for your palate.

Our Frozen Concoctions take the experience to the next level. Cool and refreshing, these delights are perfect for sunny days or balmy nights. Fresh ingredients and premium spirits blend into smooth, icy treats that are impossible to resist.

Pinchers Beer Selection

Pinchers Beer Selection offers a rich variety of delicious brews. Fans of local flavors will love our Local Craft Brews. These handpicked beers are from top microbreweries in the area.

Domestic and Imported Favorites include well-known names. Enjoy a cold one with classic American lagers or premium international beers. Each one is a perfect pair with our seafood dishes.

Local Craft Brews Domestic Favorites Imported Favorites
Cape Coral IPA Budweiser Heineken
Fort Myers Ale Miller Lite Corona
Naples Nut Brown Coors Light Stella Artois

Wine Waves

Satisfy your thirst with Pincher’s array of Whites and Rosés. The selection highlights zesty citrus notes and delicate floral aromas, perfect for seafood pairings. For a tropical twist, try the fruit-forward bouquets. Enjoy your favorites or discover new ones in the rosé spectrum, boasting light strawberry to peach undertones.

Refreshing Reds offer a cool escape from traditional warm reds. These options are specially selected for their ability to be chilled, revealing a crisp finish.

The menu features varietals ideal for mixed food menus and cater to every palate. Each glass promises a memorable sipping experience. From sunny vineyards to your table, the reds include cherries and red berries with a smooth texture.

Non-alcoholic Sips

Classic Mocktails offer a refreshing twist for those who prefer non-alcoholic options. Fruit punches and iced teas sparkle with fresh ingredients. These drinks often blend juices with soda for a fizzy lift. Mint Mojitos and Virgin Pina Coladas are crowd favorites, serving up vacation vibes without alcohol.

Satisfy your craving with a variety of Soft Drinks and More. Options include classic colas, lemon-lime sodas, and root beer. For something different, try a flavored seltzer or a fruit-infused sparkling water. These drinks provide a bubbly satisfaction to pair with any meal or as a stand-alone treat.

Happy Hour Specials

Enjoy Happy Hour Specials with our discounted drinks selection! Sip on classics or try something new at a friendly price. Our menu features cocktails, beers, and wines with prices that’ll make your wallet happy too.

  • Margaritas and Mojitos: Always a hit, now even better with reduced costs.
  • Local Craft Beers: Taste the best from nearby breweries for less.
  • Wine by the Glass: Red, white, or sparkling, find your favorite kind.

Pair your drinks with tasty starters. Our chefs recommend appetizer pairings to match your beverage choice:

Drink Appetizer
Crisp Chardonnay Garlic Shrimp Skewers
Rich Merlot Mini Beef Wellingtons
Frothy Lager Spicy Buffalo Wings
Pinchers Drink Menu: Sip into Coastal Delights!

Seasonal Sips And Specials

Pinchers Drink Menu celebrates the seasons with unique flavors. Enjoy our limited-time offers that incorporate the freshest ingredients. Check out the holiday-themed libations. These drinks are crafted to bring festive cheer. Sip on something special that suits the time of year.

Drink Name Key Ingredient Seasonal Availability
Pumpkin Spice Martini Pumpkin Puree Fall
Peppermint Mocha Twist Peppermint Syrup Winter
Cranberry Sangria Fresh Cranberries Holiday Season

Each drink is a blend of color and taste. They are perfect for making memories. Join us at Pinchers to try these exciting selections. Bring your friends and family for a taste of the season.

Pinchers Drink Menu: Sip into Coastal Delights!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Pinchers Drink Menu

What Cocktails Are On The Pinchers Menu?

Pinchers offers a variety of cocktails, including tropical favorites like the Margarita and the Pina Colada. Classics such as Mojitos and Long Island Iced Teas are also available to enjoy.

Does Pinchers Offer Happy Hour Specials?

Yes, Pinchers features happy hour specials daily. Guests can indulge in discounted drinks and select appetizers. Check their official website or contact them directly for exact times and offerings.

Are There Non-alcoholic Drinks At Pinchers?

Absolutely! Pinchers caters to all guests with an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks. Options include soft drinks, iced teas, lemonades, and mocktails, ensuring a refreshing choice for everyone.

Can I Find Local Craft Beers At Pinchers?

Yes, Pinchers prides itself on supplying a selection of local craft beers. They showcase regional brews that complement their seafood dishes, providing a truly local dining experience.


Exploring Pinchers’ drink menu reveals a treasure trove of beverages for every taste. Whether you crave a cool cocktail or a non-alcoholic refresher, Pinchers satisfies. It’s clear – your next visit promises a perfect drink to toast the occasion. So why wait?

Dive into Pinchers’ world of flavors on your next dine-out adventure.

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