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Red Lobster Lunch Specials Hours: Feast Smart!

Red Lobster lunch specials are typically available from 11 AM to 3 PM. These hours may vary by location, so checking with your local Red Lobster is advised.

Discover the midday delights of Red Lobster’s lunch specials, the perfect treat to break up your day. Savor the variety of tantalizing seafood dishes crafted to satisfy your cravings without putting a dent in your schedule. From classic lobster rolls to their renowned shrimp tacos, each menu item is designed to deliver quality and convenience.

Enticing lunch-goers with a range of fresh flavors, Red Lobster ensures that every visit is both memorable and affordable. Dive into their mouth-watering specials and experience a seafood feast that fits neatly into your lunch hour. It’s wise to verify the exact hours for the specials with the nearest Red Lobster to ensure a timely seafood experience.

Red Lobster Lunch Specials Hours: Feast Smart!


Red Lobster’s Lunch Tradition

Red Lobster’s lunch tradition spans decades, securing a special spot in many hearts. Launched in 1968, the brand quickly became synonymous with quality seafood and inviting dining experiences. As the years passed, lunch specials became a staple, drawing guests with promises of fresh flavors and generous portions.

The allure of ocean bounty has long influenced our lunchtime cravings. Hence, Red Lobster continually updates its menu to reflect this enduring love. Lunch specials showcase seasonal catches alongside time-honored favorites, ensuring there’s always something to delight seafood enthusiasts.

Red Lobster Lunch Specials Hours: Feast Smart!


Feast Smart With Lunch Specials

Eating out for lunch? Red Lobster’s lunch specials offer tasty options. Don’t just pick any dish, think about what’s healthy. A smart choice is the grilled fish, packed with protein and low in calories. Fans of greens might opt for a fresh salad, tossing in lean protein like shrimp.

Want something warm? Soups come in smaller portions, reducing calorie intake. Keep an eye on the sides. Swap fries for veggies or a baked potato. Remember, specials vary, so ask the staff about today’s healthiest picks.

Navigating The Lunch Hours

For those eager to enjoy Red Lobster’s lunch specials, timing is key. Aim to arrive between 11 am and 3 pm. This ensures access to their delicious lunch menu. Weekdays often provide quicker service, as weekends tend to be busier. Visiting right at opening or just after peak lunch hours, around 2 pm, usually results in a shorter wait. Plan ahead to make the most of your dining experience.

It’s also wise to check local Red Lobster restaurant hours as they can vary. Some locations may even offer extended lunch hours, so don’t miss out! Peak times can sneak up quickly, so arrive early to beat the rush. That way, you’ll enjoy your meal without the wait.

Most Loved Lunch Specials

Exploring Red Lobster’s Lunch Specials can be an exciting gastronomic journey. Many diners swear by the Shrimp Scampi and the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, known for their mouth-watering flavors.

Seasonal Offerings keep the menu fresh and intriguing. Guests eagerly await the Lobsterfest and Endless Shrimp events, packed with unique tastes and great deals. These specials bring a festive twist to lunchtime.

Fan Favorite Description Price
Sailor’s Platter Fried shrimp, scallops, and flounder $11.99
Maple-Glazed Chicken Grilled chicken breast with maple glaze $9.99
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo Spicy, creamy, and packed with chicken $12.99

Pairing With The Perfect Drink

Enjoying Red Lobster’s lunch specials pairs perfectly with the right drink. Non-alcoholic options match well with various dishes. Savor the fresh taste of seafood with a cool glass of iced tea. This classic beverage complements the flavors without overpowering them. For something sweeter, try a refreshing fruit punch. It adds a tropical twist to your meal.

A fizzy lemon-lime soda cuts through the richness of creamy pasta dishes. A crisp house-made lemonade offers a tangy kick to awaken your palate. For health-conscious diners, sparkling water with a wedge of lemon or lime is ideal. It hydrates and refreshes without added sugars.

Saving At Red Lobster

Love seafood? Red Lobster offers great lunch specials to help you save. Not just tasty food, but smart options for your wallet too. Check out their latest promotions and coupons online for deals like $15 Endless Shrimp on Mondays.

Join the Red Lobster rewards program for more perks. As a member, you earn points every time you dine in. Points lead to free food, discounts, and birthday treats!

Red Lobster Lunch Specials Hours: Feast Smart!


Frequently Asked Questions For Red Lobster Lunch Specials Hours

Is Endless Shrimp At Red Lobster Everyday?

Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster is not available every day. It’s a limited-time promotion offered seasonally. Check Red Lobster’s specials for current availability.

Why Did Red Lobster Stop Serving Lobster Bisque?

Red Lobster discontinued lobster bisque due to menu changes that refocused on guest favorites and seasonal offerings. This adjustment allows for new, appealing dishes while maintaining high-quality standards.

How Much Is The Endless Shrimp Deal At Red Lobster?

The Endless Shrimp deal at Red Lobster typically costs around $18. 99. Prices may vary by location and are subject to change.

Who Owns Red Lobster?

Red Lobster is owned by Golden Gate Capital, an investment firm that acquired the seafood restaurant chain in 2014.


Dive into the savory world of seafood with Red Lobster’s lunch specials. Their generous hours cater to early birds as well as those who enjoy a leisurely midday meal. Make your next lunch a memorable feast with Red Lobster’s tempting plates.

Why wait? Your table is ready for an oceanic adventure!

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