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Ruth Chris Happy Hour Times: Unwind with Great Deals!

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Happy Hour times vary by location. Typically, they’re offered weekdays from 4 PM to 6:30 PM.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House enchants diners with its much-anticipated Happy Hour, inviting both locals and tourists to partake in the ambience of sophistication at a fraction of the cost. With a diverse selection of handcrafted cocktails, wine, and mouth-watering appetizers, each visit promises to be an exclusive experience without the premium price tag.

Excelling in both cuisine and service, Ruth’s Chris ensures that Happy Hour becomes more than just a pre-dinner stint — it’s a gustatory event in its own right. For precise hours and offerings, guests should confirm with their preferred location, as offerings may vary. Embrace the indulgence of fine dining coupled with the relaxed atmosphere of Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris.

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Times: Unwind with Great Deals!

Ruth’s Chris: A Destination For Steak Lovers

Ruth’s Chris Steak House stands out for its distinctive dishes and cozy environment. Stepping into the restaurant, guests enjoy a blend of classic elegance and modern comfort. The lighting sets a warm scene, perfect for savoring their famous steaks.

The menu boasts of signature items that keep patrons coming back. The New Orleans-inspired cuisine features top-quality steaks, expertly prepared to each diner’s preference. Side dishes, like the lobster mac and cheese, add a gourmet touch to the meal.

A commitment to exemplary service runs deep at Ruth’s Chris. Guests receive attentive care from staff, ensuring a dining experience that goes beyond the meal. With a legacy that spans decades, it’s clear why this steakhouse remains a cherished institution.

Happy Hour: More Than Just Discounts

Happy Hour signals unwinding after work with good deals. Many people grab this chance for affordable luxury. Classic joints like Ruth’s Chris offer this relaxed ambiance. Co-workers often bond over discounted drinks. It fosters a community feel, as blue and white collars mingle.

Upmarket eateries have taken note. They are revamping Happy Hour into an elegant experience. Plush settings and craft cocktails are now common. As the trend grows, places like Ruth’s Chris keep raising the bar. Their menus feature gourmet bites alongside signature drinks. This evolution caters to a crowd that cherishes sophistication and value.

Timing Is Everything: Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour Schedule

Ruth’s Chris Steak House knows how to start a week right. On weekdays, guests can enjoy specially priced drinks and appetizers. This happy hour runs from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM, perfect for after-work relaxation.

Savor handcrafted cocktails or select wines. Pair them with enticing small plates like spicy shrimp or a prime burger. These weekday specials promise a high-end experience without stretching your wallet.

The weekends welcome guests with open arms and exclusive offers. Join the crowd between 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Experience leisure with mouth-watering dishes and signature drinks. The Weekend Deals of Ruth’s Chris are ideal for those laid-back days.

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Times: Unwind with Great Deals!

Savory Bites And Sips On A Budget

Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers a happy hour that promises both quality and value. Guests can indulge in luxurious appetizers without spending a fortune. The menu includes steak sandwich sliders, seared ahi tuna, and spicy shrimp. Each dish is crafted to awaken your taste buds.

The bar serves up signature cocktails and select wines at attractive prices during happy hour. Popular drinks include the classic Martini, refreshing Mojito, and wine selections that pair perfectly with your appetizers. These drinks are not only delicious but also presented with exceptional care and attention to detail.

Making The Most Of Happy Hour At Ruth’s Chris

To maximize value during Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour, a strategic approach is key. Arrive early to ensure you get a good spot. Choose from the specials menu for both food and drinks to save money. Sharing appetizers with friends can stretch your dollar further. Don’t miss trying the signature cocktails, as they are often discounted.

For a seamless experience, know the menu in advance. This helps you decide faster once you’re there. Keep tabs on time-limited offers to ensure you order before they end. Be kind to staff; they can make your visit more enjoyable. Joining the Ruth’s Chris loyalty program might also afford you extra perks during Happy Hour.

Beyond The Deals: What Keeps Patrons Coming Back

Customer care shines at Ruth’s Chris, with staff that greets every guest warmly. Friendly conversations and attentive service mean diners feel special and valued. This level of care ensures each visit becomes a cherished occasion.

Memorable moments are the hallmark of Ruth’s Chris experience. Celebrations turn into grand experiences. Diners leave with happy memories, ensuring they return for more. It’s not just about happy hour deals; it’s about happiness spread over hours.

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Times: Unwind with Great Deals!

Frequently Asked Questions On Ruth Chris Happy Hour Times

Is It Ok To Wear Jeans To Ruth Chris?

Yes, jeans are acceptable at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Aim for smart-casual attire to ensure conformity with the restaurant’s ambience.

What’s So Special About Ruth Chris?

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is renowned for its sizzling, butter-topped beef served on 500-degree plates, offering a signature steak experience.

Who Owns Ruth Chris?

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is owned by Ruth’s Hospitality Group, Inc. , a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol RUTH.

Why Does Ruth Own Chris?

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is named after Ruth Fertel, the founder who purchased Chris Steak House in 1965 and later added her name.


Wrapping up, Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers a delightful Happy Hour with options for every taste. Perfect for unwinding after work or kick-starting your evening, their special timings and menu make luxury dining affordable. Remember these hours for a great time out.

Let’s raise a glass to fine food and good deals!


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