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Saviour Schnapps Recipe: Concoct Your Own Lifesaver!

The Saviour Schnapps recipe in Kingdom Come: Deliverance requires nettle, belladonna, and wine. Gamers concoct it to save game progress.

Discover the medieval alchemy of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, where crafting Saviour Schnapps is pivotal for saving your journey through Bohemia. This potion not only symbolizes the game’s unique immersion in historical accuracy but also dictates gameplay strategy. Players must judiciously manage their Schnapps supply, balancing the risks of losing progress with the opportunity for strategic saves.

The recipe blends the challenges of in-game resource gathering with the thrill of mastering ancient brewing techniques, making it a cornerstone of the gaming experience. As enthusiasts seek to navigate the rich narrative and expansive world, they must become adept alchemists, ensuring their adventure continues one carefully crafted potion at a time.

The Lore Of Saviour Schnapps

Saviour Schnapps, a medieval tonic, has a rich history. Its origins trace back to European alchemists who concocted this potent brew. The drink served as both a remedy and a preservative of life’s moments. It was deeply interwoven with ancient folklore and believed to restore vitality. Fast forward to modern times, Saviour Schnapps gained popularity through the world of gaming.

Featured in the role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, it allows players to save their progress. This magical elixir has transcended time, connecting past to present. It captures the imagination of both history buffs and gamers alike. Fans across the globe cherish the blend of culture and fantasy it represents. Saviour Schnapps remains a memorable part of entertainment.

Secrets Of The Alchemists

To make Saviour Schnapps, gather these essential ingredients:

  • Wine – 1 bottle, the base of the potion.
  • Nettles – a handful, for initial kick.
  • Belladonna – two pieces, the core component.

Tools of the trade are vital for alchemy’s success:

Tool Use
Alchemist’s Bench Workstation for mixing ingredients.
Cauldron For boiling and combining substances.
Distiller Extracts potent essences.
Phial Stores the final potion.

Step-by-step Brewing Guide

Begin your journey by gathering all the necessary ingredients for Saviour Schnapps. You’ll need: Belladonna berries, Nettle, and Spirits. Measure one handful of Nettles and two of Belladonna berries, ensuring precision.

Blend the Nettles into a fine paste using a mortar and pestle. Take care to crush the Belladonna berries separately. Mix these pastes with the Spirits gently. This mixture is now ready for fermentation.

Patience is key in the fermentation process. Seal the mixture in a jar for a duration of ten days. Store it in a cool, dark place. Check the jar daily to ensure no contamination occurs. After ten days, your Saviour Schnapps will be ready to distill.

Saviour Schnapps Recipe: Concoct Your Own Lifesaver!

The Art Of Preservation

Discover the timeless craft of preserving with our Saviour Schnapps Recipe—your go-to guide for creating a potent concoction that stands the test of time. Master the secrets behind this historic elixir and enjoy a taste of heritage that endures.

savoury flavour of your homemade Saviour Schnapps is essential. An airtight seallong-lasting freshness. Store your brew in cool, dark locations. Ideal temperatures range between 53 to 57°F12 to 14°C). Prolonged exposure to light and heat degrades quality. For your Saviour Schnapps to last, always use sterilised containers. Seal them tightly to keep out air and moisture. Avoid fluctuating storage temperatures. Stability extends shelf life significantly. With proper care, enjoy your brew for months. “`

From Potion To Culture

The tradition of creating Saviour Schnapps is deeply rooted in community. People have shared recipes and techniques for generations. The practice bonds individuals through a common love for crafting. It goes beyond mere potion-making; it fosters a sense of togetherness and cultural identity.

The art of schnapps production has embraced contemporary flavors. This new trend in mixology adds a twist to the traditional. Enthusiasts infuse schnapps with bold and innovative tastes. They experiment with herbs, spices, and fruits. This innovation ensures the drink’s relevance in modern culture.

Safeguards And Legalities

Before dabbling in homebrewing, knowing the safety essentials is key. Protective gear, including gloves and goggles, is a must. Proper sanitation prevents harmful bacteria from spoiling your batch. Always brew in a well-ventilated space to avoid fume-related risks. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby is a wise precaution.

Understanding local laws around homebrewing is crucial. Regulations vary, with some places allowing limited brewing for personal use. Check with authorities before you start. Selling homemade alcohol can lead to stiff penalties without a license. Stay informed to enjoy brewing without legal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Saviour Schnapps Recipe

What Is Saviour Schnapps?

Saviour Schnapps is a special type of in-game potion in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It allows players to save their game progress. It consists of unique ingredients, which grants it rarity and value in the game.

How To Make Saviour Schnapps?

To craft Saviour Schnapps, you’ll need nettle, belladonna, and alcohol as base ingredients. These are combined using a specific recipe within the game’s alchemy mechanics, typically involving precise timing and steps in brewing.

Where To Find Saviour Schnapps Ingredients?

Ingredients for Saviour Schnapps can be found across the game’s medieval landscape. Nettles are commonly found in fields, while belladonna is rarer, located in woods or herbalist gardens. Alcohol can be purchased from taverns or traders.

Can You Buy Saviour Schnapps In Kingdom Come?

Yes, Saviour Schnapps can be purchased from various traders, taverns, or apothecaries within the game. However, it can be costly, so many players choose to craft it themselves to save coins.


Brewing your own Saviour Schnapps is truly rewarding. This treasured potion not only embodies history, it also offers the satisfaction of crafting something from scratch. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect. So gather your ingredients and start experimenting. Cheers to your successful medieval mixology!


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