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Seasons 52 Dinner Menu: Savor the Seasonal Delights!

Seasons 52 offers a dynamic dinner menu featuring fresh, seasonal dishes. The menu includes starters, entrees, desserts, and a selection of wines.

Seasons 52 sets itself apart with a dinner menu that emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients tailored to the time of year. By constantly updating offerings to reflect the best of each season, this restaurant ensures a dining experience that is both innovative and delicious.

Patrons can indulge in a variety of options, from handcrafted appetizers that awaken the palate to main courses that showcase the flavors of the current season. Whether you’re seeking a light, health-conscious meal or a rich, indulgent dish, Seasons 52’s dinner selection caters to a range of preferences. The restaurant’s commitment to seasonal freshness extends to its dessert menu and its handpicked wine list, promising a well-curated finish to any meal.

Seasons 52: A Fresh Approach To Dining

Seasons 52 reshapes the way we think about food. They make each dish with items from the current season. This means the menu changes four times a year. Everything is fresh and full of flavor. Guests enjoy the best each season offers. The chefs at Seasons 52 use local produce. This supports local farmers and keeps the food sustainable and environment-friendly. People love that they get to try new dishes. Every time they come, there’s something exciting and new on the menu to enjoy.

Seasons 52 Dinner Menu: Savor the Seasonal Delights!

The Dinner Menu Decoded

Seasons 52 adjusts its dinner menu with the seasons. Fresh and flavorful ingredients lead the charge. Starters like lobster and shrimp flatbread tempt the palate. Another, the crisp market vegetable salad, offers crunchy delight.

Among signature main courses, try the cedar plank-roasted salmon, a guest favorite. Also, the wood-grilled filet mignon stands out with its perfect seasoning. Each dish pairs with unique sides like the seasonal vegetable.

The menu boasts plant-based options too. Savor the flavor of the wood-grilled BBQ tofu. It comes with micro greens and grape tomatoes. This speaks to the heart of veggie lovers.

What’s New This Season?

Seasons 52 updates its dinner menu to match the latest harvest. Each dish showcases fresh flavors that only peak-season ingredients can provide.

Summer’s best brings juicy tomatoes and sweet corn. The menu takes advantage of ripe produce. Bite into heirloom tomato salads or savor grilled corn on the cob.

Autumn means pumpkin ravioli and roasted butternut squash. Chestnuts and game meats also make a debut. Guests can enjoy creations like chestnut stuffing and venison chops.

Come winter, dishes warm the soul. Think braised meats and root vegetables. Your plate might have slow-cooked lamb shank or whipped parsnips.

With spring, the menu lightens. Fresh asparagus, spring peas, and tender greens fill the plates. Guests will find zesty lemon risotto and grilled artichokes among the choices.

The chef suggests trying the season’s stars. For instance, the wood-grilled filet mignon is a must. Or sample the sea scallops with seasonal risotto. Each recommendation promises a memorable culinary experience.

Seasons 52 Dinner Menu: Savor the Seasonal Delights!

Pairing Your Meal With The Perfect Drink

Pairing your meal at Seasons 52 with the perfect drink enhances flavors. Choose from a carefully selected wine list. Each bottle complements specific dishes. For a robust taste, select a full-bodied red wine. A crisp white wine pairs well with lighter fare.

Sipping on Seasonal Cocktails and Beers adds excitement to any dinner. Special cocktails change with the seasons. Unique flavors delight the taste buds. Craft beers offer a local taste. Be sure to ask for beer recommendations.

Opting for Non-Alcoholic Beverages provides refreshing alternatives. Flavorful mocktails are crafted with fresh ingredients. Herbal teas and artisanal lemonades offer a delicate taste. Expertly brewed coffee rounds out any dining experience.

Ending On A Sweet Note

Delight in Seasons 52’s dessert flatbreads, a unique twist to the classic meal-ender. Each flatbread pairs perfectly with their wine selection, ensuring your last bite is as memorable as the first. Not to be outdone, the Mini Indulgences present a creative way to savor the sweet without the guilt. Crafted in small portions, these desserts allow for sampling a variety of flavors. Imagine sipping your coffee with a tiny, yet rich, pot of chocolate mousse or a miniature pecan pie. Seasons 52’s exclusive treats are not just desserts; they are culinary experiences designed for the perfect end to your meal.

Making The Most Of Your Seasons 52 Experience

To maximize your dining pleasure at Seasons 52, planning is key. Book your table early, especially for weekend dinners, to avoid any wait times.

Private dining elevates any event with customizable menus and personalized service. Seasons 52’s event spaces can cater to birthday celebrations, business lunches, or wedding rehearsals.

Join the Seasons 52 Rewards for exclusive benefits. Earn points with every meal and enjoy free desserts, unique tastes, and special invites to wine events.

Seasons 52 Dinner Menu: Savor the Seasonal Delights!

Frequently Asked Questions On Seasons 52 Dinner Menu

Why Is It Called Season 52?

Season 52 is named to reflect its commitment to offering a menu that changes with the seasonal availability of fresh ingredients, underscoring their focus on serving dishes made with produce at its peak each week of the year.

How Many Locations Does Seasons 52 Have?

Seasons 52, a fresh grill and wine bar restaurant, operates over 40 locations across the United States.

What Is On The Seasons 52 Dinner Menu?

The Seasons 52 Dinner Menu features seasonal food items that are often sourced from local farms. The offerings include grilled entrées, fresh salads, and specialty desserts. Menu options change throughout the year to reflect the freshest ingredients available.

Does Seasons 52 Offer Vegetarian Options?

Yes, Seasons 52 provides a variety of vegetarian offerings on their dinner menu. Diners can enjoy meat-free dishes ranging from creative salads to hearty plant-based entrées. Always check the latest menu as items can change seasonally.


Embark on a culinary journey with every visit to Seasons 52. Their dinner menu, a tapestry of flavors, caters to the discerning palate seeking freshness and variety. Savor the essence of the season – your table awaits, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Embrace the satisfaction of well-chosen fare and toast to healthful indulgence!


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