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What Time Does Arby’s Open for Lunch? Quick Guide!

Arby’s typically opens for lunch at 10:00 AM. Check with your local Arby’s as hours may vary.

Arby’s, the fast-food chain known for its roast beef sandwiches and Curly Fries, serves lunch right after its doors open, generally at 10 AM. This time is consistent across many of its locations, although it’s always wise to verify the hours of your nearest restaurant, as they can differ based on region or franchise operation.

Perfect for midday meal-seekers, Arby’s offers a varied menu that caters to a range of tastes, from its Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar to its Market Fresh sandwiches and salads. The establishment’s commitment to serving quality meats with fast and friendly service makes it a go-to lunch destination for many. Early birds can also enjoy Arby’s breakfast menu, which is typically served until the lunch transition.

What Time Does Arby's Open for Lunch? Quick Guide!

Arby’s Lunch Hours Unwrapped

Arby’s lunch hours start at 10:00 AM or 10:30 AM, depending on location. Patrons can enjoy their favorite sandwiches until the evening. A typical lunchtime rush is seen around noon, as customers flock for Arby’s classic roast beef or Market Fresh sandwiches.

Local franchises might adjust these times. To ensure accuracy, guests should confirm with their nearest Arby’s before visiting. This is especially true for those planning to dine later in the afternoon or have constraints on their lunchtime.

What Time Does Arby's Open for Lunch? Quick Guide!

Before You Go: Checking Arby’s Local Hours

Many Arby’s restaurants open for lunch at 10 AM. Yet, local hours may vary. To ensure accuracy, use Arby’s Store Locator. This tool helps you find exact opening times. It’s available on Arby’s official website. Simply enter your zip code or city to get information.

For real-time updates, check Arby’s social media pages. Twitter and Facebook often have current hours. The Arby’s app provides location-specific hours too. This can prevent the disappointment of a closed store.

Menu Highlights You Can’t Miss For Lunch

Arby’s lunch hour usually starts at 10 AM. It’s time to enjoy your favorite meals. For fans of hearty sandwiches, Arby’s lunch menu has a lot to offer. Their signature sandwiches are a must-try!

Do not miss the Classic Roast Beef or Beef ‘n Cheddar. These sandwiches have tasty meat and melty cheese. Curly Fries are perfect with them. You may want to dip your fries in Arby’s sauce or Horsey sauce. Each bite will be a delight!

Sandwich Description
Classic Roast Beef Thin-sliced beef piled on a toasted bun
Beef ‘n Cheddar Roast beef with cheddar cheese sauce on an onion roll

Navigating Arby’s Lunch Time Rush

Arby’s lunch hours usually begin at 10:30 AM. To dodge the crowds, aim for mid-afternoon dining. Between 2-4 PM is ideal, fewer customers then. For faster service, know your order ahead and use the Arby’s app. Preselecting meals saves time. Keeping orders simple ensures speed.

  • Arrive before noon or after 2 PM.
  • Use Arby’s mobile app to order.
  • Choose set combos to reduce wait time.

Beyond Lunch: Arby’s Operating Hours

Arby’s opens its doors for the eager lunch crowd at 10:00 AM, offering a range of mouthwatering sandwiches and crispy curly fries. Guests looking to satisfy their morning hunger can enjoy their breakfast menu, which typically kicks off as early as 6:00 AM at select locations. The breakfast offerings include bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, wrapping up around 10:30 AM when the brand pivots to its signature lunch selections.

Come evening, your dinner cravings are well catered for, with Arby’s remaining open until 10:00 PM or later, depending on the day and location. The dinner menu provides a hearty selection of classic roast beef sandwiches, specialty meats like brisket and corned beef, and an assortment of fresh salads and delectable sides.

Making The Most Of Your Arby’s Lunch Visit

Arby’s lunch hours can vary by location, but many outlets open at 10:00 AM. To ensure you get the best experience, check the local store’s schedule online before heading out.

Exclusive deals and discounts can enhance your lunch. Sign up for Arby’s emails or download their app for latest promotions. Deals can include discounts on menu items or meal combos.

Choosing between drive-thru and in-store dining depends on your need for speed or comfort. Drive-thru service is best for a quick grab-and-go lunch. In-store dining provides a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your meal.

What Time Does Arby's Open for Lunch? Quick Guide!

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Time Does Arby’s Open For Lunch

What Time Does Arby’s Start Serving Lunch?

Arby’s typically begins serving lunch at 10:00 AM. However, hours can vary by location. It’s best to check with your local Arby’s for their specific lunch hours.

Can I Order Arby’s Lunch Menu Items During Breakfast?

Yes, most Arby’s locations will serve items from their lunch menu during breakfast hours. Ordering lunch items early in the day is generally possible.

Are Arby’s Lunch Hours The Same On Weekends?

Arby’s lunch hours on weekends are usually the same as weekdays, starting at 10:00 AM. Some locations might have different hours, so it’s advisable to confirm with the local restaurant.

Does Arby’s Offer Special Lunch Deals?

Arby’s often has special lunch deals and promotions. Visit their website or check in-store for the latest offerings and discounts available during lunchtime.


Knowing Arby’s lunch hours can streamline your meal planning and curb those fast-food cravings efficiently. Typically, Arby’s welcomes lunch-goers from 10:00 AM. Don’t miss out on their delicious offerings—check your local Arby’s schedule and savor the perfect roast beef sandwich or a classic Curly Fry.

Enjoy your next lunch at Arby’s on your time!

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