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What Time Does Bojangles Close? Evening Eats Timeline!

Bojangles typically closes at 10:00 PM, but closing times can vary by location. Local variations might see stores closing earlier or later, especially on weekends or holidays.

Boasting a Southern charm with its famous chicken and biscuits, Bojangles has cemented itself as a go-to fast-food chain for those craving a warm, homestyle meal. It’s best to check the specific closing time of your nearest Bojangles to ensure you don’t miss out on their mouth-watering offerings.

The restaurant chain, which has been serving customers since 1977, takes pride in providing fresh, quality food in a hospitable environment. With their signature fixin’s and steeped-in-tradition recipes, Bojangles creates a welcoming atmosphere for families, friends, or anyone looking to enjoy a delicious Southern-style feast beyond the ordinary fast-food experience.

What Time Does Bojangles Close? Evening Eats Timeline!


Bojangles’ Background

Bojangles, a beloved name in fast-food, traces its origins to Charlotte, North Carolina. Established in 1977, this chain has won the hearts of chicken and biscuit lovers across America. What started with a single location has grown significantly over the decades. The brand’s fame for southern-style cuisine quickly spread, leading to a nation-wide expansion.

Today, Bojangles boasts hundreds of outlets, serving iconic menu items. Their renowned chicken, biscuits, and fixins’ are not only a staple in the South but have also found a place in the larger national market. This expansion mirrors consumer demand for comfort food with a homely southern flair. Bojangles’ success story is a testament to the enduring appeal of its rich flavours and unique offerings.

What Time Does Bojangles Close? Evening Eats Timeline!


Evening Menu Favorites

Bojangles delights taste buds even as the day winds down. Evening cravings are met with Signature Supper Specialties. Savor the bold flavors of hand-breaded chicken, a Southern classic. The homestyle mac ‘n cheese is creamy and heartwarming. Don’t miss the seasoned fries for a crispy treat.

For those up late, Late-Night Bites and Sides hits the spot. Enjoy a buttermilk biscuit sandwich or a fiery Cajun Filet. Pair it with Bo-Berry Biscuits for a sweet finish.

Closing Time Variations

Understanding Bojangles’ closing times needs a store-by-store approach. Each location can have different closing times. Usually, stores close between 9 PM to 10 PM on weekdays. Yet, some may close earlier or later. It depends on the area’s demand.

During weekends, expect later closing times. Many locations adjust to stay open until 11 PM. Busy areas might even extend their hours further. It’s best to check the local Bojangles for exact times. Use the official Bojangles store locator for the most accurate info.

What Time Does Bojangles Close? Evening Eats Timeline!


Planning Your Visit

Bojangles often closes its doors by 10 PM on weekdays and weekends. Yet, times may vary by location. To ensure service, consider arriving at least 30 minutes before closing. This allows ample time for order preparation and dining. Avoid the rush by skipping peak dinner times, typically between 6 PM and 8 PM. Checking the specific closing time of your local Bojangles can save a last-minute trip disappointment.

Beyond The Dusk

Bojangles fans often wonder, what time their favorite spot shuts down. Typically, Bojangles’ closing hours vary by location. Most joints wrap up service between 9 PM and 11 PM. Yet, should hunger pangs strike post-closure, late-night food seekers have options.

Several alternatives keep doors open for patrons craving after-hours meals. Eateries like IHOP and Waffle House offer 24/7 service, satisfying those late-night appetites. Furthermore, third-party delivery services like DoorDash or UberEats, might bring Bojangles’ fare to your doorstep, depending on your area and the operating hours of the local Bojangles.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Time Does Bojangles Close

Was Bojangles Ever In Texas?

Yes, Bojangles had locations in Texas but exited the market by 2004, refocusing on southeastern US states.

What State Has The Most Bojangles?

North Carolina has the most Bojangles locations, with the restaurant chain being headquartered in the state.

Is Austin Getting A Bojangles?

Bojangles has announced plans to expand into Austin, bringing their famous chicken and biscuits to the area. Keep an eye out for an official opening date.

Is Bojangles Only In Nc?

No, Bojangles is not exclusive to North Carolina. The fast-food chain operates in multiple states across the Southeastern United States.


Wrapping up, it’s clear that Bojangles’ closing times can vary based on location. Always check locally or online to ensure you don’t miss out on their famous chicken and biscuits. Now you’re ready to plan your visit, knowing exactly when to hit Bojangles for a delicious Southern meal.

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