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What Time Does Bojangles Serve Chicken Supremes: Quick Guide

Bojangles serves their Chicken Supremes all day, starting from when they open until they close. These tender, crispy chicken strips are a fan favorite and available throughout business hours.

Fans of Bojangles’ signature Chicken Supremes can sigh in relief knowing they can satisfy their cravings at any time during the restaurant’s operational hours. Bojangles is known for its flavorful, Southern-inspired fast food, which includes an array of chicken dishes, biscuits, and sides.

The Chicken Supremes are a standout, often enjoyed in a combo with a biscuit, fries, and a drink. As a quick-service restaurant with locations across the United States, Bojangles takes pride in offering quality, made-from-scratch items with a home-cooked feel, and the Chicken Supremes are no exception. It’s always best to check with your local Bojangles for specific hours of operation and to make sure these delicious bites are ready for you.

Bojangles’ Famous Chicken Supremes

Bojangles’ Famous Chicken Supremes are a must-try for anyone who loves southern cuisine. These juicy, perfectly seasoned chicken tenders stand out for their unique flavor and crispy texture. At Bojangles, they use a special blend of seasonings that has been a crowd-pleaser for years. Guests enjoy these delectable treats with a variety of dipping sauces.

Given their popularity, Bojangles ensures that Chicken Supremes are available for most of the day. Dawn to late evening, you can satisfy your cravings. Remember that the exact time frame may vary by location. Thus, it’s best to check with your local Bojangles for specific serving hours. Rest assured, these supremes are worth planning your meal times around!

What Time Does Bojangles Serve Chicken Supremes: Quick Guide

Cracking The Bojangles Schedule

Bojangles fans get excited for their famous Chicken Supremes. The doors swing open early morning. 6 a.m. is the magic hour! This timing stays consistent across most locations. Yet, it is smart to check your local Bojangles for any changes.

Love those Chicken Supremes? Good news! They’re not just a lunchtime treat. You can satisfy your cravings any time. Yes, Bojangles proudly serves them from opening until closing. Need a mid-morning snack? Or a dinner feast? Bojangles has you covered.

Weekly Routine: Serving Hours By Day

Bojangles delights fans with its famous Chicken Supremes throughout the week. Customers can savor these crispy treats during specific times each day.

Day Serving Hours
Monday 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM

On weekends, guests have extra time to enjoy these golden goodies. Saturday hours extend until 11:00 PM, matching Friday’s extended service. Sundays welcome diners from 10:30 AM, with the kitchen closing at 10:00 PM. Get your Supreme fix any day!

What Time Does Bojangles Serve Chicken Supremes: Quick Guide

Seasonal Surprises: Special Hours

Expect different hours during the holidays at Bojangles. Your favorite Chicken Supremes might be available at unique times.

Stores often open late or close early on special days. Always check online or call ahead to confirm. It’s the best way to plan your visit for Chicken Supremes.

Got a craving during the holidays? Don’t miss out! Look out for special menus too. They might offer seasonal treats for a limited time. Keep an eye on Bojangles’ website and social media for updates.

Maximizing Your Bojangles’ Visit

Visiting Bojangles’ for their beloved Chicken Supremes can sometimes mean navigating through crowds. The peak hours often lead to extended wait times and might affect the freshness of your meal. To enjoy hot and crispy Chicken Supremes, timing your visit is key.

For a quieter experience with fresher food, aim to visit in the mid-morning or late afternoon. Lunchtime, especially between 12 PM to 1 PM, sees the highest rush. Evenings can also get busy, particularly from 6 PM to 7:30 PM. By avoiding these peak times, you not only dodge the rush but are more likely to get a freshly prepared batch of Chicken Supremes.

Avoid the weekends if possible, as these are the busiest days for Bojangles’. Instead, opt for early weekdays. Your patience during off-peak hours might also reward you with promotional offers or limited-time specials.

What Time Does Bojangles Serve Chicken Supremes: Quick Guide

Takeout And Delivery Options

Enjoying Bojangles’ Chicken Supremes at home is easy and convenient. For quick service, order online through the Bojangles’ website or app. Choose pickup or delivery based on your preference. By ordering online, you can avoid the wait and ensure your meal is ready as soon as you arrive. Online menus provide all available options, including sides and drinks. Don’t forget to check for online-only deals which can often save you money on your favorite items. Remember, planning ahead helps manage time effectively and simplifies mealtime.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Time Does Bojangles Serve Chicken Supremes

How Many Calories In A Bojangles 4 Piece Supreme Dinner?

A Bojangles 4 piece supreme dinner contains approximately 1,170 calories.

How Many Calories In A Bojangles Supreme?

A Bojangles Supreme has approximately 390 calories per serving.

Did Bojangles Get Rid Of Homestyle Tenders?

Yes, Bojangles has discontinued its Homestyle Tenders from the menu.

Where Did Bojangles Start?

Bojangles originated in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1977. Founders Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas established the first restaurant.


Wrapping up, Bojangles’ Chicken Supremes remain a fan favorite for good reason. Whether it’s lunchtime cravings or dinner desires, their availability aligns perfectly with those prime dining hours. So next time hunger strikes, remember, this savory selection awaits to satisfy from late morning through the evening.

Enjoy your meal!


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