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What Time Does Braum’s Serve Lunch?: Satisfy Your Cravings!

Braum’s starts serving lunch at 10:30 AM each day. This lunch service continues throughout the afternoon until closing.

Discover the delectable lunch options at Braum’s, a popular eatery known for its farm-fresh products and scrumptious burgers. Whether you’re craving a fresh salad or a hearty sandwich, Braum’s meets your midday hunger with a variety of choices designed to satisfy.

Crafted to cater to all appetites, the lunch menu at Braum’s provides a perfect pick-me-up for your busy day. Keep in mind that while breakfast might end, the opportunity to indulge in ice cream or a milkshake is available all day, making any time the right time for a treat at Braum’s.

Braum’s Lunch Hours: An Introduction

Braum’s serves lunch to hungry guests daily. Lunchtime officially begins at 10:30 AM. This allows early diners to enjoy a wide selection of Braum’s lunch menu. The choices range from hearty burgers to crisp salads and delicious sandwiches. Patrons come in for a midday meal soon after breakfast offerings end.

Guests should note the lunch service concludes at 4:00 PM. This means orders for lunch items will not be taken past this time. Ensuring service transitions smoothly into the dinner menu. Families and individuals alike aim to arrive before the cutoff to savor their preferred lunch options. Remember to plan accordingly to enjoy Braum’s tasty lunch selections.

What Time Does Braum's Serve Lunch?: Satisfy Your Cravings!

The Lunch Menu Unveiled

Braum’s lunch menu starts at 10:30 AM offering a variety of choices. Guests can select from juicy burgers, fresh salads, sandwiches, and much more.

Seasonal items bring unique flavors to the table. Limited-time specials make lunch extra special at Braum’s. These options often reflect the flavors of the season, providing new tastes to enjoy.

Burgers Salads Seasonal Specials
Classic Cheeseburger Garden Salad Pumpkin Spice Shake
Bacon Cheeseburger Grilled Chicken Salad Summer Berry Sundae
Jalapeño Pepper Jack Burger Cobb Salad Spring Chicken Sandwich

Understanding Braum’s Lunch Policy

Braum’s lunch service starts remarkably early, offering diners the flexibility to enjoy their midday meal sooner than most places. The restaurant chain, known for its delicious ice cream and grilled-to-order burgers, begins serving lunch at 10:30 AM every day. This allows guests with early lunch cravings to find satisfaction without waiting for the traditional noon hour.

Weekend lunch hours cater to the more relaxed pace of Saturday and Sunday. Special attention is given to weekends, with Braum’s extending their lunch availability. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of menu options starting from the same time as weekdays.

What Time Does Braum's Serve Lunch?: Satisfy Your Cravings!

Planning Your Visit

To ensure a smooth dining experience at Braum’s, consider visiting before noon or after 2 PM. These times dodge the common lunchtime rush, making your meal more relaxed. Many customers enjoy Braum’s lunch offerings right when they begin at 10:30 AM. Others prefer a late lunch to avoid crowds.

We understand every guest is unique with specific dietary preferences. Braum’s takes pride in customizing orders to fit your needs. Whether you require gluten-free options or vegetarian choices, our staff is ready to accommodate. Simply ask when ordering, and we’ll make sure your meal is tailored to you.

Beyond Lunch: Exploring Braum’s Full Menu

Braum’s Breakfast Menu is a morning treat. Guests can enjoy freshly-baked pastries, scrambled eggs, and sizzling bacon among other choices. Breakfast burritos and pancakes delight early birds. Served from 6 AM and continues till 10:30 AM.

As the sun sets, Braum’s Dinner Menu shines. Patrons savor juicy burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, and hearty chili. Salads and frozen yogurt sundaes top off the day. Dinner delights begin at 10:30 AM until close.

What Time Does Braum's Serve Lunch?: Satisfy Your Cravings!

Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Braum’s Serve Lunch

When Did Braums Start Serving Food?

Braum’s began serving food in 1968 when it opened its first Ice Cream and Dairy Store.

Does Braum’s Have A Secret Menu?

Braum’s does not officially have a secret menu. Nonetheless, customers may find off-menu items through local tips and employee suggestions.

What Kind Of Oil Does Braum’s Use?

Braum’s uses a proprietary blend of vegetable oils for its deep-frying processes. This includes options like canola and soybean oil.

Who Owns Braums?

Braum’s is a family-owned ice cream and dairy store chain owned by the Braum Family, with Drew Braum as the current president and CEO.


Wrapping up, understanding Braum’s lunch hours can make your dining plans a breeze. Serving lunch from 10:30 AM, they cater to early cravings and busy schedules alike. Remember, fresh, tasty options await whether you’re in for a quick bite or a leisurely meal.

Plan your visit and savor the delights Braum’s has to offer!



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