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What Time Does Lunch End at Red Lobster?: Quick Guide

Lunch at Red Lobster typically ends at 4 PM. This time can vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local restaurant.

Red Lobster, the popular seafood chain, is known for its delightful lunch offerings which generally conclude by 4 PM. Across most of their locations, patrons can enjoy a variety of lunch specials, including their famous lobster rolls, shrimp dishes, and cheddar bay biscuits during this time.

These lunch hours cater to a wide array of customers, from business professionals looking for a quick midday meal to friends gathering for a leisurely lunch. With its commitment to fresh, high-quality seafood, Red Lobster ensures that every lunch experience is a memorable one right up until the end of their lunch service. Remember to confirm the specific lunch hours with your nearest Red Lobster, as they may adjust their schedule based on local dining habits and demands.

What Time Does Lunch End at Red Lobster?: Quick Guide

Red Lobster’s Lunch Hours

Red Lobster’s lunch hours typically start at 11:00 AM.

Dinner menu rolls out between 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM.

Guests can enjoy lunch specials until the dinner transition.

Factors Influencing Lunch Service Duration

Red Lobster’s lunch hours can differ by location. Specific areas may have unique schedules. Always check local restaurant times to be sure. These hours can also shift with seasons or special days. Most Red Lobster restaurants generally stop serving lunch at 3:00 PM. But, during major holidays or events, times may vary. Always plan ahead around holidays like Christmas or Independence Day. This ensures you know Red Lobster’s exact lunch hours. Remember, changes are possible and updates may appear online. Always verify with your local spot for the most accurate information.

Typical Lunch Menu Offerings At Red Lobster

Red Lobster lunch hours usually end at 3:00 PM. Guests can enjoy a variety of seafood specials during this time. These include the grilled shrimp, lobster rolls, and the famous Admiral’s Feast. Each dish promises a fresh and tasty experience.

Non-seafood lovers have choices too. A popular one is the Caesar salad with grilled chicken. There’s also the tasty vegetarian pasta. Red Lobster ensures that everyone finds a perfect meal. Their menu takes into account diverse tastes and preferences.

What Time Does Lunch End at Red Lobster?: Quick Guide

Maximizing Your Lunch Experience

Lunch hours at Red Lobster typically end at 3 PM. To maximize your experience, consider visiting before peak times. Lunch traffic often peaks between 12 PM and 1 PM. Enjoying lunch right before 3 PM could mean less waiting and quicker service.

Special promotions might be available during lunch. To make the most of these deals, check Red Lobster’s offers before planning your visit. Combining lunch with these specials can provide great value for money. Remember to check the availability of promotions as they can vary by location.

Late Lunch Possibilities

Red Lobster welcomes late lunch arrivers with open arms. Their menu caters to guests who prefer to dine past traditional hours. Dinner items are often available earlier, ensuring that no visitor misses out on their favorite selections. For those arriving later, there’s no need to worry about limited options.

Dinner Item Available During Lunch
Lobster Tail Yes
Crab Legs Yes
Signature Shrimp Cocktail Yes

These dishes satisfy varying tastes and are perfect for a satiating meal. Enjoy a seafood feast no matter the hour!

What Time Does Lunch End at Red Lobster?: Quick Guide

Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Lunch End At Red Lobster

Why Did Red Lobster Stop Serving Lobster Bisque?

Red Lobster discontinued its lobster bisque due to menu updates and customer preferences. The decision aligns with the chain’s efforts to refresh their offerings periodically.

Who Owns Red Lobster?

Red Lobster is owned by Golden Gate Capital, an American private equity firm. This company acquired Red Lobster in 2014.

What Is Dragon Shrimp At Red Lobster?

Dragon Shrimp at Red Lobster is a spicy, soy-ginger glazed seafood dish featuring crispy shrimp, with fresh broccoli.

Where Is The Original Red Lobster?

The original Red Lobster opened in 1968 in Lakeland, Florida.


Wrapping up, Red Lobster’s lunch schedule fits most dining preferences, typically concluding mid-afternoon. Always check local listings for precise timings, as variations can occur. Enjoy your seafood feast within the given hours for the best experience. Remember, for late cravings, their dinner menu awaits!


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