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What Time Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast 2022: Find Out Now!

McDonald’s typically stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. Exact times may vary by location, so check with your local McDonald’s.

McDonald’s, known for its iconic Egg McMuffin and irresistible hash browns, operates on a schedule catering to early risers and late starters alike. Since adapting to customer demands over the years, McDonald’s has fine-tuned its breakfast availability to serve millions of its popular breakfast items daily.

While 10:30 AM signals the end for those craving breakfast on a weekday, the weekend extends this indulgence to 11:00 AM, offering a little extra flexibility. Nevertheless, it is always wise to confirm the breakfast hours at your nearest McDonald’s to avoid disappointment. Many locations now embrace technology, allowing customers to check meal options and serving times conveniently via the McDonald’s mobile app or website, ensuring your breakfast plans are as golden as their delicious, crispy hash browns.

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Hours

McDonald’s breakfast service ends at different times depending on location. Most chains stop serving breakfast at 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. Busy city locations may extend breakfast hours to accommodate a larger crowd. Rural or less busy restaurants might stick to the standard cutoff times. To know the exact time, contacting the local McDonald’s is suggested. The breakfast menu includes popular items like McGriddles, McMuffins, and hotcakes.

What Time Does McDonald's Stop Serving Breakfast 2022: Find Out Now!

Early Birds And Night Owls

The McDonald’s breakfast routine caters to early risers. Breakfast service begins at 5 AM or 6 AM, depending on location. Some 24-hour restaurants start even earlier.

Transition to regular menu varies by local policy. Typically, 10:30 AM marks the shift. On weekends, this could extend to 11 AM. It ensures a seamless switch for patrons.

Weekend Vs Weekday Schedules

Mcdonald’s breakfast hours might change on weekends. Most people enjoy their yummy McMuffins and hotcakes during the week. But, on weekends, you get extra time to savor those treats.

Many locations serve breakfast until 11:00 AM on weekdays. Come Saturday and Sunday, you can usually order until 11:30 AM. These extended hours give you more time to enjoy your favorites.

Before you go, check the local McDonald’s breakfast times. This is because each location might have its own schedule. Make sure your weekend plan includes those McGriddles before they switch to the lunch menu!

Mcdonald’s Mobile App And Breakfast Times

McDonald’s breakfast hours may not be the same at all locations. Check your local McDonald’s breakfast times using the McDonald’s mobile app. The app is easy to navigate for both adults and kids. Just a few taps and you know when to grab your favorite breakfast.

Step Action
1 Download the McDonald’s app.
2 Select your local restaurant.
3 View breakfast hours under the store details.

Aim to order before 10:30 AM at most places. Some may serve until 11:00 AM. Always check the app for accurate timings.

What Time Does McDonald's Stop Serving Breakfast 2022: Find Out Now!

Special Breakfast Promotions

McDonald’s often introduces limited-time offers that excite customers. These offers may bring new breakfast items for a short period. Guests should stay updated with McDonald’s promotions for unique treats. These seasonal breakfast selections vary by location and time of year. To enjoy these specials, visit your local McDonald’s or check their online platforms. Remember, these breakfast deals won’t last forever, so catch them while you can!

What Time Does McDonald's Stop Serving Breakfast 2022: Find Out Now!

Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Mcdonalds Stop Serving Breakfast 2022

Did Mcdonald’s Stop All Day Breakfast 2022?

Yes, McDonald’s has discontinued its all-day breakfast menu in 2022 to streamline kitchen operations.

What Time Did Mcdonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

McDonald’s typically stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends, but times can vary by location. Always check with your local McDonald’s for specific hours.

What Time Does The Mcdonalds Breakfast Menu Stop?

The McDonald’s breakfast menu typically ends at 10:30 AM Monday through Friday and at 11:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Why Doesn’t Mcdonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

McDonald’s limits breakfast hours to streamline operations and maintain food quality. Kitchen space constraints also affect this decision, ensuring faster service throughout the day.


Wrapping up, McDonald’s breakfast hours offer early risers and late starters a chance to savor their favorite morning eats. They typically end service at 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. Remember, times can vary by location, so it’s prudent to check with your local McDonald’s.

Catch that Egg McMuffin while you can and start your day right!


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