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What Time is Happy Hour at BJ’s: Unveil the Fun!

Happy Hour at BJ’s typically runs from 3 PM to 7 PM Monday through Friday. Exact times may vary by location, so checking with your local BJ’s is recommended.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse is renowned for its inviting Happy Hour, a prime time to enjoy discounted drinks and appetizers. Patrons flock to unwind after a long workday or to kick-start an evening out with friends. With a diverse menu that offers something for everyone, ranging from their signature Pizookie dessert to craft beers brewed in-house, BJ’s sets the stage for a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Remember that Happy Hour specials are usually available in the bar area and can provide an excellent opportunity to sample BJ’s delicious offerings at a fraction of the regular price. Always confirm with your local restaurant for the most accurate Happy Hour schedule and offerings.

Introduction To Happy Hour At Bj’s

Happy Hour at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse is a must for discounts. Gather with friends for drink specials and appetizer deals. Each BJ’s location offers unique happy hour times, often in the late afternoon and late evening. Enjoy discounted prices on select menu items. Catch up over handcrafted beer and tasty snacks. Be sure to check your local BJ’s for the exact happy hour schedule. Affordable prices make BJ’s the perfect spot for unwinding after work or starting your night out.

Happy Hour Time Slots

Happy Hour time at Bj’s lasts several hours. On weekdays, enjoy discounts from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. You’ll find lower prices on snacks and drinks. Don’t miss out!

Come weekends, the timing shifts. Saturdays and Sundays offer specials a bit earlier. Happy Hour kicks off at noon and wraps up by 11:00 PM. Perfect for a weekend hangout!

Delectable Deals

Scoring big on flavor without breaking the bank is easy at Bj’s Happy Hour. Bold tastes and wallet-friendly prices come together, offering a perfect chance to enjoy mouth-watering appetizers at a discount. Dive into options like sliders, wings, and mozzarella sticks. They’re all up for grabs, making afternoons deliciously affordable.

The fun doesn’t stop with just the food – Bj’s drink specials also shine. Guests can sip on a range of beverages, from crafted beers to cocktails, all at prices that make every sip feel like a celebration. No need to wait for special occasions; Bj’s makes every hour a Happy Hour delight.

Seasonal And Locational Variations

Bj’s Happy Hour timings can vary based on your location. Certain states or cities offer unique Happy Hour deals that reflect local tastes. These regional twists keep things exciting for patrons. For example, a coastal Bj’s might have discounts on seafood appetizers, while an inland location could feature local brews at reduced prices.

Don’t forget to check out seasonal specials during Happy Hour. These offers are temporary treats that align with seasons or holidays. Customers can enjoy limited-time food and drink items that add an extra dash of celebration to the atmosphere. Be sure to ask staff about current specials as they can change often!

Ambiance And Experience

The ambiance at BJ’s sets the stage for a relaxing escape after a long day. Soft lighting and comfortable seating invite guests to unwind. BJ’s décor, with its warm colors and modern touches, creates an inviting atmosphere. Perfect for both lively friends’ gatherings and intimate conversations, the environment caters to various moods and preferences.

As the evening progresses, the crowd at BJ’s becomes a vibrant mix of patrons. Groups celebrating special occasions, coworkers enjoying a break, and friends catching up contribute to the dynamic setting. The buzz of cheerful dialogues fills the air, defining BJ’s as a top spot for stylish socializing during happy hour.

What Time is Happy Hour at BJ's: Unveil the Fun!


Tips For The Best Happy Hour Experience

To ensure the best Happy Hour experience at BJ’s, timing is key. Arrive early to snag the best seats. Keep an eye on daily specials; BJ’s may offer unique discounts on certain days.

Join the BJ’s Premier Rewards PLUS program for exclusive deals. Look out for app-only offers too. Check BJ’s website for ongoing promotions before you go.

Deal Type Strategy
Early Bird Specials Visit right when Happy Hour starts.
App-Exclusive Offers Check the BJ’s app before ordering.
Loyalty Rewards Use points for drinks and appetizers.

Exploring The Menu

Dive into Bj’s Happy Hour with mouth-watering dishes. Guests love the tantalizing selections. Enjoy small bites such as the Crispy Calamari, Sliders, and Mini Deep Dish Pizzas. These favorites are perfect for sharing with friends or coworkers. Pair your meal with refreshing craft brews.

Beer enthusiasts can’t resist the handcrafted selection. Sip on classics like Piranha Pale Ale and Nutty Brunette Brown Ale. Each brew is unique and complements the savory bites wonderfully.

Dish Pair With
Crispy Calamari Light Lager
Sliders American Pale Ale
Mini Deep Dish Pizzas Bold IPA
What Time is Happy Hour at BJ's: Unveil the Fun!


BJ’s Menu With Price



Loaded Nachos


California Club Flatbread


Garlic Parmesan Knots


Soup And Salad Combo


Build Your Own Pizza


Beyond Happy Hour

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse tempts with more than just drinks. Diverse menu options ensure that everyone finds something delicious. Enjoy handcrafted beers alongside your meal. Share pizza, appetizers, or Pizookies – a guest favorite. Members can indulge in select benefits, savoring rewards for their patronage.

Not only does BJ’s offer happy hour specials, but also exclusive membership rewards. Frequent diners earn points with each visit. These points translate into vouchers for future meals or discounts. Members might even receive special birthday treats. The experience at BJ’s extends well beyond the conventional happy hour; it’s a full-service treat. It’s wise to sign up for the BJ’s Premier Rewards PLUS program. It makes every visit count towards delicious perks and delightful savings.

Happy Hour Etiquette

Enjoying Happy Hour at Bj’s is a treat for many. It’s crucial to understand the etiquette involved. Always be polite to your server, even with discounted prices. Remember that servers work just as hard during Happy Hour. Therefore, generous tips are always appreciated. It’s standard to tip based on the regular price of the service, not the discounted rate. This shows gratitude for the service provided.

For Happy Hour discounts, it’s also important to order only what’s necessary. Avoid overordering, as it can lead to wasted food and drink. Share tables with others if the place is crowded. Be patient; expect that service may take slightly longer due to the increased number of customers. Lastly, always say “thank you” when leaving. This small gesture goes a long way and is part of good Happy Hour conduct.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get A Free Bj’s Pizookie?

Sign up for BJ’s Premier Rewards Plus program to receive a free Pizookie. The offer arrives via email after registration.

What Does Bj Restaurant Stand For?

BJ’s Restaurant stands for BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, known for its deep-dish pizza and craft beer.

Does Bj’s Brewhouse Take Apple Pay?

Yes, BJ’s Brewhouse accepts Apple Pay as a payment method at its locations. Customers can use this convenient option for their meals.

When Does Bj’s Happy Hour Start?

BJ’s Happy Hour typically starts at 3 PM on weekdays. However, it’s wise to check with your local BJ’s as times may vary.


Wrapping up, discovering the Happy Hour schedule at BJ’s is a breeze. It’s your ticket to budget-friendly fun paired with delicious bites. Remember, times can vary by location, so a quick call ahead ensures you’re right on time. Cheers to great deals and good times at BJ’s Happy Hour!

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