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What Time is Jack in the Box Breakfast: Savor Sunrise Feasts!

Jack in the Box serves breakfast from the time they open until 11 a.m. Every day. The all-day breakfast menu is limited but offers select items.

Jack in the Box has carved a niche for itself in the fast-food industry by offering a diverse breakfast menu that caters to early risers and late sleepers alike. With most locations open early, customers can start their day with a hearty meal from the extensive breakfast selection.

Known for flexibility, Jack in the Box also provides an all-day breakfast option for those who crave their morning favorites at any hour. This approach satisfies the breakfast cravings of patrons who either miss the traditional serving hours or prefer breakfast items for lunch or dinner. With a focus on customer convenience and satisfaction, Jack in the Box ensures that you can enjoy a delicious breakfast meal, whether it’s a breakfast sandwich, burrito, or platter, almost anytime during their operating hours.

Rise And Dine Hours

Ready to jump-start your day with a hearty meal? Jack in the Box serves its breakfast menu bright and early. Most locations begin offering breakfast at 6:00 AM, though this can vary. It’s best to check with your local restaurant for exact times. Enjoy a wide variety of breakfast options designed to satisfy your morning cravings.

Fans of a late morning rise, take note! The breakfast menu ends at 10:30 AM on weekdays. Weekends grant you a bit more time, with breakfast items available until 11:00 AM. Don’t miss out on a savory or sweet beginning to your day!

What Time is Jack in the Box Breakfast: Savor Sunrise Feasts!


Menu Highlights

Jack in the Box serves a delightful breakfast for all palates.

Egg sandwiches and burritos shine as morning favorites.

Crave a sweeter start? French toast sticks await.

Health-conscious eaters can opt for fruit-topped oatmeal.

Those seeking indulgence might choose loaded breakfast sandwiches.

Coffee lovers rejoice with premium roast brews.

All these options blend taste and fun for a great morning!

Extended Breakfast For Late Risers

Jack in the Box breakfast hours cater to everyone, even late risers. The bustling morning routine might miss the traditional breakfast window. Yet, no one has to skip the most important meal of the day. Thanks to Jack in the Box’s all-day breakfast menu, you can quell those egg and pancake cravings at any time. No watch-checking needed.

Enjoy a wide array of breakfast items that go beyond the morning. Choices range from hearty breakfast burritos to sweet, syrup-laden pancakes. Friends who rise at dawn and those who greet the day at noon can dig into breakfast favorites together. Jack’s breakfast is ready for you, sun up or sun down.

Beyond The Breakfast Buzz

Jack in the Box is known for exciting seasonal specials. The menu often features limited time offers. Customers eagerly anticipate new twists to traditional breakfast favorites. Loyalty program members get exclusive access to treats and deals. Always check the latest promotions to enjoy unique breakfast options. The program is free and sign-up is a breeze.

Dining Experience

Jack in the Box offers two main ways to enjoy breakfast: drive-thru and dine-in. Guests preferring speed and convenience often choose the drive-thru.

Those looking for a relaxed atmosphere opt for dine-in. Menu items stay the same, but the experience differs.

Popular breakfast choices include the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich and Extreme Sausage® Sandwich. Don’t miss the Jumbo Platter for a hearty start!

  • Loaded Breakfast Sandwich: A must-try stacked with eggs, meat, and cheese.
  • Extreme Sausage® Sandwich: Perfect for sausage lovers.
  • Mini Pancakes: Delightful bites for a sweet morning.
What Time is Jack in the Box Breakfast: Savor Sunrise Feasts!


What Time is Jack in the Box Breakfast: Savor Sunrise Feasts!


Frequently Asked Questions Of What Time Is Jack In The Box Breakfast

What Is On A Breakfast Jack?

A Breakfast Jack features a freshly cracked egg, ham, and melty American cheese on a warm bun.

What Is On The Jack In The Box Loaded Breakfast Sandwich?

The Jack in the Box loaded breakfast sandwich features a toasted artisan potato bun filled with freshly cracked eggs, hickory-smoked bacon, sliced ham, sausage, and melted American cheese.

How Many Calories In The Jack In The Box Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich?

The Jack in the Box Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich contains 830 calories.

When Does Jack In The Box Serve Breakfast?

Jack in the Box starts serving its breakfast menu at midnight. It’s available all through the early morning hours, making it a perfect spot for late-night or early-bird diners looking for their breakfast fix.


Wrapping up, Jack in the Box breakfast hours cater to early birds and night owls alike. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or a quick bite, their flexible schedule serves up morning favorites with convenience. Remember, from the crack of dawn to late morning, flavor-packed options await at your local Jack in the Box!

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