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When Does Arby’s Sell Lunch? Unlock Midday Feasts!

Arby’s typically starts serving lunch at 10 AM each day. Most locations transition from breakfast to lunch offerings at this time.

Arby’s occupies a unique niche in the fast-food world, emphasizing its hearty sandwiches and savory meat selections. Its commitment to serving lunch items early caters to both the late breakfast crowd and those seeking an early lunch. Known for its iconic roast beef sandwiches, curly fries, and Jamocha shakes, Arby’s ensures that a wide range of lunch options is available shortly after the breakfast hours end.

Those with a hankering for Arby’s signature tastes need not wait until midday; the full gamut of lunch items becomes available in the late morning, ideal for anyone seeking an early, substantial meal.

When Does Arby's Sell Lunch? Unlock Midday Feasts!


Arby’s Lunch Hours: The Best Time For A Feast

Arby’s lunch hours kick off at 10 AM across most locations. While each restaurant may vary slightly, enthusiasts can generally start ordering lunch as the morning nears its end. Classic sandwiches and delicious sides become available to satisfy cravings for a hearty meal.

The option to grab lunch at Arby’s ends as evening approaches. Most Arby’s restaurants stop serving their lunch menu at 5 PM, allowing the transition to dinner items. Time slots can differ, so it’s smart to check with your local Arby’s for precise timings. Be sure not to miss out on the beefy goodness or the tantalizing curly fries as the lunch hour winds down.

When Does Arby's Sell Lunch? Unlock Midday Feasts!


Menu Marvels: What Lunch At Arby’s Offers

Arby’s starts serving their lunch menu at 10 am. Dive into the taste adventure with signature sandwiches like the Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar or Fire-Roasted Philly.

Don’t miss the Market Fresh sandwiches and wraps, perfect for a light yet filling meal. Complement your sandwich with crisp, fresh salads like the Farmhouse Salad or enjoy curly fries and mozzarella sticks as sides.

Be on the lookout for limited time offers that Arby’s introduces. These exciting options are often seasonal, so they won’t be around for long. Indulge in unique flavors and combinations that are as delicious as they are unexpected.

Navigating Peak Times: Avoid The Wait

Arby’s lunch service typically starts at 10 AM. Many people want to eat lunch between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. This time is Arby’s rush hour. To skip the long lines, try to visit before 11:30 AM or after 1:30 PM. Another tip is to avoid visiting on weekends, especially Saturday, as it’s busier. Using Arby’s mobile app to order ahead can also save time. Lastly, non-peak days, like Tuesdays, may mean a faster lunch run!

Breakfast To Lunch Transition: Arby’s Flexible Hours

Arby’s serves breakfast at select locations. Breakfast fans can enjoy morning meals up until a specific time. Generally, the transition from breakfast to lunch menu begins at 10 or 11 AM.

During this shift, customers can start to order lunch options. The exact time may vary based on location. It is best to check with the local Arby’s for their schedule. The company is known for its flexible hours to accommodate different meal preferences.

Late Lunch Dilemmas: How Late Is Too Late?

Wondering what time Arby’s stops serving lunch? The last call for the lunch menu is typically at 5 PM. Guests can still enjoy favorite lunch items like the Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar until then. Post 5 PM, the dinner menu kicks in, with some items available earlier in the day. Lunch favorites may overlap with dinner selections, ensuring beloved flavors are available almost all day.

When Does Arby's Sell Lunch? Unlock Midday Feasts!


Special Considerations: Holidays And Locations

Arby’s may change lunch hours during holidays. Each location can have different times.

To know the exact times, check online or call the local Arby’s.

Holiday Lunch Start Time
New Year’s Day Varies
Thanksgiving Varies
Christmas Varies

Always best to verify with the specific Arby’s.

Frequently Asked Questions Of When Does Arby’s Sell Lunch

What Menu Items Did Arby’s Discontinue?

Arby’s has discontinued several menu items, including the Angus Three Cheese & Bacon, Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich, and the Loaded Italian.

What Time Does Arby’s Lunch Start?

Arby’s typically starts serving lunch at 10:00 AM. However, some locations might open earlier, so it’s advised to check with your local Arby’s for their exact lunch hours.

Can You Order Lunch At Arby’s During Breakfast?

Yes, you can order lunch items at Arby’s during breakfast hours. Arby’s full menu, including lunch options, is usually available as soon as they open.

Is Arby’s Lunch Menu Available All Day?

Arby’s lunch items are available throughout their operating hours. From opening time, usually 10:00 AM, until the store closes, you can order from the full lunch menu.


Wrapping up, Arby’s lunch menu is available from 10 am. Enjoy a delectable range of sandwiches and salads to suit any palate. Whether it’s for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Arby’s caters to your midday cravings with gusto.

Visit your local Arby’s and savor lunchtime your way, today!

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