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When Does Jack Stop Serving Breakfast? Find Out Now!

Jack in the Box stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11:00 AM on weekends. The breakfast hours end promptly, allowing for the lunch menu transition.

Striking a balance between the early birds and the late risers, Jack in the Box has crafted a breakfast menu that caters to a variety of tastes. As a haven for those craving breakfast beyond the traditional morning hours, this fast-food chain distinguishes itself with extended breakfast availability.

Customers can indulge in everything from hearty breakfast burritos to classic egg sandwiches and inventive brunch-worthy items. Understanding the importance of a convenient morning meal, Jack in the Box ensures that even those who hit the snooze button a few too many times can still grab a satisfying breakfast. Perfect for on-the-go diners, the restaurant provides an array of options to kickstart the day right, all within the bounds of their specified breakfast service times.

Jack’s Breakfast Hours

Jack’s Breakfast Hours often begin early in the morning. Most locations serve breakfast from 6 am to 10:30 am. These times are perfect for early birds or people who start their day sooner.

Some Exceptional Locations & Hours might vary. For instance, urban or high-traffic areas may offer extended hours. It’s best to check your local Jack’s for their specific breakfast schedule. This can save the hassle if you’re planning for an early meal.

Location Type Breakfast Start Breakfast End
Standard Locations 6:00 AM 10:30 AM
Exceptional Locations Varies Check Locally
When Does Jack Stop Serving Breakfast? Find Out Now!

The Breakfast Menu

Jack’s breakfast menu buzzes with tempting choices for the morning meal. Freshness marks every item, ensuring a satisfying start to your day. You’ll find classic eggs and bacon alongside sweet pancakes and heart-healthy options.

Seasonal specials add excitement to the menu, reflecting the best produce of the moment. These limited-time offers are crafted with unique flavors and imaginative presentations. They ensure a fresh dining experience each visit. Don’t miss out on seasonal delights!

Early Birds And Night Owls

Jack’s breakfast doesn’t cater to night owls. Start your day right with a morning meal. Breakfast hours might differ by location.

Most Jack’s restaurants open early. Daybreak feasts kick off at 5 or 6 AM. They wrap up breakfast at 11 AM. Always check your local Jack’s timings online.

Hungry at midnight? Jack’s won’t serve breakfast. Yet, their regular menu is available. You can grab burgers and fries instead.

When Does Jack Stop Serving Breakfast? Find Out Now!

Weekend Warriors

Weekend warriors, rejoice! Jack’s breakfast hours extend on Saturdays and Sundays. This is a treat for those who love a late brunch. Enjoy eggs, pancakes, and more until noon. A bonus for all is the variety of breakfast options. It’s a perfect start to your weekend adventures.

Day Breakfast Start Breakfast End
Saturday Early Morning Noon
Sunday Early Morning Noon

Even on weekends, you get more time to enjoy your favorites. So, sleep in a bit and head to Jack’s for a savory breakfast. Don’t rush; savory bites await!

Never Miss The Most Important Meal

Jack’s breakfast hours can fit any schedule. Early birds and late risers both enjoy tasty meals.

Mobile apps and online ordering make it easy to get your breakfast. Just a few taps and your meal is ready.

No alarms needed. Simply pick your favorite breakfast from the menu. Then, use the app or website to order.

When Does Jack Stop Serving Breakfast? Find Out Now!

Frequently Asked Questions On When Does Jack Stop Serving Breakfast

What Time Does Jack’s Stop Serving Breakfast In Alabama?

Jack’s stops serving breakfast at 11:00 AM in Alabama locations. Visit your local Jack’s for specific service times and menu options.

What Time Does Burger King Stop Serving Breakfast?

Burger King typically stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM. Check with your local restaurant for specific times, as they can vary.

What Is The Grilled Breakfast Sandwich At Jack In The Box?

The Grilled Breakfast Sandwich at Jack in the Box features ham, bacon, eggs, and cheese on toasted sourdough bread.

What Is On The Jack In The Box Loaded Breakfast Sandwich?

The Jack in the Box Loaded Breakfast Sandwich features crispy bacon, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, and melting American cheese on toasted bread.


Navigating Jack’s breakfast hours can be tricky, but now you’re equipped with the knowledge to catch that early meal. Remember, arriving before the 11 AM cutoff ensures a hearty start to your day. For the freshest updates, always check their official site.

Don’t miss out on your favorite morning delights—plan ahead with Jack’s schedule in mind!


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