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When Does Red Lobster Open? Discover Dining Hours Here!

Red Lobster typically opens at 11 AM; closing times may vary by location. Check local listings for accurate hours.

Red Lobster, famed for its seafood delicacies, welcomes patrons most days from mid-morning. Known for its wide range of dishes, including their signature cheddar biscuits, the restaurant is a go-to destination for family dining and seafood enthusiasts. Before heading out, it’s advisable to verify the specific hours of your nearest Red Lobster, as times can differ based on regional demands and holidays.

To ensure you don’t miss out on their mouth-watering fare, a quick online check or a phone call can provide the current operating hours for the day. Whether you’re planning a lunch outing or an evening feast, getting the timing right adds to a seamless dining experience.

When Does Red Lobster Open? Discover Dining Hours Here!


A Glimpse Into Red Lobster

Red Lobster started as a modest seafood restaurant.

It was born in 1968, in Lakeland, Florida.

Today, it stands as a symbol of seafood pleasure.

Many families and friends enjoy meals at Red Lobster.

The chain has become a staple for delightful dining experiences.

Globally, people love the taste and ambiance offered at Red Lobster.

Knowing Your Red Lobster

Red Lobster’s opening hours can vary by location. Many places open at 11:30 AM for lunch. Dinners often start from 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM. Some branches may operate with unique schedules on weekends. For the most precise times, it’s best to check locally.

To find your nearest Red Lobster, use the official restaurant locator tool online. Simply enter your zip code or city. The locator provides addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation. This makes planning your visit easy and stress-free.

Typical Red Lobster Dining Hours

Typical Red Lobster dining hours can vary based on location and day of the week. Generally, during the weekdays (Monday through Friday), Red Lobster restaurants open at 11:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM. It’s always a good idea to check with your local Red Lobster for the most accurate hours.

On weekends, hours might extend, with Saturdays often seeing doors open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Sundays usually have earlier closing times, often around 10:00 PM. Special holiday schedules can greatly affect opening and closing times. For example, on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, Red Lobster might close earlier. Some holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas Day may see restaurants closed. Always confirm holiday hours directly with the restaurant to plan your visit.

When Does Red Lobster Open? Discover Dining Hours Here!


Planning Your Visit

To enjoy a meal at Red Lobster without crowds, timing is key. Lunch hours, especially on weekdays, often mean fewer diners. Weekday dinners before 6 PM can also be quieter. Weekends tend to get busy, so targeting early afternoons might help you avoid waiting for a table. Remember that special events and holidays may bring in more people. Plan accordingly to ensure a relaxed dining experience.

Day Best Time to Dine Busiest Hours
Monday-Thursday Before 6 PM 6–8 PM
Friday Noon–3 PM 6–10 PM
Saturday-Sunday 11 AM–1 PM 5–7 PM

Check the Red Lobster website or call ahead for exact opening times. Locations may vary. Eating early or late can help you avoid the busiest hours.

Early Birds And Night Owls

Early birds scouring for a morning feast at Red Lobster might pause. No breakfast services are available. The chain focuses on lunch and dinner. Patrons eager for seafood delights can visit from 11:00 AM daily.

Seafood enthusiasts with a penchant for evening dining fare better. Red Lobster accommodates late-night cravings. Closing hours vary, with many locations serving dinner until 10:00 PM on weekdays. Weekends may offer extended hours for settling those late-night specials. Checking local restaurant times is advised for precise schedules.

Take-out And Delivery Options

To order online from Red Lobster, follow these easy steps. First, head to their website. Next, select ‘Order Now’ to start your take-out or delivery. Choose your nearest Red Lobster location. After that, pick your favorite dishes from their wide range of seafood options. Finally, confirm the pickup or delivery time that works for you.

Red Lobster’s hours for pickup and delivery may vary by location. Most restaurants open for service by 11 AM. They typically close at 10 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on weekends. Please check the specific hours for your local Red Lobster online. This ensures that you get your meal fresh and on time.

Special Events And Extended Hours

Red Lobster adapts its hours for special events and holidays. During seasonal occasions, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, guests might find extended hours to enjoy their meals. Let’s not forget that private events can lead to longer hours too. Want to celebrate a special day?

Book a space at Red Lobster. The restaurant may open earlier or close later for these events. Always check online or call your local Red Lobster for the most accurate information. Make your family gathering or office party memorable with delicious seafood. Red Lobster ensures everyone gets to savor their favorites. Even during busy seasons!

When Does Red Lobster Open? Discover Dining Hours Here!


Staying Updated With Red Lobster

Keeping track of Red Lobster’s opening hours is simple but essential. Real-time updates about restaurant timings prevent unwanted surprises. One easy way is to check their official social media pages. Updates often pop up there first.

Another reliable method is the Red Lobster official app. It provides the most accurate information. This app can alert you about special hours or events. Be smart about your next Red Lobster visit. Use these tools to stay informed.

Frequently Asked Questions Of When Does Red Lobster Open

What Time Does Red Lobster Start Serving?

Red Lobster typically opens for business at 11:00 AM. However, the opening times can vary by location. It is advisable to check with your local Red Lobster for their specific hours.

Can I Get Breakfast At Red Lobster?

No, Red Lobster does not serve breakfast. They open in time for lunch and continue through to dinner. Their menu primarily focuses on seafood and dinner entrees.

Is Red Lobster Open On Sundays?

Yes, Red Lobster is open on Sundays. They maintain their regular operating hours, often starting from 11:00 AM. To ensure exact times, contact the nearest Red Lobster.

Does Red Lobster Close Early On Weekdays?

Red Lobster typically closes around 10:00 PM on weekdays. Some locations may close earlier or later. It is best to verify with your local restaurant for specific closing times.


Wrapping up, the hours for Red Lobster vary based on location and day. Always check the official website or call ahead for precise times. Enjoy fresh seafood and delectable meals during their business hours for a delightful dining experience. Remember, the perfect Red Lobster visit starts with knowing when to go!

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