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Bj Happy Hour Times: Unwind with Great Deals!

BJ’s Happy Hour typically runs from 3 PM to 7 PM Monday through Friday. Specific times may vary by location.

Enjoying good food and great deals is what Happy Hour at BJ’s is all about. It’s the perfect time to unwind with friends or colleagues after a long day at work. Guests can indulge in discounted appetizers, beverages, and specials on BJ’s signature items.

The restaurant’s laid-back atmosphere combined with the enticing Happy Hour menu selections make BJ’s a popular choice among those looking for quality time without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a fan of their handcrafted beers or their famous Pizookie dessert, the Happy Hour at BJ’s caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Bj Happy Hour Times: Unwind with Great Deals!

Bj’s Happy Hour Essentials

Kick-off times for BJ’s Happy Hour can vary. Weeknights often bring specials earlier than weekends. Typically, the festivities begin around 3 PM on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays, expect a later start, usually around 10 PM. This allows guests of all ages to enjoy discounted treats.

Always check your local BJ’s for the most accurate times, as they can change. Many locations offer extended happy hours, broadening the window of scrumptious savings. Kids and adults alike delight in this time. Delve into the menu of appetizers and beverages at reduced prices. The atmosphere buzzes with energy as friends and family gather.

Signature Sips And Savings

Enjoy BJ’s Happy Hour, a perfect time for exciting drinks and great savings. Savor the taste of unique cocktails and mouthwatering appetizers at a fraction of the price. Guests are raving about the deliciously crafted mojitos and the refreshing margaritas. Don’t miss out on the handcrafted brews, favorites among beer lovers.

The happy hour menu features exclusive discounts, making it the best time to try something new. With prices slashed on select items, your wallet will be as happy as your taste buds. Make sure to drop by during the designated happy hour to take advantage of these offers. The atmosphere buzzes with excitement as friends gather to enjoy the inviting deals.

Happy Hour Menu Highlights

Happy Hour at BJ’s is the perfect time to enjoy Appetizer Specials.

Shareable Bites are a hit with groups looking to sample varied flavors.

  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip – A creamy classic, melted to perfection.
  • BJ’s Wings – Crispy wings tossed in your choice of sauce.
  • Stuffed Mushrooms – Packed with herbs and cheeses.
  • Sliders – Mini burgers packed with big taste.

Each dish is designed for sharing, making them ideal for groups.

Bj Happy Hour Times: Unwind with Great Deals!

Atmosphere And Ambiance

The Bj Happy Hour beckons with a lively atmosphere. Soft lights and cozy decor make the mood just right. The sound of chatter blends with upbeat tunes, setting a perfect backdrop for relaxation.

Casual vibes reign, as patrons enjoy drinks amidst the hum of melodies. Live bands often grace the space, adding an energetic touch to the ambiance. This is a spot where memories are made, and smiles are shared.

Family-friendly melodies entertain in the early hours. Nightfall brings a shift to vibrant beats that invite guests to unwind. Each evening presents a new flavor of fun, with music and entertainment as key ingredients.

Planning Your Visit

Planning your visit to BJ’s Happy Hour means knowing the best times to arrive. Peak hours are typically from 3 PM to 7 PM on weekdays. Guests often find midweek days like Tuesday and Wednesday to be less crowded. Saturdays and Sundays can be busy, so arriving early is wise.

For group gatherings and celebrations, consider booking in advance. Doing so ensures a seamless experience for larger parties. Reservations are not only beneficial but commonly necessary for ensuring space for your group. It’s best to call ahead by at least a few days.

Bj Happy Hour Times: Unwind with Great Deals!


Beyond The Deals

Bj Happy Hour isn’t just about drinks and snacks at low prices. Loyal customers get extra fun treats. With a membership card, you can gather points. These points turn into free goodies and special discounts. It’s like getting a thank you for having fun!

Season Deals
Spring Fresh shakes at half price
Summer Buy one, get one free on select beers
Fall Discounted pumpkin spice treats
Winter Happy hour extended on holidays

Remember, these awesome deals change with the seasons. So, keep your eyes peeled. Kids can enjoy free ice cream on their birthdays too!

Frequently Asked Questions For Bj Happy Hour Times

What Are Bj’s Happy Hour Specials?

BJ’s Happy Hour offers a variety of discounts on appetizers, beer, wine, and specialty cocktails. Visitors can enjoy reduced prices on crowd favorites. Check with your local BJ’s for specific deals.

When Does Bj’s Happy Hour Start And End?

Happy Hour times can vary by location, but typically, BJ’s Happy Hour is in the afternoon to early evening on weekdays. Confirm the exact times with your nearest BJ’s.

Can I Get Happy Hour Deals On Weekends At Bj’s?

BJ’s Happy Hour is usually a weekday offer. Weekend availability may differ among locations. It’s best to call ahead to ensure you catch any exclusive weekend deals.

Are There Any Bj’s Happy Hour Exclusives?

Yes, during Happy Hour, BJ’s often features exclusive menu items or drinks. These offers are only available for a limited time during the event. Always check the current specials prior to your visit.


Discovering the ideal happy hour can transform a regular evening into an exceptional one. Remember, BJ’s happy hour offers both affordability and a delectable menu that caters to a variety of tastes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy good times and great deals.

Embrace the fun vibes, save on treats, and make your next social outing a hit at BJ’s.


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