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Del Taco Breakfast Hours: Savor Early Delights!

Del Taco breakfast hours typically start at 11pm and end at 11am, depending on location. These hours allow for night owls and early risers to enjoy their breakfast menu.

Del Taco stands out in the fast food industry by offering an extensive breakfast menu that caters to a variety of tastes and schedules. With a schedule that extends through the night, Del Taco accommodates both traditional morning customers as well as those looking to enjoy breakfast foods at non-conventional hours.

Indulge in favorites like breakfast burritos, tacos, and hash brown sticks. Their commitment to serving breakfast during the wee hours sets them apart, ensuring that whether you’re ending your day or just beginning it, Del Taco has your cravings covered with fresh, tasty options.

Rise And Shine With Del Taco

Del Taco welcomes early risers with enticing breakfast options. Satisfy your morning hunger with a variety of choices. Tacos, burritos, and egg and cheese wraps start the day off right. Keep an eye on local opening times, as they can vary. Most locations serve breakfast from 11 PM, ideal for night owls, until 11 AM. Fresh ingredients and bold flavors are the hallmarks of Del Taco’s morning menu, ensuring you kick-start your day deliciously.

Del Taco Breakfast Hours: Savor Early Delights!

Setting The Alarm: Del Taco’s Breakfast Schedule

Fans of Del Taco, rejoice! Breakfast hours vary slightly by location. Generally, you can enjoy breakfast delights from 11 PM to 11 AM. Yes, that’s right – overnight cravings are sorted too!

Day Start Time End Time
Monday – Friday 11 PM 11 AM
Saturday – Sunday 11 PM 11 AM

Early birds and night owls alike can get their egg and cheese wraps or hashbrown sticks. Both weekdays and weekends follow the same savory routine. So mark your calendar, set your alarm, and get ready for a morning fiesta at Del Taco!

Morning Menu Discoveries

Del Taco spices up your mornings with signature breakfast items. Guests can savor the Epic Scrambler Burrito, packed with fresh ingredients. It’s perfect for those who crave a hearty start.

For lighter fare, the Breakfast Rollers come in three flavors, ideal for a quick bite. Each Roller bursts with taste in a hand-held, easy-to-enjoy format.

Healthy Options Hearty Choices
Fruit & Yogurt Parfait Huevos Rancheros Epic Burrito
Mini Bacon Quesadilla Breakfast Tacos with Bacon or Chorizo
Del Taco Breakfast Hours: Savor Early Delights!

Navigating Nutritional Values

Del Taco breakfast hours provide a mix of savory and sweet options. Guests might worry about calories and nutrition. It’s easy to find choices fitting health needs with their menu. Some meals balance protein and veggies. Others include fruit for a sweet touch. Yogurts and granola can start your day right.

Options cater to various dietary needs. Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy meatless meals. There are gluten-friendly dishes too. Del Taco lists all ingredients and nutritional info online. So, guests always know what they’re eating. Healthy choices don’t skip on flavor.

Meal Type Highlights
Egg and Cheese Burrito High in protein, good for energy
Fruit-topped Oatmeal Whole grains, fresh flavors
Breakfast Tacos Meat or beans, with veggies
  • Whole grain options boost fiber intake.
  • Choosing water or 100% juice is best for kids.
  • Lighter options are available for those not too hungry.

Maximizing Your Morning Visit

Early birds craving Del Taco breakfast delights can rejoice! Finding bargains makes mornings better. Secure exclusive coupons from Del Taco’s app before heading out.

Join the Raving Fan eClub to get extra savings. Savvy diners often benefit from special offers sent to their inbox. Don’t miss out on discount notifications.

Pre-Visit Tip Action
Download the App Access instant deals
Sign Up for eClub Receive exclusive coupons
Check Social Media Stay updated on promos

Finally, making use of the drive-thru can save time. Arrive early to avoid lines. Use the Del Taco website to check menu options ahead. This ensures a fast and efficient visit.

Fan Favorites And Hidden Gems

Del Taco Breakfast Hours thrill early risers with delectable choices. The Breakfast Menu showcases Crowd-Pleasers loved by many. Savor their Epic Scrambler Burritos or the hearty Breakfast Tacos. Each bite offers a flavor-packed morning.

Underrated Picks deserve attention too! The Mini Bacon Quesadilla is a perfect light option. Don’t overlook the Hashbrown Sticks – ideal for on-the-go munching. They add a crispy, golden touch to your meal.

Menu Item Type Reason to Try
Egg and Cheese Burrito Burrito Cheesy goodness
Chorizo Breakfast Taco Taco Spicy kick start
Cinnabon Delights Dessert Sweet morning finish

Frequently Asked Questions On Del Taco Breakfast Hours

What Time Does Del Taco Start Serving Breakfast?

Del Taco starts serving breakfast at 11 PM. This is true for most locations, making breakfast options available for late-night cravings as well as the morning rush.

How Long Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast Each Day?

Del Taco serves breakfast items until 11 AM. This daily routine allows customers plenty of time in the mornings to enjoy their breakfast offerings.

Are Del Taco Breakfast Hours The Same On Weekends?

No, Del Taco often extends breakfast hours on weekends. It’s best to check with your local Del Taco for specific weekend breakfast timings.

Can You Get Del Taco Breakfast Items All Day?

Unfortunately, Del Taco does not serve breakfast all day. Breakfast availability ends at 11 AM, so plan your visit accordingly.


Wrapping up, Del Taco ensures early risers and late breakfast fans can indulge conveniently. Their vast menu and flexible morning hours cater to diverse tastes and schedules. Remember, whether you’re craving a quick bite or a hearty meal, Del Taco’s breakfast offerings provide a delicious start to any day.

Happy dining!


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