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McCormick Chimichurri Seasoning Recipe: Zesty Flavors!

The McCormick Chimichurri Seasoning recipe combines parsley, garlic, red pepper, and oregano. Blend these spices with oil and vinegar for a vibrant sauce.

Exploring the vibrant world of seasoning, McCormick’s Chimichurri offers a zesty blend that instantly elevates your culinary creations. This Argentinean-inspired seasoning captures the essence of South American cuisine, bringing a wave of fresh, herby flavors to the table with minimal effort.

Ideal for grilled meats or roasted vegetables, this seasoning simplifies the traditional chimichurri sauce into a convenient, ready-to-use blend. Enthusiasts of bold and refreshing tastes will find the McCormick Chimichurri Seasoning a pantry essential that transforms ordinary dishes into extraordinary experiences. With a mix tailored for easy application, it allows both professional chefs and home cooks to infuse their dishes with authentic Argentine flair.

McCormick Chimichurri Seasoning Recipe: Zesty Flavors!

Unveiling The Vibrant World Of Chimichurri

Delving into the colorful realm of Chimichurri, a condiment that brightens any meal, it’s essential to understand its birthplace. Chimichurri hails from Argentina, a sauce steeped in culture, blending rich flavors from Spanish and Italian influences.

A traditional Chimichurri includes key ingredients that create its distinct taste. Parsley offers freshness, while garlic adds a spicy kick. The mix of olive oil and vinegar gives it a smooth, tangy base. Additionally, oregano and red pepper flakes infuse earthy and heating notes respectively. These components come together, creating a versatile seasoning that can transform meats, vegetables, and bread.

McCormick Chimichurri Seasoning Recipe: Zesty Flavors!

Mccormick’s Spin On An Argentinian Classic

Mccormick Chimichurri Seasoning combines the vibrant flavors of Argentina with a unique twist. This blend marries classic herbs and bold new spices. Argentinian tradition shines as parsley and oregano mix with tangy vinegar hints.

The innovation in the mix introduces a touch of warmth and depth. Subtle garlic tones and a hint of chili create a well-rounded taste. Quality is paramount, ensuring an authentic culinary experience. The seasoning creates a perfect harmony of flavors for grilling and marinating.

Ingredient Role
Parsley Herbaceous backbone
Oregano Aromatic touch
Garlic Savory accent
Chili Mild heat
Vinegar Bright zestiness

Crafting Your Own Chimichurri

Crafting a homemade Chimichurri with McCormick’s spices brings a burst of flavor to any meal. Begin with fresh parsley, a must-have for that authentic Chimichurri taste. Garlic intensifies the zest, while oregano and red pepper flakes add layers of warmth and spice. Don’t forget a dash of vinegar for that tangy kick. Incorporate these essential components for a memorable sauce.

To customize your blend, play with the quantities of each ingredient. Perhaps you favor a spicier kick or a milder flavor. Experiment with different vinegars or citrus juices to find your perfect match. It’s all about personal preference to make your Chimichurri uniquely yours.

McCormick Chimichurri Seasoning Recipe: Zesty Flavors!

The Perfect Pairings

The McCormick Chimichurri Seasoning elevates your grilled meats. It’s perfect for a grilled meats fiesta. This blend serves zest to steaks, chicken, and pork. A twist of this herb-packed mix brings life to your barbecue.

Transform simple grilled dishes into mouthwatering platters. Ensure each bite bursts with flavor. Bold spices and herbs like garlic, parsley, and oregano are key. They mingle to create a memorable taste sensation. Enjoy each forkful of tangy and vibrant zest.

Explore beyond traditional uses and sprinkle on roasted vegetables. It pairs wonderfully with potatoes, bell peppers, and onions. Vegetarian dishes sparkle with the addition of this seasoning. Delight in new culinary possibilities at your next outdoor feast.

Preserving Freshness And Flavor

Preserving the freshness of your chimichurri is key to maintaining its bold flavors. Store it in an airtight container to keep it from spoiling. Refrigeration is essential, and it’s best when used within a week of preparation.

To ensure consistent taste in every meal, prepare your chimichurri in small batches. This method keeps flavors fresh and vibrant. Placing a piece of plastic wrap directly on the sauce before sealing the container can help prevent oxidation. This trick helps extend the shelf life of your seasoning mix.

Frequently Asked Questions On Mccormick Chimichurri Seasoning Recipe

What Is Chimichurri Seasoning?

Chimichurri seasoning is an aromatic blend of herbs, garlic, vinegar, and oil. It originates from Argentina and is commonly used to flavor grilled meats. McCormick’s version offers a convenient mix of spices to replicate this classic South American sauce.

How Do You Make Mccormick Chimichurri?

To make McCormick Chimichurri, you’ll combine the seasoning mix with oil, vinegar, and water as per the package instructions. Let the mixture sit to allow the flavors to meld. It’s ideal as a marinade or a finishing sauce for meats and vegetables.

Can Chimichurri Seasoning Be Used As A Dry Rub?

Yes, Chimichurri seasoning can be used as a dry rub. Apply it directly to meats before grilling or roasting to infuse them with the seasoning’s robust herby and garlicky flavors.

What Dishes Pair Well With Chimichurri?

Chimichurri pairs excellently with grilled steak, chicken, and fish. It also enhances the taste of roasted vegetables and can be used as a zesty topping for potatoes or bread.


Embracing the vibrant flavors of chimichurri just got easier with this McCormick seasoning blend. With each dish, you’ll bring a burst of Argentinian flair right to your table. Courtesy of this simple recipe, your future barbecues and gatherings are about to get a delicious upgrade.

Discover the joy of effortless gourmet cooking—your tastebuds will thank you.


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